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    Thank you for continuing this amazing texture pack! I remember using xai back during the beta days. Thanks!
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    Quote from anakin565
    you guys stfu! he made a good texturepack and i love it. that is ALOT of work to make a 64x64 resourcepack so dont complain!!

    I don't even know what to say about this comment....ummmm...

    The points of making a texturepack and submitting it on the forums is to showcase your work and as well to receive criticism/feedback on it. The people who posted above were giving feedback on an obviously broken texture, which was made for use in the 1.8 snapshots instead of the currently released versions of minecraft. I'm sure everyone who posted above love this texture pack as much as you. But, they understand that loving something doesn't mean giving it immunity from all criticism, but to criticize it more than the average viewer, for improvement and to fix obvious problems with it. They did exactly that, so now we can go back to playing in peace without deformed ghostly Steves running about.
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