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    posted a message on Ordo Imperator Novum - Recruiting
    Minecraft Username: Azorthorm
    How long have you been playing?:Minecraft? Right before Alpha
    Are you already playing on Cavera?: Yes sir, and played on seigecraft as well.
    What other games do you play, if any?:Elder Scrolls, Terraria, TF2.
    Year of Birth:1996
    Do you agree with our motives and philosophy?: Yes
    What branch of our military are you looking to join?:Combat
    Why should you be accepted into this clan?: Because I'm a active member and a alright builder
    Do you promise to be active and loyal?: Yes
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    posted a message on The Protectorate [Old Thread]
    IGN: Azorthorm
    Age: 15
    Where did you hear about us?: Cavera Sever
    Previous Clans: N/A
    Current Clans: N/A
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: A little before alpha
    Reason's why you wish to join?: PvP is no fun without some organization. Plus it seems like a really friendly clan.
    What are you interests in minecraft?: PvP, RP, and Building.
    Do you accept our rules and ideals?: Yes.
    Do you consider yourself a friendly and mature player?: Yes.
    Will you sign up and be active on the clan forum?: Yes.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    The servers not dead. I've said this before. people have just been taking a break or have been waiting for the map to be finished. But since leaving the unfinished map up and keeping people from build isn't the best way to keep people playing we have switched maps. We are now using a new map for the time being as a sort of prologue to the RP. Unfortantly as of right now the server provider may be having troubles because the server doesn't seem to be working. But I'm sure its only happening because of the 1.8 update coming soon.
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    posted a message on How does the yogscast change names?
    The Yogscast buys all of the accounts. Last I heard from one of their podcasts they said they've spent somewhere around 120 pounds on accounts so far but that podcast was before BBQ Bay.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from yayahkeekoot

    Ok, because I'm cool, and because with the amount of administrating i've done over my (almost) 2 years of Minecraft RPing, I have here (below) written (for this thread EXCLUSIVELY) an application guide. Yes, this guide may be applied to most servers but probably will help you the most on applying for this server:

    When will WhiteListing take place? I know people should stop asking and it will happen when it does, but I'm just curious as to if there is a possible estimated date? Two days from now, three? Just wondering as it probably would help everyone to know something like that, maybe add in the thread that you shouldn't ask for WhiteListing? :tongue.gif:
    People, please use the Edit button, conveniantly located on thebottom of your post. Triple posting is lame and double posting is to. Have something to say? Put it all in one post like I have done, that way it is much easier to read and takes much less space. (*looks at Sonic*)

    Very nice work there and thank you for the help, we've tried it before but maybe yours will help the new guys out more. And I agree completely on your second edit, use the Edit button guys! Unless your me who is using this post as a bump even though we don't need one. :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Locopescado

    should i redo my application?? it would be heplful if I knew what to do... Well I'm not forcing you guys, but it be nice if I knew what to change on my application in the next few days.

    Sorry, I've been busy on the server lately, Hmmm... I do remember your app, but not if it was any good or not. xD Yea just go ahead and repost it or even just quoting it would be fine if its easier for you.

    Edit: And to those of you wondering when the whitelist will be updated, we try to do it every few days. But if you really want a certain day then I'll talk to the others about a once a week thing so you know when to check back, but then again once a week is a lot longer then it is for most people now.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Thanks to Shark for the wonderful post on server questions, to Kevin for giving up your throne as you said you would, and to all the people out there waiting to get white listed. I know it takes awhile and more then anything it is because we try to keep the white list updates spread out so it seems like people are arriving in groups off the boat, not by themselves. I hope that in the mean time you join the Website and talk on the forums, Maybe you all can help kick it off. And just as a hint to the RP update, there are far worse things then thieves to worry about in Immortalus these days...

    With care,
    Azor Thorm
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    posted a message on [RP-PvP]☠The Fallen Legion☠(Recruiting)(Clan)(Ranks)(Wars)
    In-game Name: Azorthorm

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Country: USA

    Rank: Discovered

    Why do you want to join the clan? Its safer to be in a group on a PVP server.

    Did anyone send you here? Zinker

    Do you have any suggestions for the clan? Not really.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, why? No

    Tell us a few details about yourself. I'm dedicated and a alright builder.

    Other info
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from ZAKK9090

    That all depends on what the admins/etc. have set up so far. I imagine the city's been done for a while and they've been working on other things since. If they continued editing the map in some way then they might've added in roads of some sort to facilitate village/town creation later on. Although such a thing may be left to us once the server is up and running.

    XD its funny because we've ran into problems lately and that slowed us down on building the main city. so no we don't have any small villages, Yet. But on the subject of you all building villages, You will be able to but there are rules. those rules will be explained in game or on the forums when everything is up.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from Exelbirth

    Oh, another question: Are we using a currency thing, or do we barter with in game items?

    We will be bartering. Sorry currency is a hard thing to agree on so we think bartering is the best choice.
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    posted a message on The World of Nagura - PvP - [NO WHITELIST] - 24/7 - Ventrilo
    : IGN :
    ANSWER HERE Azorthorm
    : Age :
    : State / Country :
    ANSWER HERE Kentucky
    : Language(s) :
    ANSWER HERE English
    : How did you find The World of Nagura Server? :
    ANSWER HERE Searching the Forums
    : What interests you to apply for Membership? :
    ANSWER HERE I've been playing on the server as a guest and am tired of not being a member.
    : Have you read the Rules & Courtesies thoroughly? :
    : Do you have any Minecraft modifications installed? If so, what? :
    : Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why? :
    : Do you have access to Ventrilo? :
    : What qualities do you seek in a Minecraft server? :
    ANSWER HERE Usually RP and Mature servers, but I've been looking for some PVP lately.
    : Do you consider yourself mature? :
    ANSWER HERE Yes, But doesn't everyone consider them selfs Mature?
    : Is there anything else you would like me to know, or ask? :
    ANSWER HERE Tasty Chunks, Yum.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from Phreshmilk

    Dont mean to be annoying here but an admin never got back to me on my application I mean it was up there for a good while.

    Sorry but we've been busy on the server, from what I see your app is ok. the story makes it hard for me to say yes or no to, so I'll ask the others. I'm not really sure what they'll say so you may want to at least think about a new story.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Well I finally got a chance to repost my fixed app.

    First Name: Jamie

    Minecraft User Name:(This is what we add to the whitelist)Azorthorm
    How long have you been playing SMP?: Since before Alpha, when greifing was clicking wildly.
    Do you have RP Experience?: I've played on 1 or 2 RP minecraft servers and have a long experience of D&D.
    What is your birthday?: (ex. M/D/Y 6/1/2011)3/26/1996

    Role Play
    Character Name: Daveric StrongStone (Very common last name I know.)
    Character Race: Dwarf

    Character Description: A average sided dwarf, Brown hair, and a mighty beard.

    Character Bio: A young, Reckless Dwarf. Daveric has always had that dwarfish need for gold and treasure, but being thrown out of his homeland by his brethren he had very few ways of fulfilling this need. That is until he heard of The Fountain.

    Character History: Born a surface Dwarf, Daveric was near truly accepted by his Blood Stone brethren and was forced to live away from their stronghold on the surface. With out his ability to mine freely his dwarfish instincts kicked in. He would travel the Top lands searching for treasure and gold. Not being the best Adventurer he never got far in his travels. many times he'd nearly get himself and his fellow adventures killed. But he never stopped hunting. Not until he heard news of the Fountain of Youth. regected by most expeditions because of his carelessness this seemed to be his last hope to find that treasure he so longed for. Little did he know what he would find...

    Character Class: Battle Monk

    Place of Birth: Cratisha

    I read rule 3: Cupcakes
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from CollectorJoe

    When will we be added?
    I'm getting depressed just waiting. Ha ha.

    Please be patient with us, we're adding in a lot of things for you all. But we have been in a rush lately and I promise that if everything goes well it will be up soon.
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    Quote from Willie900

    oooooooooh! is that the ship we "arrive" (spawn) on?

    Possibly... :tongue.gif:
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