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    posted a message on New Sounds are Terrible
    Many of the sounds currently in Minecraft are atrocious!

    The pickaxes breaking give me a jump scare almost every time!

    The sounds of dirt/etc. creeped me out at first but I got used to it eventually!

    But these are small potatoes compared to the bats!

    They were the icing in the cake that made me turn off the sound completely!

    Quote from FrickFlock12

    FFS. Just turn off sounds or research on how to downgrade Minecraft. I thought these types of threads were over.


    You know that when people have to turn off their sound there is a problem anyway, right?XD

    Quote from Rox

    Weird. I disagree with almost all points. I love most of the new sounds, but I really dislike the new explosions compared to the old ones. They have more oomph, but not nearly enough crack.

    The old sound of tnt was and still is by far superior and cooler!

    But among destroying blocks, it was also destroying ears!

    For better or for worse, it had to change!
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    posted a message on 1.4.5 Pre-Release Available!
    Quote from MichealIkruhara

    I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but most of the Mod-Makers in the community must be Flipping Tables and drop-kicking their desktops with all the updates lately. XD

    Not just the mod makers!

    I always run a heavy modded world with as many mods(My 1.3.2 world has 90+ mods) as possible!(it takes me several days to put all the mods together so that most conflicts and bugs are away)

    Every time a new update comes out, it puts me into anxiety because I know I will have to w8 1-2 months(maybe more) before I can begin a new world!(and I say new world because keeping my world with all these mods is obviously next to impossible :P)

    And I know it can't be helped!(at least, until a good official mod api comes out)

    Bugs HAVE to be fixed!

    Personally, I'm not optimistic at all even with this 1.4.5 pre-release!

    Don't be surprised if more come!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2 | Forge 6] gokimods
    Gokiburikin, I like your single chest!

    And I have an idea for it!

    An add-on feature that will allow us to upgrade it into Cpw's Copper/Iron chest!
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    posted a message on 1.4.5 Pre-Release Available!
    Quote from Koadmaster

    Does this mean I will have to update my mods... Again?

    Oh, yes, you do!

    Even if some mods are still working, there is always a risk!
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    posted a message on Whenever I see a Creeper.. I feel so sad for them..
    Quote from drednaught608

    There is something called, imagination.
    I use it all the time.

    I was about to post my opinion on the subject and on the subject of this topic until I realized how freakishly old the topic is!

    I was then about to leave and let the topic die in peace, but you know what?

    For once, I won't!

    With that being said, you guys leave me with no choice!

    I will have to use two of the oldest memes in the book!

    First of all...


    Quote from Strottinglemon

    Let me explain something, OP. Creepers are 1/3 animal, 1/3 plant, and 1/3 fungus. They reproduce by roaming around and searching for humans. Something about human pheromones causes a creeper's reproductive organ-the splodey sac- to activate. When it gets close enough it will explode, scattering spores far and wide that will eventually grow into new creepers. It is an odd symbiosis. However, you, the player, are the last human alive. Without you the creeper wouldn't be able to repopulate. It is a good relationship.

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    posted a message on Enchantments: Blast/Projectile/etc. protection vs normal protection
    Quote from Twister1134

    Here, take a good look at THIS.

    I see.......

    Well, this sucks!

    What's the point of the other enchantments then?

    It removes any strategy and makes armor enchanting a tedious process based on luck!
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    posted a message on Help With Witch Spawning.
    The current Minecraft terrain is like a cheese full of holes!

    Unless you have a mod like Rei's Minimap, or dig a HUGE @$$ quarry, chances of lighting up every single one of them is beyond extremely low!

    .....that doesn't explain why you don't get at least one Witch, especially with Docm77's detailed video!
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    posted a message on Is RedPower abandoned?
    Quote from LycaonX

    So when a mod author fails to post to their own blog for the better part of 6 months (last post was in May), it leads me to believe the author has abandoned their mod or doesn't give a crap enough to keep their fans updated. Has anyone ran across any verifiable posts from Eloraam citing that they're indeed still working on RedPower?


    But, Eloraam is in the Forgecraft server still working on Redpower!

    Check Direwolf20's Lets Plays or Slowpoke101's streams!

    Don't w8, it will probably still take a lot of time!:P
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Minecraft 1.4.5 Pre-Release is out!

    Go, Risugami!XD
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Minefactory RL, Nether Ores, Power Converters
    Yayyyy, thank you for updating this!
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] DRAGON BALL Z MOD MINECRAFT [V0.1]
    Holy Crap ,the models look awesome!O_O
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] The Creep Mod V3.3.03_1.7.2 - REDESIGN IN PROGRESS!
    When I think of Creepers, I don't see Creeper as a monster, I see it as an animal whose purpose in life is for whatever reason to explode when near a human!(Possibly, to use human's corpse as fertilizer for its seeds?!?..........jokes asides, I think there is a mod like this XD)

    So, in my mind, a Dimension full of Creepers is a Dimension where a lot of people used to live(probably still some live but hide away in fear of Creepers) which in turn caused the increase of Creepers' population!

    The Dimension is wild, creepy and dangerous with lots of plant life but it's also full of ruins, craters and destruction due to the Creepers' actions!

    But, this is just my vision!

    Everyone has its own opinions!

    With that being said, I will still probably use this mod because I do want a use for my Blast Protection armor!XD
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    posted a message on Enchantments: Blast/Projectile/etc. protection vs normal protection
    So, I did some tests in creative with Creepers but I'm still not sure since the damage varied a lot with both armors!

    However, I didn't get to try it with tnt!

    If BC_Programming is right then that's great!

    Is there any way to actually check the code for the enchantments?
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    posted a message on Enchantments: Blast/Projectile/etc. protection vs normal protection
    Quote from Twister1134

    Protection works just as good as blast/projectile/fire protection at their respective levels. Therefore, a protection enchantments is highly reccommended.


    Weird, because I did find some videos on YouTube of people who have Blast Protection IV on their diamond armor and they tested it with like 100 Creepers and they were hardly dealt any damage!
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    posted a message on Enchantments: Blast/Projectile/etc. protection vs normal protection
    So, my question is simple!

    Will I get more protection against f.e. explosions if I have blast protection instead of the default protection enchantment?

    And if anyone is curious as to why I would ever craft a blast protection armor the answer is that I wanna use a mod that has to do with Creepers(lots of them) and even the slightly more protection I can get would help!
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