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    posted a message on [DEAD] The Laser Mod
    Sweet, this is back!

    Good luck with the bug fixing, I will wait for them!Sweet, this is back!

    Good luck with the bug fixing, I will wait for them!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] [Forge] Bladecraft, Now moved to a new thread.
    Do the swords have any other special abilities other than better durability and enchantability?
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    posted a message on [1.4.4/1.4.5] Stevebirds v2.0: Now with Creeperbirds, Zombiebirds, Enderbirds, and more! Check it out!

    Because this makes as much sense as what I just read!

    Most freaking random mod I have ever seen!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]ID Resolver (Finally updated!)
    Quote from Fredned101

    Uh..... ID Resolver is no longer needed with forge? What...


    "He's no longer needed with Forge, and only causes Problems!"??

    What the freak does that mean?

    Can we now fix id problems only with just Forge?

    If I were to use over 100 mods (which I almost did with 1.3.2) would I be able to do it?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge-Universal]Pacman Arcade[v0.33]

    THEY DID IT!!!



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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [SSP/SMP] [Forge] - Nether Survival Mod (WIP) (Beta 0.93)
    Quote from DragonFantasy

    Additions of mod:

    Improved Netherrack
    Better netherrack, that can be used to craft netherrack tools and some hellish devices. Don't saves abilities of netherrack.
    (Craft is shapeless)


    Red Demon Head
    The most weak demon in the mod. Has 30 hearts. Damage 3.5-7 hearts.
    Can throw you up (like iron golem). Spawns in nether. Drops demon tooth and a lot of XP (more than blaze).

    Black Demon Head
    Stronger than red demon head. Has 45 hearts and damage 3.5-7 hearts. Can throw you up like iron golem. Ignites the block, he is standing on. Spawns in nether. Drops golden demon tooth and a lot of XP (more than red head).


    Almost everywhere in the Nether, you'll find these trees:

    And also, you'll find evil demons, that want to kill you..

    But you have Holy Water Bottles, that will help you with protection!

    Also, you can find yellow ore, that glows - that is Demonic Ore:

    The screenshots that I left in the quote don't work for me!
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    posted a message on A discussion to modders
    Yeah, if only they could develop an official mod api....oh, w8!
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    posted a message on What do you think Minecraft needs MOST?
    More cat breeds, pets, and dragons?


    All these pets(wolves included) are secondary things!

    Minecraft has way much more serious issues!

    It's a beyond unfinished game in many aspects, all because a guy didn't know what he was getting himself into and eventually got bored of working on it!(Sorry, Notch)

    1: Its story is incomplete!

    Yes, I said story!

    I know most people probably don't give a freak about the storyline of Minecraft, but personally, being an rpg guy, I care!

    How does Minecraft have any story you may ask!?!

    You have been looking at it since you ever started playing the game!

    It's full of questions!

    How did Steve end up in the middle of nowhere with nothing on him?

    Why is he literally the only human on that planet/world?(Sorry, Villagers looking like that don't count as humans)

    What happened to the Pigmen and ended up in the Nether as Zombie Pigmen?(Yes, I know that Pigmen were originally intended to be the Villagers and I think it was a huge mistake to replace them)

    Who made the mineshafts?


    2: Several mechanism features are incomplete!

    That includes the enchanting system, minecarts, boats, etc.

    3: The Dimensions are incomplete!

    The Nether has been horrendous ever since its creation!

    The Netherholds helped somewhat but it's still little!

    4: The terrain generator is atrocious!

    This is one common that most users have been discussing for many patches now!

    5: Plants and farming system are incomplete!

    6: Obsidian needs more uses!

    7: The graphics and the lightning system need some work to make the game less laggy/glitchy!

    8: The Ocean biome is incomplete!

    Right now, it's just a bunch of useless chunks all piled up together!
    The ocean life is non-existant save for squids!

    9: Villagers is so far one of the best features ( despite what others may say) but they still need a few more things!

    Zombie Villagers need their own texture!

    It makes no sense for them to suddenly get Steve's clothes once they turn into zombies!

    (Yes, I still insist that Pigmen should have been the real Villagers, possibly with some retexturing to be less creepy!)

    10: Dungeons are incomplete!(that includes Strongholds)

    We need more and better!

    11: I could probably say more but that's enough for now!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.5 Update
    Don't get me wrong!

    Wolves, witches, bats, red dragons, pink elephants, new sounds and all that stuff are fine and all, but after Minecraft 1.4.1million+ is out and all major bugs have been fixed, I would like Mojang to take a very loooooooooooooooooong break from all that stuff and focus on something really epic like f.e.

    1. The unfinished story of Minecraft (f.e. What happened to the Pigmen?)
    2. A better terrain generator because the current one sucks @@
    3. Mod api
    4. New mechanics (The Anvil is nice but it's still kinda buggy and unfinished)
    5. Fixing unfinished features like f.e. the enchantments and minecarts
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    posted a message on When was Minecraft's golden age?
    The Golden Age for those who use mods is still blooming!

    The Golden Age for those who don't use mods was probably somewhere around Minecraft Beta 1.7 due to its awesome terrain!
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    posted a message on Hardcore FUUUU

    We have new random deaths, infinite looting sword bug, and who knows what else!

    These bug fixes are gonna take forever!XD
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    posted a message on Infinite Looting Sword bug
    Apparently, there is a bug where you don't need to kill the mob with a sword that has the Looting enchantment to get extra loot!

    If you switch to your Looting sword just before the mob dies(by f.e. arrows or splash potions), you have the chance to get the extra loot anyway!

    For anyone who wants a demonstration, here's the video I saw the bug from:

    So........there's your 1.4.6 Pre-Release....that is unless Mojang decides to leave the bug as it is!
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    posted a message on annoying things that happens in a mineshaft
    Quote from axdome

    skeleton apparently plays cod for 10 hours then 360 shoots me


    You earn a T-up just for this!XD
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    posted a message on Nether mobs in the over-world?

    Using Davidee's Mob Spawn Controls mod to turn them off of course. If I could not find such a mod then I would have given up the game for good.

    Am I missing something?XD

    Why wouldn't you play with Witches?

    And why did the other guy mention that?
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft "done" after 1.5?
    I don't think I agree with this!

    All mods have a common problem!

    They are not compatible with each other unless the modders make them to be!

    What do I mean by this?

    Lets say f.e. we have a new biome and a new dungeon mod!

    If Mojang releases the new biome, the modder most likely will make the dungeon generate in that biome!

    However, if a modder releases a new biome, the dungeon modder most likely WON'T make the dungeon generate in that biome!(Yes, I know that there is a way to make a dungeon spawn in every biome regardless if it's vanilla or from a mod)

    Again, this is just an example!

    The other problem:

    In my opinion, Minecraft is still unfinished!

    Especially, its terrain generation and story!

    We still haven't learned many things!

    F.e. Who and what are the entities that talk during the event where you have defeated the Ender Dragon and stepped through the portal!

    F.e.2. What's the story behind the Zombie Pigmen?

    How did they get in the Nether?

    What happened to the Pigmen?

    A modder cannot possibly grasp the creator's vision!

    On the other hand, it's true that if we get a stable version, modders will be free to work on their mods and we will get even more and more mods that can work together!

    With all that being said, slower but quality updates are acceptable!

    And that is after Minecraft is done with bug fixes and unfinished features!
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