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    posted a message on ATG - Alternate Terrain Generation
    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    For as far as I know, ATG only auto-imports the ExtraBiomesXL biomes (and Thaumcraft 4 and Buildcraft biomes) to its configs.
    It can use Highlands Biomes and/or BoP biomes (actually all other biomes should work as well), but you need to add and configure these manually.

    And generation with BoP is kinda weird. I found a lot of biomes that were not even a chunk, they were just only a few blocks big, you could literally count them on your hand's fingers.

    Still looks pretty beautiful though.
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    posted a message on VoxelMap [1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.6.4] - a minimap and worldmap

    Ok, I give up.

    How do I turn on the radar for entities?

    I can't find the option. I pressed "M". It's not there.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    posted a message on Revamp - Rivvest's Enhanced Villagers and Mob Performance | v1.3.1 - Bug fixes
    I approve of reviving this.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4->1.7.10]Thaumcraft NEI Plugin(NEI Integration for Thaumcraft 4)
    You read my mind.

    I was about to post "Please add the option to check all the recipes f.e. for the crucible."
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    posted a message on Random Things
    Quote from lumien»
    Yeah i think i forgot to check for the mob spawning rule, it should not be able to spawn anything that can't spawn there normally though.

    That's a really good idea :D. Will add a config option for that!.

    For the record, that night I also found a Replicator from the Electrical Age mod, whose spawning I have disabled.
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    posted a message on Mystcraft
    Quote from Keybounce»

    Yeah, right.

    Of course it's an air-pull.

    No one is gonna give you statistics about the reasons people use this mod, and/or what they expect from it.

    You don't need statistics in the first place. Just use your common sense.

    The Myst video game came out in 1993. Sure, it is one of the best-selling video games of all time, it had a few ports, and some sequels, but it's still an old game. I'm quite positive that before Mystcraft, most people here didn't know a thing about the Myst video games.

    Now, I'm not gonna tell XComp what to do with his mod. I have no right to do that, and I don't have that many problems with the mod anyway. As long as it doesn't go the ic2 route, I'm fine.

    It's just that it's good to know what we are talking about.

    Even if I'm wrong about my previous statement....ask the Minecraft players who use Mystcraft what they like about the mod. Try to guess what the answer will be.
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    posted a message on [Teleportation] Warp Book
    Quote from panicnot42»

    panicnot42, If you are waiting for 1.8, you are probably going to wait quite a bit.

    Some people are just now finishing their 1.7.10 mod packs for release to the public.

    Some are just now starting their worlds.

    Even if forge for 1.8 was to update right now as we speak, it will take several weeks before most major mods come out.

    Of course, I understand that isn't gonna stop you from updating your own mod to 1.8, but I'm just saying that most people won't use it right away. Unless it's for a "light" mod pack.
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    posted a message on Random Things
    Ok, this one caught me by surprise even though I have already read the changelog.

    So, I have a world set on hard, but with mob spawning disabled.

    I was out in the open, reading a thaumonomicon, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the game goes like...

    ...and Satan and his minions unleashed the entire forces of evil on me.

    And by that I mean that a spider bit me right in the face, out of nowhere.

    Followed by a horde of zombies. An entire legion of zombies.

    I checked my minimap. It was filled with red dots. Hell, everything was red. The screen was red. The fog was red. The sky was red.


    I immediately ran for my bed, and somehow I was able to sleep on it.

    And then I went on clearing job. And to make sure my villagers were ok.

    I saw all sorts of mobs. Even a Wisp from Thaumcraft.. Even an Angry Zombie that I thought they had disabled, cause I was never before able to find one.

    Pheeeww.....that was kinda unpleasant. I didn't expect mobs to be able to spawn during the Blood moon event even with mob spawning disabled.

    Cause this is thriller, thriller night.

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    posted a message on Kingdoms of the Overworld Mod v1.6 [1.7.X/1.6.4] [SSP/SMP]
    Is it possible to disable features we don't want?
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    posted a message on Egg Staff
    If you are wondering why this went unnoticed, it's probably because of the title.

    Aside from that, the recipe makes things a bit too easy.

    Mob capturing devices are nothing new, but when you see one, it usually requires at least an Ender Pearl.

    Edit: Btw, where's the website link?
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    posted a message on hueCraft v0.1.1-BETA | A full immersive experience with Philips hue!
    Ok, this is....different.

    I never expected a mod that would interact with other devices in my house.
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    posted a message on Mechalution - Version 7.0 Released 08/01/2015
    The mod looks cool, but PLEASE add more information.
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    posted a message on [0.54] Fluxed Trinkets - RF Powered Baubles!
    Ok, I don't quite understand what this mod adds.

    I mean ok, it's probably some accessories.

    Ok. What do they do?
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    posted a message on Xeno's Reliquary
    Just to make sure, I'm gonna wait a bit until releases are a bit more stable. And maybe Thaumic Reliquary updates too meanwhile.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Reliquary][Thaumcraft] Thaumic Reliquary [1.1.1] - MCPC!
    Quote from SolemnSoul»
    I hope you do update this Flaxbeard, I really liked the idea of gating such a small (but powerful) mod of magic items through thaumcraft.

    I second this.

    Quote from SolemnSoul » But I know your motivation has been minimal as of late, otherwise you probably wouldn't have dropped FSP.

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