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    posted a message on 1.4 Snapshots Suggestion - Command Block Wireless Redstone Transmitters
    This is such an amazing idea. I'm kinda disappointed it wasn't part of the commands before. :/

    Anyways, I hope this gets popular enough to make Mojang pay attention. :D
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    • IGN: Azep
    • Age: 15
    • I voted for Savage realms at every site.
    • I don't have any questions.
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    posted a message on SURVIVAL ISLAND v1.2
    I'll join.
    My IGN is Azep.
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    posted a message on More Mafia!
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    posted a message on More Mafia!
    Quote from Sarzael

    Hey, i play EpicMafia sometimes, this will be fun :smile.gif:

    Might wanna say "/in." :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Mafia: The Forum Game
    I want to start a fun game called MAFIA in the MC forums because it's fun. If you don't know what MAFIA is or if you need to refresh your memory, this cool flash will explain it all.

    I'm the host (aka Moderator), so please don't use red.

    I'm thinking that we have (# of members : # of players) 2:7 or 1:3 Mafia Members. Then we could have 1 cop or doc, or if we have enough people (around 12) 1 cop, 1 doc, and 1 godfather (Mafia Member who seems innocent to the cops).

    If you want to join, just type "/in" and I'll add you to the list.

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    posted a message on Make a text based Minecraft game!
    >Enter the house and dig a 1x3 grid just in case...

    Do you jump into the hole and place a block above you or risk a bug with a creeper randomly exploding?
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    posted a message on More Mafia!
    Definitely /in. :wink.gif:
    Always been interested in this kinda stuff.
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you!
    Banned for having 4 punctuation marks in 2 sentences.
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!

    This thread needs saving. :/
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    posted a message on SimpleCraft (V15.2)
    I <3 it's simplisity....lol

    It gives the just right cartooniness.

    I rate you 3 simple sheeps and a simple pig.
    :Sheep: :Sheep: :Sheep: :Pig:
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    posted a message on Monster trap help
    I'd recommend going here http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewforum.php?f=3 for help. I'm srry I can't help, cuz I'm no good with monster traps :biggrin.gif:. I always go with the good ol' sword or bow & arrows.
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    posted a message on Ham sammich/Foods
    I think the idea of the sammich's net health is sorta stupid...
    Why on earth would I trade 2 pieces of bread (total 5 hearts) and a piece of ham (2.5 hearts, 4 cooked) for a sammich that gives 4.5/5 hearts just so it takes up 1 space instead of 3?

    I think the sammich should heal for 7.5 or 9 hearts (depending on whether or not the ham is cooked).

    Other than that, your ideas are great.

    Also, I have quite a few ideas of my own...

    [] :White: []
    [] :Water: []
    [] [] []
    Food coloring! ( :White: =any dye color, :Water: =bucket of water)
    Add to any food to make it colorful. For cosmetic reasons and some other food recipes.

    Burn an egg for an omelet. :VV: :Diamond: ( :Diamond: = egg)

    [] :Bacon: []
    [] :GP: []
    [] [] []
    Candy! ( :GP: = sugar)
    Adds 5 hearts. Uncooked ham adds 3.5.

    :Blue: :Indigo: :Violet:
    [] :Diamond: []
    [] [] []
    Easter egg! ( :Blue: :Indigo: :Violet: = any food coloring colors. 1st colors top, 2nd colors middle, 3rd colors bottom. :Diamond: = egg.)
    Colors icing on the cake when used for cake making. Again, 1st colors top of the cake, 2nd middle, and 3rd bottom.

    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:
    :Orange: :Diamond: :Orange:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:
    Orange! ( :Diamond: = apple, :Orange: = orange food coloring)
    Heals 6.5 hearts.

    [] :Flint: []
    [] :|: []
    [] :|: []
    Kabob Stick!
    Can be used to skewer food on (adds the hearts of the food: used for space saving).

    [] :Bacon: []
    [] :Bacon: []
    [] [>>-i>] [] ( [>>-i>] = kabob stick)
    Heals for 8 hearts (2*x=8, x=bacon heal=4)

    Burn a kabob stick with food on it to add 1 heart. :VV: [>>-i>] :Portabella: :RedShroom:

    Burn an empty kabob stick to be able to eat it for .5 heart. :VV: [>>-i>]

    [] :Glass: []
    [] :chestfront: []
    [] :tnt: []
    Fake food! ( :chestfront: = any food item)
    Right-click places the fake food on the ground (similar to cake) for night mobs to eat. After 2+ mobs crowd around it for 5 continuous seconds (allowing 3 or more mobs to join the party), it explodes, killing them all (mobs are attracted to it). If only 1 mob is around it continuously for 15 seconds, it explodes anyways.

    :////: :////: :////:
    :////: :Lava: :////:
    :////: :////: :////:
    Pizza! ( :////: = bread)
    Heals 2.5 hearts a piece, 10 pieces (like cake; place and use to eat).

    [] :GP: []
    [] :chestfront: []
    [] :log: []
    Soda! ( :GP: = sugar, :chestfront: = drink, :log: = bowl)
    Makes you run faster and jump higher (not farther), depending on the drink ( :chestfront: ).
    Milk=125% faster, 2-block jump. Lasts 5 seconds.
    Water=150% faster, 3-block jump. Lasts 7 seconds.
    Lava=200% faster, 5-block jump. Lasts 8 seconds.

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :GP: :GP: :GP:
    :sponge: :sponge: :sponge:
    Ice cream! ( :Diamond: = snowballs, :GP: = sugar, :sponge: = milk)
    Heals 9.5 hearts (It's expensive, OK?)

    Burn gold ingots to add to other foods for +1 heart. :VV: :GoldBar:

    [] [] []
    [] :soil: :cobblestone:
    [] :cobblestone: :soil:
    Unhealthy snack!
    Heals .5 heart. (Can be done in 2x2 grid, cheap materials, perfect for on-the-go, requires 3 soil & 3 cobbles in each spot (Net of 6 soil & 6 cobbles)).
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    posted a message on Simplistic Vehicles
    I've been thinking how AWESOME it would be to have vehicles. Non-controllable pigs just aren't enough. And sea travel isn't the only kind possible...

    One thing I've always wanted to do in Minecraft is fly around in my world, not caring about the creepers, skeletons, or zombies below. So Notch would have to add flying enemies (dragons?) if this is to be added, but peaceful is always an option.
    So my first suggestion is a kite made up of two components.

    :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: []
    :White: [] [] would make up the cloth part (represented by :Black: from now on)


    [] [] []
    :wood: :|: []
    :|: [] [] would make up the handlebars (represented by [>>-i>] from now on)

    Put them together like
    [] [] []
    [] :Black: []
    [] [>>-i>] [] and you get a kite.

    When held, you fall slowly and don't take damage. If it saves you from falling damage, durability goes down a little bit. If you jump off a tall point, you can use the kite to glide forward without falling for some time (7 seconds?) and then start to fall. If you press the jump key, you will go up 2 blocks and lose very little durability. This would only go a little faster than walking, but sights are amazing, and finding ways around mountains would be much easier.

    Another thing I wanted was a fast way of moving on the ground. Again, uncontrollable pigs won't do :Pig:.
    So I thought of a motorcycle made of three components.

    [] :Flint: []
    :Flint: :Flint: :Flint:
    [] :Flint: [] would make a wheel. (Represented by :Grey: from now on) (The flints, or at least the middle one, could be changed to iron, but iron is so over-used and flint is so under-used)

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    [] :Flint: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron: would make an engine. (Represented by :_: from now on)


    :_: [] []
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :Grey: [] :Grey: would put it all together. It has a durability bar, but only goes down from moving. When the bar is completely down, the motorcycle is unable to move, but doesn't get destroyed. You have to right-click the engine to open a menu with a 9x9 grid (similar to the menu of a dispenser). Put in coal to bring the durability bar up. (64 pieces of coal=full bar, and the bar would go down slowly.) To actually get in the motorcycle, you right-click the front.

    The biggest problem would be getting over different levels of terrain, like this...
    [] [] [] [] [] [] :grass: :grass:
    [] [] [] [] :grass: :grass: :soil: :soil:
    [] [] :grass: :grass: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :grass: :grass: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:

    Because there are 2 cubes at each level, the motorcycle would be able to go up.
    (In order for the front wheel to go up, the back wheel and the front wheel have to be on the same level before going upwards) Going down is the same way, unless you want it to cost more durability.

    As for boat, I think the small one already in the game is good enough.

    Comments, questions, or criticism?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Bosses
    Quote from Spider Ghast »
    I personally think if minecraft should have bosses,(Which it shouldnt,) it should relate to the Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers and everything. It would mess everything up if we had a ton of bosses unrelated to the game.

    Please tell me how skeletons, spiders, creepers, zombies, zombie pigmen, and ghasts are related to the game besides the fact that they are in it?

    If Notch adds the bosses, they'll become related to the game automatically.

    Plus if he adds bosses like these, he'll probably create some sort of button that toggles bosses on or off in options, not just the difficulties for factoring bosses.
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