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    Quote from xeronut»

    Okiday! Album is ready, hope it helps you out, and PM me if you have any other questions! :)

    Wow, I never would have figured out how to do that build on my own :o I do think this will help, so thank you so much!

    EDIT: Just gave it a try in my game and had no problems following your instructions :D I can't believe how easy it actually is!

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    Quote from CraftyTurtle»

    Hi Azairah756,
    The spiral stairs are my fault! I wanted them, and MK tried his hardest to make it so.
    The desirable hitbox (the part you bump in to / step on) is supposed to be the same as the outside-corner-step, but MK's software does not have the ability to have more than one hitbox (ie to stack on on top of the other).

    I know I'm explaining it really badly. Sorry.

    I like the look of spiral staircases,and the way I play, appearance trumps function. *I* can put up with jumping upstairs instead of just walking up, if it means my staircases look cool. But that's just me. I love my medieval castles, and spiral staircases are a must.

    So, yeah, you have to jump. Sorry. My bad.

    Quote from xeronut»

    If I may add onto your post, if jumping up the stairs becomes tedious you could always use one of many High Step enchantments or equipment pieces that mods add. Off the top of my head, Thaumcraft's Boots of the Traveler, EnderIO's Dark Steel Boots, Botania's Sojourner's/Globetrotter's Sash, Mariculture's Step Up enchantment (jewelry), and DemoXin's Mobility enchantment (More Enchantments) all would work. This wasn't directed at you specifically, CT, but at Azairah to give them more of a reason to use the stairs. They really are neat. :)

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I really like the idea of actual spiral stairs as well, so I'll probably just go ahead and use them :) Having to jump isn't that big a deal, it was just something I was wondering about. And Crafty, would you mind if I asked you to post some pics of the stairs in your build? Just curious about what they look like when fully implemented.

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    Quote from derkwizzerds101

    yes, but I've never had a problem with my texture packs either.

    I asked about the mods because I saw another post from someone else whose game was crashing when trying to change texture packs and from some of the replies to it, it seems it might be some kind of problem with the Forge mod, if you're using it. I was using Forge myself and after I did a clean reinstall of all the mods except Forge, that seemed to fix the problem and I could change the texture pack without it crashing.
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