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    This is 'KantaiCollection' Fan Mod.
    You will be able to create KantaiCollection's items, Japanese style decorations, dishes etc.
    Please put the jar file in Minecraft's mods folder.

    Latest version
    ChinjufuMod[1.12.2] (forge-1.12.2-
    ChinjufuMod[1.11.2] (forge-1.11.2-
    ChinjufuMod[1.10.2] (forge-1.10.2-
    ChinjufuMod[1.9.4] (forge-1.9.4-

    I think that they can be used in [client / server]. new contents

    ・Christmas tree, Christmas tree_white
    ・Gift box (Apple, Book, Blazerod, Blaze Rod, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond)
    ・Santa Claus (Admiral, AKSAHI, RYUJOU, KUMANO, SUZUYA)
    ・New Year decoration

    About changes in

     ・Correct drop items for Ammunition box, Bauxite box and Aluminum block.

     ・Fix growth of Grapes tree in 1.10.2 and 1.9.4.
     ・With bone meal, you can promote the growth of Grape tree and Tea plant.
     ・Harvesting of Grapes and Tea, changed to react only with bare hands.

     ・KAGAMIMOCHI recipe to replace wheat with rice.
     ・SHIMENAWA, KADOMATSU, WARAZABUTON, TATAMI, Dirt wall recipe to replace wheat with INE.
     ・Add salt to Raw beef hamburg. (Raw_beef, Egg, Onion, Bun, Salt)
     ・Steel block/Aluminum block recipe change.
      XXX X:Iron ingot/Aluminum, #:Blank

     ・Item name change due to spelling correction.

    Past update contents
    ・Armor, New Year Decoration, Material block, Admiral chair, Dressing table
    ・Cafe chair, ZAISU, ZABUTON, Japanese umbrella
    ・Fude Desk, Letter Desk, Low desk
    ・Unit Desk, Dinner chair, Cafe table, Log chair, ENDAI
    ・Black board, Kettle, Stove chimney, Stove, School chair, School Desk, Teacher's Desk, Window
    ・Pier caution block, Moored pile
    ・Iron block of truss structure used in docks and factories.
    ・Garden decoration
    ・Tea Time
    ・Dirt Wall
    ・KAWARA・・・Roofing material made by baking clay.
    ・SHIKKUI・・・Building material using slaked lime.
    ・NAMAKO wall・・・Wall with KAWARA stuck with SHIKKUI.
    ・SHOUJI, GARASUDO, FUSUMA・・・ Partition and sliding doors.
    ・SHOUJI window, Lattice window, Air vent
    ・RANMA・・・It is used for daylighting, ventilation, decoration.
    ・NOREN・・・Cloth used for awnings and blindfolds.
    ・TATAMI・・・Flooring materials using Juncus effusus.
    ・FUTON・・・Japanese Bedding, duvet and mattress.
    ・Plank Pillar
    ・Bricks Andesite, Diorite and Granite
    ・Pillar Stone, Andesite, Diorite and Granite
    ・Wall Panel, thin type block for outer wall.

    About Localization
    It translates into the following 10 languages. It also includes things that need adjustment.
    ・Japanse (ja_JP)
    ・English US (en_US)
    ・Deutsch (de_DE)
    ・Español España (es_ES)
    ・Français (fr_FR)
    ・Italiano (it_IT)
    ・Português Portugal (pt_PT)
    ・Русский (ru_RU)
    ・简体中文 (zh_CN)
    ・繁體中文 (zh_TW)

    ・Recommended outside there is a possibility that not working properly because the environment,
     introduction please judge in the self-responsibility.
    ・Because I can not provide a multi-environment, the behavior of a multi-is unconfirmed.
    ・Personal play, use in multiplayer is free.
    ・Use in play movies, live broadcasts, use on blogs and SNS is free.
    ・Use of other than Minecraft is free.
    ・That you received this MOD as it is secondary distribution, please refrain.
    ・My copyright and moral rights are not abandoned.
    ・There is a possibility to stop delivering 'ChinjufuMod' by request from 'KantaiCollection'.

    I'm sorry in my poor English. Thank you.
    ChinjufuMod wiki

    Ayutaki Shou's Minecraft Diary(in Japanese)

    Minecraft Diary Modding_part(in Japanese)

    Ayutaki Shou's Twitter(in Japanese)

    Support me

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