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    posted a message on What is the safest location to live in Hardcore Survival Single Player?
    Recently, I've picked the game back up and would like to do a HC SSP, possibly even an LP. However, I intend to do quite a bit of planning first.

    What type of location is the safest to make my home?

    Factors to take into account:
    • Defensibility
    • Can I quickly set up defenses against Creepers, Endermen, Spiders, Skeletons, and Zombies?
    • Sustainability
    • Can I easily set up a farm in this area without filling in or hollowing out too much land?
    • Longevity
    • Can I live here permanently or will this be transitional?
    • Resources
    • Can I easily acquire necessary resources?
    • Freedom
    • Can I easily come and go as I please?
    Places I've considered:
    • Top of a Mountain
    • Pros:
      Clear line of sight in all directions.
      Highly defensible via walls.
      Limited extensibility.
      Possible accidents involving fall damage.
      May requires alterations to landscape to accommodate farm.
      Possible lack of freedom, depending on steepness or size of summit.
    • Underground
    • Pros:
      Highly defensible due to narrow passage ways.
      Unlimited extensibility.
      Near minerals.
      Significant amount of work hollowing out burrow.
      Lack of surveillance.
      Requires significant effort to begin a tree farm.
      Monsters spawn regardless of time of day.
      Lack of freedom in that making trips to the surface are actually called "trips to the surface".
      Burrows tend to lack longevity due to needing more space, etc.
    • Open Plains
    • Pros:
      Clear line of sight in all directions.
      Highly extensible, given its sandbox-ish environment.
      High sense of freedom.
      Easily sustainable.
      Poorly defensible in that attacks can happen from all sides.
      Easily devastated landscape (aesthetics, rather than practical).
      Boringly over used location.
      Type of area has proven to be difficult to locate due to experience.
    Things I've considered:
    • (De/Re)Forestation
    • Trees hide hostile mobs. Wood will either be harvested from a nearby forest, chopping down only valence trees. Replanting will only occur when harvesting has significantly increased the distance between home and the forest. If a closer and more suitable location for a forest is found, replanting will occur there instead of at the original forest.
    • Fortifactions
    • Any building must have at least two exits and that are unsafe to leave from should be easily identifiable (windows, redstone notifications, etc).
      Walls must be spider-proof.
      Endermen most not be able to remove valence blocks from the home.
      Creeper explosions along the perimeter should not be devastating to any structures of my home.
    • Necessities
    • The home should contain what is necessary to maintain homeostasis as well as house supplies needed for hunting runs, mining expeditions, and exploration.
      In the event that the home is abandoned abruptly (get lost or new home is made), I should be able to return to it in a fit of desperation and be able to live stably there again.
    Anyone care to toss in there two cents and turn this into a discussion?
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    posted a message on Im Ready -

    ... Please, don't add bogus duplicate poll options... that contaminates the polls results and defeats the purpose of the poll.

    As for the answer: Yes. I want me some Endermen.

    Don't blink!
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    posted a message on I have a cow for a moon.
    Does the cow go MOOOOOOOOON?

    Edit: I have more +'s than the original post... what is this madness?
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    posted a message on What are YOU gonna do when you first see a Enderman?
    Not blink.
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    posted a message on "Ender"man seems too easy
    Quote from Tanner19

    No, 1.8 won't be released for a long time.


    Now, I'm flacid.
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    posted a message on herobrin
    Herobrine was very prominent at one point, now he lurks in random game files. Speaking about Herobrine is taboo; not socially acceptable. In the same way that you dare not speak the name of Lord Voldemort, the community has come to realize that no good can come from discussion of Herobrine. Notch has made many attempts to remove Herobrine in the past but, I believe in the 1.7 update, he finally succeeded. Herobrine has been sealed away. However, should Herobrine escape from his programming prison, you should know the signs:

    • Massive, perfectly circular caves with torches already placed.
    • Blank signs in places you haven't explored yet.
    • An NPC that looks just like Steve, the original player skin.

    If you see the 3rd sign, do not approach him. He will kill you if you try to fight him. Your only hope is to stop moving and wait until he leaves. If you don't move, he won't attack you; he reacts to movement.

    But don't worry. Notch and co. are wonderful programmers. It's not like Herobrine was sealed by a bunch of programmers who would let right-clicking on a sheep crash the game or anything.
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    Everyone wants it back, but I don't think anyone knows why it disappeared and why it's so hard to bring it back.

    What really caused Leaf Decay to disappear?
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    posted a message on I would like to ride a pigman.
    With a saddle.

    Notch, implement this.
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