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    posted a message on TUTORIAL from bedrock to surface in 1 second, legit.
    That is clever. I'm surprised I haven't seen this before.
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    posted a message on Terrain Generation Changes Remaining
    I would love to see more ocean content. They're finally deep enough for building, so some mobs or plants would be cool. What I REALLY want to see is a greater height limit, I think it would open up a lot of possibilities.
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    posted a message on Why are my chickens dying?
    Weird. I have all my animals in underground pens at the moment, and have never had a problem with them escaping/dying. Herding them however, that's something else...
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    posted a message on Fixing a stronghold to be my house
    Quote from Githerax

    I found the glass pillars but haven't located the stronghold beneath yet. I didn't see any surface entrances; are strongholds hidden from the surface?

    They can be pretty deep, you may have to go quite a ways down to find it.
    @ Tulaash Nice job. I haven't tried this yet because any stongholds I find are terribly mutilated (And I love my mountaintop abode too much!)
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    posted a message on What's your method of getting rid of junk?
    Throw away? No! It's mine you can't make me!

    Seriously though, I don't think I've ever intentionally destroyed an item before, I just shove it into storage.
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    posted a message on The rotten flesh and milk diet
    Quote from Roland_Reigns

    For some reason I am against my steve eating the rotting meat. Instead I built a creeper head with water flows leading into the mouth, it is my god and I sacrifice rotting meat and occasional farm animals to it.

    And lo, for the Creeper spoke unto His people, "SSSSSsssSSSs..."
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    posted a message on 1.8 Vanilla |Limited PvP|RP/Mature|50slot | Community Driven
    Personal Section
    1. Your first name.
    2. Your general age/location/time zone.
    16, Minnesota (Northern US), GMT-6
    3. An email address that we can contact you on.
    [email protected]
    4. Have you had any multiplayer/server experience with Minecraft?
    Nope. I got the game around 1.7.3, and haven't really started to look for a server until now.

    5. Do agree with the server rules and understand your membership could be pulled at any point based upon the staff’s decision in reference to your behavior amongst our server?
    Yes to both.

    Community Section
    1. Your thoughts on large cooperative construction projects?
    I think they're great, and would love to participate in one.
    2. Your thoughts on constructive criticism regarding your builds?
    I am by no means perfect, so constructive criticism is appreciated.
    3. Your thoughts on maintaining residence within a large server?
    I think it sounds great.
    4. What drew you to applying for our server?
    I've only played SSP up to this point, and thought it was high time I found good server to call home.

    Roleplay Section
    1. Which job types are you most interested in doing? (List and explain)
    Anything that involves building or mining, really.
    2. Your thoughts on general server theme for construction?
    Part of Minecraft is being creative, but a kind of overarching theme can make for a nice looking world.
    3. Will you assist in the gathering/day to day functions of the towns (ie: Gather, fix, etc)?
    4. Roleplay on Teyo Inala is limited mostly to the look of the server as well as how we gather resources and adapt the realm. Do you have any questions regarding any of this?
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    posted a message on Will 1.10 have new terrain generation?
    I'd definitely would like to see the mineshafts and strongholds cleaned up. It drives me nuts to be exploring one and suddenly come across a jumbled nightmare of support beams floating in a ravine.
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    posted a message on Notch has it out for underwater builders...
    I'm all for Notch adding some kind of diving helmet/rebreather, especially now that the oceans are actually deep.
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    posted a message on Testificates's fate... what do you want to see with NPC's?
    Definitely replace with Pigman/Steve. While the current models would make a good librarian or monk, I'd rather not stumble across villages populated by Sqidward/Bert look a likes. (Although a village of Sqidward inhabited Easter Island heads would be amusing.)
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    posted a message on Murderous Sheep!
    Great, I'm already terrified to go outside at night, Endermen disassemble my fortifications, and now you're telling me that the sheep are plotting against me? IS THERE NOWHERE SAFE!?!?
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    posted a message on Enderman Erosion - The Effects of Endermen In A Geological Time Frame
    Interesting, but if they can just erode my world down to nothing, they got another thing coming! Kill ALL the Endermen!!
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    posted a message on Strongestcraft (Xray resource packs, updated Apr. 27th 2015! Works with FTB, TFC & more mods!)
    Nice job! It definitely makes mine shafts easier to find.
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    posted a message on 31st Builders Clan
    IGN: Axle1800
    Age: 15
    TimeZone: CDT
    Have you read the rules and guidelines?: Affirmative.
    Would you like to join a Guild (if so which one): None right now.
    Tell me about yourself: I enjoy music, reading, and of course, video games. I've only been playing Minecraft a few months, but I'm completely addicted, and seeing as all of my previous experience has been in singleplayer, I thought I'd give multiplayer a shot.
    Are you going to be active: Yes.
    Intelligence Test – How many smooth stone have you mined in your Minecraft Career: I see what you did there! I've destroyed tons, if that's any help.
    Pictures of work (optional): Negative, I never think of taking screenshots. >.<
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
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