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    posted a message on I need youtubers for a youtube group that I can record with! (A Big Group!)
    Quote from CHRISx17»

    IGN: CHRISx17

    Skype: chrisx1733

    Age: 18

    Country: United states

    YT/Stream Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAuPDjWZ6_suB4Tpyar8YOQ

    Why you want to join my youtube group: I love to build in vanilla minecraft and play many minecraft mini games. As I just started my channel I will be uploading videos about every day to every other day. I just need a server to do a lets play on and other people to play mc with. I just want to be part of a mincraft group and record lets plays. Also i love the idea of everyone in one big minecraft community.

    Timezone: pacific standard time



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    posted a message on I need youtubers for a youtube group that I can record with! (A Big Group!)


    Ign: TheRaptureGodYT

    Skype: [email protected]

    Age: 15

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TRGGaminglols

    Why you want to join my youtube group:

    I'm just looking for a group of people that I can record and do videos with that way both of our channels can grow. I'm also looking to make friends and meet new people that way I can improve my content and make mine and the people I record with's content more enjoyable and funnier that way all our channels can get bigger and gain more subscribers due to the higher quality of our videos.

    Timezone: United Kingdom Europe. +0 GMT


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    posted a message on I need a texture pack soon! Crafting Dead (1.5.2) Series
    Quote from Crafterguy3x3»

    Making a custom Painterly pack doesn't count as creating your own resource pack.

    Anyway, if you want something by August 5th, you'll have to use an existing pack, because if someone made their own original pack for you, it would take much longer, unless they just did the terrain blocks, or only blocks in that game, etc. ;)


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    posted a message on Division Games Kitpvp!
    Our Server is called Division Games! We have Kitpvp and Parkour. We will be adding more later! But, We are in 1.8.1 and have several maps for you to play on! You can 1v1 also in this server! We also have alot of parkour maps and hope you come parkour and pvp on our server! Hope you join! We just launched!

    Link to pics of our server: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/division-games-network/

    IP: Divisiongames.mcph.co
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    posted a message on I need Good Builders And Good Moderators FAST on My Two Servers.
    I need some builders and a Plugin Developer who would like to build for me and that are really good at making plugins and other builders for building. I want to try to release this server by July 10th. Also, I need Builders for my prison server also! If you think you would like to help or have questions, comment in this post with the application Below.Also, Any Inactive Builders will be kicked and there is only 10 spots left! Apply Soon! -Thanks, Awesomebeast150


    Name or what would you like me to call you?:

    Requested Rank (Plugins Developer, Or Builder):
    Age:(Have to be above 11)
    What are you good at?:
    Been Staff before on any other servers, if so list them please:
    Do you have skype?:
    Why Would you like to join the team?:

    What is your best build you've ever done:
    Proof of your Best Builds(pictures):
    How much time would you spend on this server a day?:
    How long have you been playing minecraft:

    Awesomebeast150 (me)-Head Owner


    PrimaryProduct: Lowest Owner



    Helpers: (4 postitions left)

    Plugin Coders: (2 Position left)

    Builders:(10 left)



    The server ip is blackholeprison.mcpro.co!
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    posted a message on Looking for servers to build on
    Quote from Blaizius
    can't say the builds are very good :\

    and to demand an award? seriously. do well then get something

    why do you have to be a douche bag? I also asked for people who would actually want me as a builder to comment. I did not ask for some idiot to judge my builds god dang.
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