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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!
    1. In-game name: AwesomeGuy99999
    ​2. Location and Age: California, 15
    3. Previous Bans from other servers (explain): No previous bans.
    4. Referral(s): None
    5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): Of course
    6. How'd you hear about Herocraft? Looked up Minecraft rpg servers on Google
    7. Special Key: Do NOT leave blank. {HCA15}
    8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? Yes
    9. Reason(s) you should be accepted: I just want to have fun on a Minecraft RPG server and so far this is the one I have had the most fun on. I will also do anything I can do to help and benefit the server.
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