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    posted a message on Six Flags MC (WIP) (PLEASE HELP!)

    Welcome to Six Flags MC


    Hello, my name is Colby, and I am an addict..

    Well, a rollercoaster addict...

    But then again, aren't we all ?

    Well, almost all of us. There are still those who don't like them.


    You might be wondering how I got the idea of a whole modded theme park ? Well, here's all the details:

    (Sorry, no lite version available for the lazy readers, so take advantage and read the following to improve your reading skills. See? I gave you an excuse to read this story. You're welcome )

    It all started when my cousin, my brother, and I decided to enjoy a little private project on MC Xbox One and build a Six Flags.

    And considering that we live about 52 mins from Six Flags over GA, we knew what we were doing.

    And despite the Six Flags idea, we tried creating and replicating any type of coaster we could think of. Even ones from different theme parks!

    Sure, I enjoyed our attempt of exactly replicating Fury 325, there really wasn't much freedom in building a coaster.

    Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Hope you enjoyed your ride!

    Even so, Fury was only exact based on vanilla rails.

    So technically, not a replica.

    That's how I got the idea of using PC mods to attempt an even closer replica to Fury 325, as well as a typical Six Flags theme park.

    And to really give you my idea, I tried creating the park with the popular Rollercoaster Mod, but the results were too decorative, less rideable.

    Besides, actual rails felt a bit less Minecrafty.

    So when I tried using the Railcraft and Expanded Rails Mods, I knew that creating that rideable loop-the-loop, corkscrews, and drop rides could actually be possible.

    And alas, Six Flags MC was born.



    The Front Enterance


    The Enterance Lounge (Designed as a waiting area for those being picked up/dropped off, etc.


    The security at the Single Ticket entry. (You enter in ticket to open door at front)


    The restrooms (Because even though the Poop Mod isn't included, it's kinda cool having one)


    Fury 325 Under Construction (So far operates EXACTLY like the actual! Thanks, mod community!)


    Total: 50 mods!

    ( For mod developers, please excuse the delay of credit. I'm not completely set with the mods loaded. Once the map has been built with the mods, then I promise on crediting your mod)

    Forge Mods:


    +Damage Indicators

    +Instant Massive Structures

    +Carpenter's Blocks

    +Cart Livery

    +Chisel 2

    +Custom NPCs


    +Dynamic Transport

    +Expanded Rails Mod

    +Flans Mod

    +Flat Signs


    +Keygrip Mod

    +Malisis Doors Mod

    +Smart Moving Mod

    +Moar Signs

    +More Chisels

    +Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod

    +Open Blocks




    +Secret Rooms Mod

    +The Camping Mod


    +Too Much TNT

    +World Edit Forge

    +Redstone Paste

    +Floating Rails Mod

    +World Tools



    +Mine Painter


    +Realistic Pain Mod

    +Terrific Transportation Mod

    +Billund Mod

    Liteloader Mods:

    +Noteblock Display

    +Voxel Map





    All you need to do is simple: Comment what other rides,

    restaurants, buildings, and activities could help out with the theme park!

    But be realistic though, and try to think in the mindset of

    what ideas could make a better coaster, or buildings

    inside it, or even a whole different ride! I will let you know

    in advance whether the idea makes it in the cut or failed

    to fit or operate with other mods.

    BONUS: If the park becomes sucessful through

    YouTube videos, I will try to make a modpack

    including the needed mods so you can enjoy

    a great time at Six Flags MC too!

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