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    growing palm sapling results in usual tree

    is there some sort of guide? i see tons of new things like biome essence that i have no idea what they do

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    Nobody posted anything like "hrgrghrg miecrft is cubez 0/10", something changed around here

    Cool mod btw

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    posted a message on Larger Terrain Generation (Not Biomes)
    20/10 i really really hate tiny dry rivers in mountains
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from VampArcher

    This thread actually has gotten some attention by Mojang but there are some issues with it. Read "the problems" section in the OP. Sunlight has been one of the key issues keeping this from being in vanilla, the current system renders all the blocks up to the height limit to see if there is anything above your head obstructing sunlight. With cubic chunks, what's above you isn't rendered.

    What if the sun/moon was actually a entity or a special "creature"? It would emit light and spawn/despawn at sunrise/twilight. Same for moon. It might cause some issues though...
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    posted a message on It seems that the underground is no longer swiss cheese anymore.
    Many cave connected bad. Many spook
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    posted a message on Rivers need a overhaul
    You read that well. The current system of rivers in Minecraft is just silly. So many places where there isn't even water even though it's in the biome.So here is the idea to improve:

    River biome MUST always have water in it. This should have maximum priority to create constant,actual rivers. This could make some cool cliffs in some higher biomes where rivers spawn. Also would make exploring rivers by boat much easier. Rivers should also start as little streams from some place. The stream gets bigger and bigger and turns into a river or flows into a lake. A river should have phases:
    1. Stream:
    A small 1-block stream that gets bigger and bigger. It flows for a bit then slowly expands and deepens into phase 2.

    Phase 2:
    This would be something between the current minecraft river and a stream, not much to say. Flows a bit then expands into phase 3.

    Phase 3:
    Just like the current minecraft river.

    Phase 4:
    Now this can be caller a river, deep and wide. There are parts of a river like this already in Minecraft, but they usually turn back to normal ones. Here this would be constant.

    Phase 5:
    Even bigger and more like in real life. Has small islands in it. So imagine how big it needs to be.

    Phase 6:
    Think of the Danube. It's not small. This is how the 6th phase is. A big river with large river islands. I will explain the islands part.

    Phase 7:
    Now, this would occur rarely. Absolutely huge with swampy shores and many many river islands. Think of the Amazon or Ghanges.

    Now this would be like how rivers behave in real life, of course, if it spawns close to a lake, or ocean it can even terminate as a stream. Rivers can also terminate in deserts, i will explain. But first there would also need to be a few other features. Such as deltas, they are a swampy sub-biome and can only spawn if the river is phase 4-7. The size depends on the master biome and the size of the river. Delta can only spawn in swamp, plains and other low biomes, but never on high ones. Villages should spawn extra-big in the delta. There would also be a inner delta, which is extremely rare. The inner delta is a delta that doesn't end in a lake/sea, but continues as a river.
    Rivers can also skip a phase. This can happen if the stram spawns too high, goes over a cliff and turns into a waterfall. Depending on the height, the stream may skip into phase 3 instantly. If the waterfall falls into a lake which overflows, it can even skip to stage 4. This can happen to any phase, except that Phase 7 can't expand any more, and when it falls there is usually a huge lake.
    Now, let's explain the river islands. They can be ranging in size from small to huge. Spawns in rivers that are in phases 5-7. They are low and usually swampy and have a chance of spawning villages.
    Now, about lakes. There would be multiple kinds, small, big, huge and inland sea. Small ones would be, well, small and usually they would be fed by a small river or a waterfall. Big ones would be fed by multiple small and one big river. Huge ones are the size of a valley and are usually fed by all kinds of rivers. Inalnd seas would be god knows how rare and would be fed by every kind of river, they are the size of a biome. All of these can also have a outflow.
    Rivers can also decrease in size. If it's flowing through a desert there is a chance it will turn get smaller or smaller and eventually end in form of a dry inner delta, villages can spawn here. There should also be a form of lake called dying lake, which is basically a really salty pit with a little bit of gras around and small puddles of water everywhere.
    Rivers can also rarely flow through caves hen resurface.

    If you like support this press the green upvote button
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    Quote from burgerchamp

    Why arn't their any Chinese?

    Because they were destroyed an raped by mongol
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    posted a message on 1.6 SnapShoots

    Oh god
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    posted a message on Smiley's Mod [1.4.7] [ModLoader] [1.2k veiws]
    Steel is an alloy not a ore that is naturally found
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    posted a message on Genetics Mod [1.2.5] v1.0 33 new items 6 new mobs
    Sad this will probably never get updated.
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