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    posted a message on [Survival Journal] Flower Valley


    My desire to build in a living relation to nature has a long history in my life. Some of the books I fell in love with at an early age was the Lord of the Rings, which I am sure most people are familiar with after the success of the movies. What especially appealed to me in these books were the lengthy detail and language used to describe nature and the environment, and how alive and immersed I became when reading these parts.

    Today's post is inspired from these stories, since it is a partly submerged building akin to the style of hobbit homes.

    Flower Valley desperately needed a place to store flowers and plants, as well as dirt, gravel and other simple natural materials. The farmed land next to the lake also required a nearby building for collecting and storing its resources. The solution was to imagine three-four different occupations which would take care of using and gathering these materials:

    • A landscaper
    • A herbalist
    • A planter/grower
    • A harvester

    These would reside in a common building dug into the hillside between the stonemason and the potter.

    In this build I really want to create a greater depth of the exterior than I my previous builds. I also want to use different interior wall materials from the outer ones. I use mostly of terracotta for the inner rooms, mixed with spruce and dark oak wood for the outer rooms as well as for wooden panels which I think are essential for a more cozy hobbit feel. Without them, the rooms would feel to sparse and perhaps even modern.

    The building process

    I place building materials in chests at the site before starting the work, as shown in the last image in this post.

    To start I dig out the rooms and lay out the floors. Cobblestone as wall support both add to realism and helps visualize how the walls would connect best.

    Site dug out with floor and wall support placed


    In this picture you can already somewhat see where the rooms go:

    Where the temporary bed is, the kitchen. From the kitchen, a corridor follows parallel to the exterior to the bedroom of the grower and harvester, which also has a door to the outside.

    In between these, I later add a small closet for storing equipment, to fully utilize the space available. From the kitchen, another passage leads down to the bedroom of the landscaper and the herbalist. That passage continues to a staircase and a back exit .Both bedrooms are connected to a common storage room, which is partly hidden behind dirt in the middle of the picture above.

    Next I build up the walls, alternating with both the exterior and the interior. After all the walls are built, I proceed to create the ceilings, trying to make as realistic as possible a wooden support structure, which I then cover in dirt (covering everything up in dirt is somehow extremely satisfactory!).

    Front exterior

    Front exterior

    It is important that the dirt roof has proper support, hence I have ubiquitously made use of trapdoors and also placed the fence-posts on andesite and other stone blocks. A magma block is a simple way of giving the impression of a fireplace with smoldering coal.

    To make the resulting hill more interesting, I lay out a small park on top, including a pond which serves as a skylight for the bedroom of the herbalist's and landscaper's bedroom. I think this feature turns out really well!

    Roof garden/view from back

    Roof and back entrance

    This park can use some improvement, but I am very pleased with the overgrown chimney and the pond! The glass block has benches around it and is precisely above the middle of the storage room, giving it some access to daylight.

    Herbalist's/Landscaper's bedroom

    Herbalist and landscaper


    The kitchen


    Grower/harvester's bedroom with views to storage room and kitchen

    Bedroom view to storage

    Bedroom view to kitchen

    Tripwire hooks as cloth hangers and wooden buttons as clogs or wooden shoes <3

    The storage room

    Storage room

    I am not entirely satisfied by the sign placements in this room, I would prefer something more coherent. The way the chests are placed prevent the use of item frames or signs in front of all of them. I want to redesign this at a later point. But I like the general symmetry, the colors, lighting and ceiling pattern (not visibile) as well as the crafting table in the floor.

    The closet

    The tool closet

    While building the closet, I was disturbed by groaning mobs, so I dug down a bit and discovered a cave system underneath! I decided to keep this as a fun feature, so the closet has a hidden staircase down to the case under the trapdoors to the left!

    To summarize, here is a picture of how the building lies in relation to the ones nearby

    Location, finished

    I hope this lengthy showcase of my thoughts and the process while constructing this building inspires you and gives you new ideas, for both interior and exterior decoration. Let me know what you liked or disliked about it, any suggestions for improvements are also warmly welcomed!

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    posted a message on [Survival Journal] Flower Valley

    "A pen and paper

    is all I need

    to win my battles

    to craft my creed

    to leave me speechless

    soft and tender

    while I wait

    for Minecraft to render

    Flower Valley"


    I have started and quit many worlds before, but I want this world to be a more beautiful and long-lasting project.

    I want to inspire with a natural style of building. :lol: :Sap: I also want to encourage care and awareness for animals and nature, by not doing too much alternation to the biomes, and not creating any animal holding pens or farms. I have killed animals only for the resources which are not available in any other forms, which are leather and ink sacs. :steve_tearful: I hope Mojang provides an alternative way for these in the future. I would say, charcoal would be a good equivalent to ink, it is otherwise rarely used. Instead of leather, perhaps reeds mixed with string in 3x3 pattern could create a textile for use in item frames and dyable clothing similar to leather armor. In would be interesting to hear your opinions on this.

    I also want to put some of my own personality and life experience into the building styles.

    The area

    I found a magnificent seed which I really fell in love with: 4661581597754505763 The reason was that it had a flower biome :RFlower: :YFlower: in a valley surrounded by mountains hills and a small inlet from a river circling outside the hills. I fell in love with the place and little by little started adding buildings into it, each of which you can read about in the updates I will be posting in this thread.

    I hope you enjoy following along the process! There is a lot to look forward to, and perhaps later a world download if the interest arises.

    Builds and posts so far:

    You can also take a look at my creative world (link below) to see how I build when I don't have to gather resources and build scaffolding :lol:

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Haha, hopefully I will eventually get a download up so you can come rampage my world too. At the moment is a so small, I don't see it is really worth it! Sometime around the beginning of summer perhaps.. I am really looking forward to the ocean update, I have never built in the ocean. You have inspired me to think a little bigger, both in build size and terms of how long I could keep building on my world.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Hey, I really like that bridge design! Did you know you can craft mossy cobblestone combining vines and cobblestone? As long as you play in a new enough version (1.8 and forward). Oh, but the stairs are not craftable from the blocks are they? (EDIT: Just verified that for myself) That makes Jungle Temple locations very important to note down! Great to know!

    I downloaded the world (the previous update) some days ago and had lots of fun touring/playing in it. I wrote a journal with some screenshots for you to read if you like. It is quite long, so I split it into parts within spoilers.

    I. The main area with detours

    The contrast coming from my own only a few months old survival world to 7-year old gigantic one makes me feel quite frankly small and lost! Luckily there is the beautiful map included in the world download to provide me some directions.

    I start by entering the closest building, admiring the awesome music/stereo setup (but stal, the meanest song of all is missing XD) and the art gallery (love those. Then I find myself taking a mine cart ride to see the view from Mount Doom and also stroll through the Church of the All-Seeing Eye.

    I realize that there are creepers in the woods and set the game to peaceful for now, I don't want any of these creations nor myself to be blown up so early on in this exciting exploration. Slightly terrified I head back to the safety of the Main Home to look for any equipment to assist me on this journey, which I expect will be much deeper than a brief stroll in the park.

    After a small ride on a donkey I find the potion lab. OMG the size, I feel like I am in the exposition center of some large city!! Some peeps like myself are in a 3 by 5 or so basement with a chest and a brewing stand to get their doses. I snag a bunch of regens, health, swiftness, water breathing and night vision bottles.

    Then I rummage around the storage rooms, steal all the diamonds I can find, realize I can't enchant anything without any XP and settle for recycled mob armor:

    • Chainmail helmet and pants
    • Golden chestplate and boots

    Feather falling IV and Depth Strider II on the latter is a perfect match for this exploratory session, who knows where I will fall over or into tonight.

    I also grab 21 TNT and a flame bow if I find at some point that major havoc must be wrecked, plus a heavily damaged Power IV bow with Mending which I plan to repair up in my off-hand while fighting any mobs. For doing that, the legendary Wither Sword and another bow will do well!

    Thus equipped I dare to increasing the difficulty up a notch to easy.

    Other random items I pick up are an enchanted book with Frost Walker II (I can't say how much I want this one in my own survival world!!) , a stack of torches and snowballs, a fishing rod, a saddle, a stack of lumber and sandstone (I might kidnap a horse later and ride off to build a small hut where I can meditate on how little I have accomplished in Minecraft as of yet). I craft myself a crafting table and a diamond pick, axe and shovel.


    Noting a book and quill in the chest marked by a pair of shears gives me an idea for my own world: Write down the brewing recipes! I tend to forget them since I use potions so rarely. And I actually like writing a lot, so perhaps I can find many more uses for this overlooked item.

    While finding my way forward I enter the armory which circular layout and snowy ceiling I really dig!

    I do a quick run down to the mines, slightly disappointed that there is no staircase and the tunnels are unlit, but I am not upset enough to make use of any TNT yet :XD:

    Before heading out into the wilderness I realize I have no food (neither in real life). I find three apples, but it won't last long during a fight but it will do for the moment. There is rainy night outside, but the view of the lighthouse cheers me up.

    II. Food break

    The food situation is quickly remedied by the friendly grace of an automatic wheat farm complete with user manual (I would not know what to do had they not been there!) It is my first time using such a contraption and I end up having so much find I grow a whole stack of wheat and night turns into day. Maybe I will even build one myself in the future, even though it does not completely fit the theme of my own survival world, at least the current location.

    I also go to fix my food at home. Just like in Minecraft, I am no stranger to pick up stuff that has been left behind and put it to good use. Here is the dinner I made, out of the leftovers from a nearby fruit and vegetable store (the stuff they can't sell because it doesn't look appealing (like fruits that have weird shapes, or a bit of mold on one side):

    Food break

    If you would like to see more of what I eat for inspiration and recipes, I have a food blog here, including a free e-book. Ok, enough of promotion (I just want people to be as healthy as I know they can, I see so many struggling with what to eat and being overweight or taking medication against stomach problems, something I happily overcame in the past, I was diagnosed with what was supposed to be a life-long disease with no cure). I also thought bringing in the green food synergized well with leangreen76's name! Back into Minecraft!!

    III. I blow some stuff up =D

    I realize I haven't done the main building justice and go back to see more. I stumble upon the kitchen after being mightily impressed with the dining room. I find all the meat I don't want to eat, and carrots.. But I will stay with the bread for now! I can't help but crack up when seeing the toilet and the paper dispenser. Imaginary poops, we have to take them! I love the look of the master bedroom!!

    I also really like the painting replacements in the texture pack, you make me want to create a pack of my own! Ok, let's keep calm and play Minecraft.

    I straddle a horse and shoot a spider. This place is not safe on hard mode! The beach is crowded with skeletons and reminds me of my days playing Path of Exile with a friend. I climb the light house to have time to heal and get some long range target practice. When the night is over I have experience up to level 20.

    Trodding on, I am really happy to see a tower all the way from version alpha! Next to it is a mysterious staircase leading downwards. It must be explored! A nice room with a spider spawner, and a small cave system. I resist the urge to use TNT and head back to take the chance of exploring more of the builds around the main area, now that the day is on. Seeing the cow, chicken and sheep all trapped DOES make me use the TNT. Free them all! A minute later and they are all over the place!

    Free them all with TNT yo!

    IV. Finding peace

    Now Mr Spankles and I decide it is best to go hide underground for a while. I am also out of arrows. Mr Spankles leads me to his old hangout. the stables, after a brief detour in a mine cart track tunnel. We take the time to catch our breath, eat some more fruits and veggies and take a look at the map. I want to progress a bit less chaotic from here, so I make a plan for a scenic route with areas left which I am really interested in:

    1. The oriental garden
    2. All the tree farms
    3. The 6-year monument
    4. The pool and tennis court

    After that, I desire to go north to the Chunk-Wall Plaza and the Halfway House.

    Climbing the hills to the jungle farm I enjoy the spectacular view as the sun sets!

    I decided to use the texture pack I am used to for the screenshot, since I do not have the capacity to run shader's I think it looks better! And just in time, a super cozy tree house!! With a bed! And round windows. Total bliss! <3Even though it is a double bed, Mr Spangles does not seem to keen to come up the ladder. But I sleep the night away, and then find out I don't want to leave. Seems like I already found the place to sit and contemplate, on a corner posts on the veranda...

    What a view!

    The main home looks really beautiful from here. Could I stay here forever?

    V. Moving north

    Eventually curiosity makes me move again, I have to see the monument, the pool and the tennis court close up. A mini zombie tries to push us down from the safe trek we scouted down the hill, but The Wither Sword is a one-hit wonder in a manner of speaking.

    The monument is something to behold, all those versions passed without screwing up the world! I jump the 20-block trampoline twice before heading north in search for halfway house.

    I mistake the station house for the real thing, once again not used to the scale of things. Speaking of scale. The chunk wall! The still exposed area to the east would be the perfect site for some pixel art!

    Some more sheep has to be liberated on the way, but I ditch the TNT this time, it would cause more harm than good, since they are held tight just behind a wooden fence. The diamond axe does the trick.

    Night falls, I am out of arrows and me and Spankles are taking a few hits. Luckily the mine cart tunnel is lit and provides a brief repose.

    I head into the main hall of Halfway house and sip on a drink of that golden carrot juice. Suddenly I see everything so clearly! I have to relax, sit on an armchair next to the fireplace and read the intriguing history of this place. I take the advice in the book and head upstairs, roll out the bed and sleep out the night.

    After an imaginary morning shower, I grab an oak boat and head out to see the surroundings. Nearby lies a frozen ocean bay. A small farm with carrots, wheat and melons are there, seemingly untended, spar by a clucking chicken. Next to it is a small plain sandy island. This is it! I have to not just make myself at home here, but make myself a small home.

    VI. Settling in

    I lay out a foundation of red sandstone walls, with wide windows for the scenic views.

    I dig out sand to make a sandstone floor and while doing so discover that stone is just one layer below! Of course this an old biome generation next to a chunk border! Perfect, I grab some stone, make a furnace and start making charcoal, followed by glass.

    A cobblestone chimney fits in well on the wall opposite the entrace, which I decide to have towards the farm and exposed cobblestone.

    As I also place some torches on fence posts, feeling like a sort of Robinson Crusoe, I discover that there are potatoes in the farm too! Delight!

    As I start on the roof i see that I don't have enough oak, but plenty of acacia, so I will use the oak more deccratively and as inner support.

    I stow away all the treasures I carry which doesn't help while building.I realize I have 46 diamonds, but no iron!

    I also want clay for flower pots, but this area doesn't seem to have any! At least some godly person has planted all sorts of beautiful trees around, so I am not afraid to run out of lumber.

    I decorate the interior of the little cottage while jamming strad on a jukebox. Another sunset, now with music, potatoes cooking. Could life be better?

    Not wanting to miss out on the night life, I skip going to bed and start digging, both the music and a staircase down. I immediately find a rich coal pocket which I empty, but what I am after is iron!

    I get redstone and soon I am down to lava at height level 8. It seems that iron was harder to find in older updates!

    I go for a little boat trip and find a large amount of clay. Now the pots are possible, plus any little brick decoration I would like to add.

    I put some halfslabs in the ceiling to insulate around the chimney.

    After some more digging in a curious cave I encountered while mining earlier I do finally strike four iron ore blocks!

    One ingot goes into a piston, to use as a table. With the rest, a bucket is made, so I can place hidden water pockets and till fertile soil around the house! While doing that I am rudely reminded that I am playing on hard difficulty with a hissing sound behind me... Luckily, both the house and I seem blast resistant enough and there is only a small hole in the ground to fill in. With only four hearts left I decide it is best to go to sleep.

    I want some warm carpets in the house, and for that I need shears, which means more iron. Another try down the mines, this time at height level 10 and mining away from the chunk the stair case is in. This proves successful. I return not only with iron, but also obsidian for an eventual crafting table and and gold too, while having some fun battles with creepers, skeletons and zombies.

    I smelt the iron and place some green carpet. With a few more minor detailing I am satisfied with this both the building and this playthrough and would like to heartily thank leangreen76 for sharing this wonderful creation! I had a blast (or literally several) and I hope you had it too if you read this far!

    Interior of cottage

    Exterior of cottage

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    posted a message on [Survival Journal] Flower Valley
    Quote from leangreen76»

    Love that glass crystal and seeing where this goes!

    Thanks for the comment leangreen76! Just checked out the thread with your world, so awesome to see how much you have accomplished by sticking with one world over the years! Keep it up, it is inspiring!

    :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap: :Sap:

    Remember how in the last post I talked about lumber clogging up the reception house? The solution I came up was imagining myself as a forester coming there to help out and build a place for my activity.
    I wanted it to really blend into the landscape so I used some already fallen over large trees and then piled up other organic materials and stone around to make the walls. I used planks, perhaps also from the different wood recovered around the site, to hold up the roof. I then covered it with dirt and let it be overgrown by grass and other plants. The truth is that the interior and exterior grew up simultaneously.

    Taking on a role in this way made building process flow in a fun way!.

    Here are pictures of the exterior. The first is from the front. The tree plantation is visible behind and extends uphill to the right, as well as down the slope to the left. The location is on a hill just above to the east of the reception area. In the second picture you can see how the building is situated in relation to the reception building and the Wizard's house. Also note the inconspicuous black sheep, hiding behind a jungle tree XD


    Exterior sideview

    Next I want to invite you to follow along for the interior.
    For storage, I placed one chest per wood type, which is enough for now. To make the row of single chests, I alternated with trapped chest, to avoid the creation of large double chests. This gave me plenty of storage for samplings, lumber, planks and other crafted wooden things specific to the different trees. A wanted a natural simple cozy and down to earth atmosphere, so I kept the floor partially dirt, and left holes here and there where you can peek outside. The bed I imagine is a loft bed or even a hanging mat. Next to it is the hearth the forester can use to keep warm and perhaps cook some food or warm water for a bath. The hearth has a small cobblestone chimney.

    Interior looking outside

    The reception house is still clogged with items, so hang around for more updates! The greatest concern is all the ores. I also was not happy with how the stone storage turned out, so that will give a hint of what is to expect next!

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    posted a message on [Survival Journal] Flower Valley
    Quote from DraconLupus91»

    Awesome so far!

    Thank you for the encouragement DraconLupus91, it keeps me inspired! <3

    The chests in the reception building quickly got full with the basic minerals, so the subsequent build I create is dedicated to dirt, gravel, stone, granite, diorite and andesite, and located just next door. It is visible in the background to the left in the picture of posted below.

    Then, since I had an enchanting table made and enough books from the nearby village so I wanted to build something for all the MAGIC which I love about Minecraft. I looked for inspiration online and found a drawing of a Wizard's house on Pinterest which I liked, and I used it as a base for the most complex build so far. I dedicated the floor levels like this

    • Basement for potions
    • Ground floor for enchantments
    • First floor for redstone (which is kind of wizardy from a certain perspective)
    • Top floor as bedroom.

    I also made a cool kind of glass crystal on the roof to make the whole build pop a bit more.


    At this point I am partly living off bread and melons which you can see planted along a stream I dug from an upper small pond to connect with the two lakes in the lower part of the valley. I also built a small fishing shack, which I am somewhat reluctant to use, since I do my best to follow a vegan diet in real life. But I love buildings which are adjacent to water, and the temptations of level 30 enchanted books is strong! Luckily I get an amazing fishing rod, with Mending, Luck of the Sea III and Lure III, so I can catch many other things than fish! I also use it quite a lot to level up!

    Fishing shack

    At this point I am starting to think about what to do with all the wood, which is also cramming the reception building. I will post the solution in the next post, I hope you look forward to see what comes about!

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    posted a message on [Survival Journal] Flower Valley

    To start off, I build a reception building (green), along with a small hut in sandstone where I sleep.

    I dug a mineshaft into the low mountainside, trying to make the entrance naturally looking, not just a hole in the ground.

    I also placed the nether portal into the mountain side (to the right in the picture), I will decorate and add some very nice feature to that area in the future.

    I tried to make the plantations for food a bit decorative and flow around the existing lakes instead of going for maximum space efficiency. I want to let this area grow naturally, without creating separating borders like hedges and fences between buildings. I think this will give it an overall more welcoming feel and beauty.

    Starting out

    I also tamed a horse (which I later named Death) to help me explore the surrounding areas.

    Some things of note I found nearby

    • A really beautiful lake and river area surrounded by various forests and plains, just south of this location
    • A witch hut in a swamp to the west
    • A nearby village in the desert to the east, where I will be trading the crops I harvest. Especially to get ender pearls, but also some tools.
    • A mesa to gather terracotta in, great for building. You can see I already used some in the reception building!
    • I also ventured into the nether and found some treasures in a nether fortress.

    At this point, I only have some diamond tools without enchantments, but upgrades will come as we go along and expand the area.

    Not much is planned yet, and the reception building houses all the items gathered.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I built this house in my quite recently made survival world

    mage house

    I wanted it themed for a mage/wizard so

    • Cellar is for brewing
    • Ground floor is for enchanting and also kitchen
    • Middle floor for dyes
    • Top floor is a bedroom.
    • Magical crystal on the roof is just for looks ;) It would be cool to get a beacon going through the house and the crystal eventually!

    There is also a well in the cellar (to have an infinite water source for the brewing) and a small nether wart farm.

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    posted a message on [Creative world] [IMAGE HEAVY!] Small to medium builds - Including Map Download with Teleportation Minigames

    Avion's Creative Map with Teleportation Minigames

    In this creative world I am building small to medium builds, depending on inspiration I feel in different sites and biomes.

    This world features an interactive 3D-map in the spawn area.
    The map has pressure plates and signs corresponding to each build location.
    If a player steps on a pressure plate, they teleport to the build, which they can then enjoy exploring.
    To teleport back from a build, a small puzzle needs to be solved. These are different in each location and varies in difficulty, from just finding a pressure plate to performing some more complex act based on riddles or hints given at the build.

    Picture of map

    Interactive map

    How to play

    At each location a small mini-game can be played. The game is finding a way to teleport back again. These games vary in difficulty (the easiest might be finding and stepping on a pressure plate). The player is not supposed to use any items from the creative mode, only the ones found in the locations. Neither are any blocks required to be broken, but instead interacted with as in survival. You can do

    /gamemode 0

    if you want a more RPG-feeling. But then you won't be able to fly around the builds, unless you revert to creative with

    /gamemode 1

    If you are lost or don't spawn in the correct place, use

    /tp -42 80 -30

    Give this map a try, and please let me know if you have any problems or questions! I have not tested everything yet in survival mode! Also, if you want to replay the map, it is best to keep the original download and just overwrite the map once played.

    World Download

    Planet Minecraft


    Current Builds (chronologically)

    Builds in the world download:

    • A castle/mage tower on a mountain wall side
    • A small pirate's cove (I love the site and atmosphere of this one!)
    • A Japanese fisherman's hut with a nearby Buddhist temple
    • Another larger Buddhist temple
    • A few fantasy caves and a open bathhouse
    • A lighthouse (Alexandria-style)
    • An exploded tower
    • A cliff-side apartment
    • Another Japanese fisherman's hut (next to the first one)
    • A Japanese house and garden
    • A dock with a one mast sailing boat
    • A garden, a shrine, a house and a dock, on a peninsula surrounded by a wall protecting from the ocean waves.
    • A minimalist tree house
    • A monastery of sorts
    • The interactive 3D map with minigames added in each previously built location

    Builds not in the world download:

    • Amusement park
    • Swamp laboratory
    • Lake sanctuary

    Enjoy these builds and games! Let me know if you got inspired or have any suggestions for changes or for what you would like me to build! I would love to do a request! You will get the build named in your honor too!

    You can also

    The world seed is -90271392218877277

    I have currently around 10-11 locations which I am working on! Feel free to take my ideas and do what you want with them! (for more information, see this post)

    Resource Pack

    The resource pack I use is (YouTube video with download).
    I really love it, since it is close to vanilla, but with many nice little modfications. They are really well thought out, and addresses some things which are not consistent in vanilla, such as the color of iron etc. The pack also vastly improves the looks of andesite, granite and diorite, while staying true to the original colors.

    Attached images

    The images attached to this post are of the

    • Pirate Cove
    • Mage Castle (with bedroom, library and smithy)
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    posted a message on Wow. Minecraft is kinda boring in creative mode.

    A simple way to get into creative mode is to play around just for fun . For example, have a build competition with friends offline or on a server. Choose a topic or a certain thing to build, and then see everyone's interpretation of it.
    But for me, the real power of Minecraft creative mode is that it changes the game into a tool for 3D-art.
    [/p] Why is it so strong? Because it is both [/p]
    extremely simple (in its basic vanilla form)[/p]
    • with blocks, you leave ample room for the imagination
    • you don't need to fidget with scalar values, textures, materials and lighting as in traditional 3D-rendering programs
    • It has a broad enough base in the "real world" to which most people can relate, with a basic variety of natural materials. That would be in contrast to a scenario where all the game was in the nether, or on a moon with just white and grey mineral blocks. Still it adds enough variety to suit other tastes, like fantasy and science fiction.
    [p]and extensively complex, since by adding[/p]
    • building tools (for example World Edit, VoxelSniper)
    • textures
    • shaders
    • build teams
    • and lots of planning and patience
    [p]you get creations with mind-blowing size and detail[/p] [p]
    o be successful in creative mode and with being a creative person in general it can help to

    let go of[/p]
    • the need for instant gratification
    • having to be the best
    • preconceived notions of how things 'should' be or look like
    • comparing or competing for status/likes or other material rewards
    • trying just to please (both others and yourself)
    • being to proud or afraid to expose your creations to others
    • identifying yourself with your creations
    [p]and instead, learn to[/p]
    • search for relevant inspiration from within yourself, from others and from anything else
    • enjoy setting your own goals and working hard towards them
    • enjoy figuring out new ways of doing things; better methods, techniques, ways of thinking etc.
    • openly share new ideas, creations and opinions
    • connect with your inner 'muse' and powerful creative energies
    • walk the road towards mastery, which has no end. If you think you have arrived, you have stopped learning
    [p]Once you start realize what being creative actually is about, you will not want to go back to how you were before. In fact, it might not even be possible!
    In my opinion, being creative is what living life and being human is really about.[/p]
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