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I am a long time gamer, 36 years old and have been playing PC games since the beginning of the 90's!
Minecraft is easily one of my top five favorite games all time because of its endless creative options!

I both love survival and creative mode.

I have also enjoyed a lot of RPG's and RTS-games.
Currently I daily play a few games that specifically train different skills

Among these are:

Elevate (reading, writing, listening, speaking and maths)

Perfect Ear (music theory and pitch/interval recognition)

I hope to connect with and hear from you!

Much love, <3



Follow me on instagram, I have different accounts depending on interest:

@avion_photon_art (trying my best to improve, mostly pen & ink & colorpens/colored ink)


@avion_photon_music (working on my first album)


@beyond_activism (environment/veganism/sustainability)

@beyond_enlightenment (experiential studies of philosophy/psychology/spirituality: IRL portal making =)

@beyond_healthy_food (vegan/plantbased food)

@beyond_self_sustainable (basically IRL Minecraft ;)

@beyond_the_riverbend (mixed personal)

@calyogy_moves (calisthenics/gymnastics/gym/yoga)

Location Bizkaia, Basque Country

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