About Me
I play MCPE on Android.

My MCPE Toolkit:
BlockLauncher - A tool for patching mods and textures without needing to uninstall and reinstall the MCPE client. My only con to this is I am a texture purist, and due to restrictions in more recent versions of Android, the stock textures can't be used natively to BlockLauncher.
PocketInvEditor - The best inventory and world management app available for the Android OS, in my opinion. Haven't played with it much, recently.
Ultimate Tool Kit for MCPE - Quick and easy download and installs of a wide assortment of maps. I haven't checked into this for a while. I wonder how it's going to change in the 0.9.x environment.
PocketTool - Useful tool for patching and unpatching mods. Does require and uninstall and reinstall of the MCPE client.
Waypoints Mod - A mod used with BlockLauncher. Serves an absolutely critical purpose of displaying coordinates (toggleable) onscreen that is, in my eyes, a necessity with the "infinite" world generation. The waypoint features that this mod was initially created to do might also be useful.
Stock Textures - DuhDarkKnight14 provided a file with the stock textures as they were in 0.9.1, so now I can run them in BlockLauncher as a custom texture pack.

As of mid October of 2013, I also play on Xbox. MC360 has been occupying most of my Minecrafting since I got it. I also got into World of Tanks when it was publicly released on the 360 in February. I only recently came back to the forums after the 0.9.0 release and the MAJOR changes it brought.
games, reading, chainmail, dragons
Location U.S.A.

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Minecraft Yes, I have one Xbox Yes, I have one Steam Yes, I have one