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    I wish to have a mod made for the most recent version of minecraft java, and I have a few thousand dollars to pay for the plugin. I am willing to cut some features if need be. Work would be done in small pieces, and payment made in small pieces, so no one gets ripped off. It would be helpful if I outline what I intend to add, with a bit more specifics. Again, this is all subject to change as I may end up not finding people with the knowledge to implement this. My thoughts are:

    I want to tweak the combat system. Many people were upset with the combat update (was it 1.9?). It needs to go back to pre 1.9 spam clicking, but with a twist: right clicking would do a special/power attack. For the sword, this would be the horizonal slash that is already in the game, just maybe with more damage. for the axe, you would do an overhead downward strike, slightly telegraghed but doing (x2?) extra damage. and for the trident... It would be throwing it. Maybe new enchantment books could be added that give your weapon/tool a different right click. like sword blocking, remember when that was a thing? We could bring that back as a sword enchantment (but it can't block arrows, so it doesn't replace the shield). We could add a lunge move. All good possibilities. I also think bows/crossbows should be charged with the left click, and snowballs/eggs/ender pearls thrown with the left click. The special move (right click) of bow/crossbows should be cycling between arrow types. This would be faster that navigating your hotbar and putting a tipped arrow in your off hand. Just an idea.

    Minecraft has a clutter problem. With so many block types, miscellaneous items... You inventory gets full of stuff you don't want. With that in mind, I want to add a biome to the end dimension. It really needs some variety, but I want to add as few new blocks as possible. I propose the end reef: a end biome with more varied wildlife than normal. there would be clusters of tube coral blocks (blue) with bubble coral fans (purple) growing on them. Obviously, the coding for coral blocks would need to be changed so they don't dry out when in the end dimension. I simulated this in vanilla minecraft via command blocks, so I have pictures. It looks cool. Phantoms would be right at home here, they even look like sea creatures. I firmly believe the end should have no naturally spawning wood. Many mods out there add forest biomes/trees to the end, but I believe that would be a misstep. the overworld has trees, the nether has trees, we don't need more trees. Keep the end rocky, inhospitable. The end reef would have the coral clusters, chorus plants, and a new massive plant, as tall as a jungle tree, that vaguely resembles a seeding dandelion (I have a picture of what I had in mind). Endermites would naturally spawn next to these tall plants. This biome would have a purple moss covering the top of the end stone, the same way grass covers dirt blocks. As for new mobs, there should be horned ants about the size of a cave spider, and a neon striped/black hyena, that would eat the ants. I have more detail, but this should give a rough idea.

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    My goal is to create a villager soldier by having an invisible armor stand holding a helmet and sword, and an invisible iron golem both teleporting to a villager every tick. They would all be invulnerable, as well. I've used these to test this idea

    execute @e[type=iron_golem] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=villager] ~ ~ ~ facing @a

    execute @e[type=iron_golem] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=armor_stand] ~ ~ ~ facing @a

    effect @e[type=armor_stand] invisibility 1 1 true

    effect @e[type=iron_golem] invisibility 1 1 true

    it looks good, but i want to tp 1 SPECIFIC iron golem/armor stand to 1 SPECIFIC villager, allowing me to make multiple soldiers. how do i do that?

    do i use tags or UUID? i've never done something like that before

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