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    What's better? Minecraft or Pokemon? Well, why not both?!
    In this build, 2 people work together to create the ultimate Minecraft Xbox 360 experience: Kanto Region.

    It is based on the Kanto Region of "Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen" and "Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver".

    The whole map covers 100%, yes, you heard right, 100% of the whole world!

    This, of course, is only a trailer.

    The full, 15-minute video will be up VERY shortly. For now, we ask some of you to drop by the video and like, comment and subscribe to the wonderful creators:


    We have endured months of hard-work to bring everyone the best maps on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.
    Have anything to say? Please do not hesitate to ask the creators for any questions!
    If enough feedback is received, a download may be possible in the future!
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