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    posted a message on [1.9] /playsound is broken?

    I believe it's bugged, the 1.9.json file shows names such as random.orb, random.explode, etc. but they don't work. The only sounds I've been able to play (Not that I've tried a lot) are entity.wither.spawn and ambient.cave (Which functions the same as 1.8 ambient.cave.cave). So yeah, I think something's bugged. But regardless I can't find documentation on the 1.9 play sound changes anywhere.

    Edit after some more searching I found a 1.9 bug report with an attached file with the proper names: https://bugs.mojang.com/secure/attachment/102693/sounds.json

    random.explode has become entity.generic.explode.

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    posted a message on [MAZE] (1.9 Snapshot) Euclidean Nightmare

    I'm still working my way throughout this, got yellow and green levers so far. I've figured out how to navigate the whole maze... But I can't figure out red and blue. It's very well done! A great puzzle.

    Only suggestion would be for you to set the gamerule logAdminCommands to false, because it can cause some serious lag with command blocks, particularly without teleporters. I had to turn it off manually when the map became unplayable due to rubber banding, but it works fine now.

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    posted a message on /tellraw question

    Erm, can't you do "/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false"?

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    posted a message on Fireball summoning blocked?

    Well you did try and summon it in 4 spacial dimensions so... Try changing direction:[0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0] to direction:[0.0,0.0,0.0]

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]
    Quote from dogfender»

    Love that my post is mysteriously gone.

    facts are fact and his reputation shows.

    They have spent a lot of time this year on their notorious vacations, working on non related games and using mc as a vessel for their shenanigans, and currently the 'projected' release material is speculative bc things are added and removed on whim. I don't need to beat the dead horse of how the things they add to the game haven't done much and realistically take no time to create or implement, it's just a matter of how much slacking off one can get away with.

    I want the release to be strong, but my confidence in Microsoft for buying mojang and not cracking the whip, and also the developer dinnerbone has hit rock bottom.

    I... wow. OK, things to address.

    "Notorious vacations" << Where did the notorious come from? Everyone takes vacations. That's completely normal. They don't have to work on Minecraft all the time just because it's really popular.

    "working on non related games" << What non-related games? The MC staff work exclusively on MC. Mojang employs other staff who work on other projects, and so does Microsoft.

    "using mc as a vessel for their shenanigans" << This is too vague for me to comment.

    "currently the 'projected' release material is speculative bc things are added and removed on whim." << That's the planning stage of game development. Companies usually try to make this time as short as possible because it costs money, but Mojang has the money to do extended planning phases, which ultimately result in better game design and more fun for the end user. Things are not being added or removed on a whim, they are being carefully planned out. Planning includes adding things to test their impact on gameplay, then leaving them the same, altering or removing them.

    "realistically take no time to create or implement" << Yes, if you just had the idea and went and plugged it into the game sure it might not take that long. Thing is, they're not just adding the features to the game, they're also doing all kinds of backend changes for the eventuality of the Mod API (They rewrote a number of things regarding entities already) which takes ridiculous amounts of work you wouldn't believe, and they also want to make sure the features are cleanly implemented, so they will be easy to iterate on later.

    So yes, there may not be many features announced. That in no way means that Mojang is incompetent.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Needs to fix LAN

    Wait, why can't you just click "Open to LAN", hit "OK" and then select that world on another computer on the LAN in multiplayer and play?

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    posted a message on How to Prevent the Player Using a Bow When They Have a Bow and Arrows

    Well thanks for the ideas guys, I'll try an implement them and I'll use the one that works best. Your ideas are better than mine anyways. Thanks!

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    posted a message on /savedata command

    Scoreboard already serves the purpose of having variables, and lets you perform lots of comparisons and operations on them while being readable by many commands. I think your idea should be integrated into the scoreboard system rather than into a new command (Unless you want it to be a stack, then I support adding it in a new command). This would be very helpful, particularly for saving coordinates but also for things like saving NBT values. It would allow for a lot more dynamic things to be done in Minecraft, so I support.

    If you want Mojang to see this, post it on the Minecraft Suggestions subreddit, cause Mojang actually looks there (They rarely look here).

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    posted a message on MC 1.9 Skipped, straight to 1.10; is it really an April Fools' Joke? The possible reasoning behind 15w14a

    In regards to why it's 15w14a, it's because we're in the 14th week of 2015. 'a' is the snapshot version.

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    posted a message on Tall Worlds Mod - Raising the world height cap without causing lag
    As a map maker, I say keep your mouth shut about when it 'supposed' to be released and just release when it's done. Just be sure to SCREAM TO THE WORLD when it is, so we can flock over and break your download page.
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