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    posted a message on New server [Survival] [RP]

    Grand reopening of my old server from xbox 360. Looking for players and staff to help start it up. If your interested add me on discord Atom Spark#1800

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    posted a message on Looking for experienced builders!

    Hello everyone! My friend and I are going to be starting up a huge hub server themed around space and we are looking for some experienced builders to help us with some spaceship designs. We are willing to pay you if you do a great job. If you're interested contact me with my discord Avalon the Fox#1800 or my email [email protected]

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    posted a message on Im looking for someone to play Modded MC

    Hey, I'd love to play some modded minecraft with you. I own several servers and I have a great skyblock themed modpack in mind too. If you want, hit me up on Discord. My username is Avalon the Fox#1800

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