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Hello! My name is Avalanchetter (pronounced "Ava-lawn-sha-tear"), which you must already know unless you have the brain capacity of a turkey sandwich (mmmmmm, turkey sandwich!). In Minecraftia, I am an expert in strange phenomenon and the likes of Herobrine sightings. IRL, I am a true believer in Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, ect.

I also love such Minecraft youtube stuff like Yogscast, EditZP and Inthelittlewood. Go check them out.

Currently, I am building a custom map with fellow Minecraftinite (is that the correct term?) the Borrower called "The Nevermore Advent", a massive project called Aeris Britannus, and am also saving up 647.42 NZD for an incredibly expensive book.

May the mango be delicious, always...
Interests Fanfiction, Youtube, Minecraft, Graphic Novels, Writing, Movie Making, Cryptzooligy, Yogscast, EditZP (Zeekyou), Inthelittlewood, Gamechap, Marble Hornets (Found Footage FTW).

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