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    Quote from mrbaggins »
    Things that need to be said.

    Confirmation/Observation bias and "Correlation doesn't imply Causation"

    If you aren't a link follower:

    Correlation doesn't imply causation means that just because you find things together or at the same time doesn't mean they're linked or caused by the same thing.
    "I found a dollar when I stubbed my toe at the carwash change machine. If I stub my toe again, I'll find another dollar!"

    Observation bias is the bias of only looking in the area you expect positive results to see if you get positive results.
    "If I stub my toe, I'll find more dollars. I shall test this repeatedly once a week or so at the carwash change machine. There's no point in doing it in the woods as well."

    Confirmation bias is the bias of seeing only what you expect to see, and ignoring any contradictory evidence.
    "I didn't find a dollar when I stubbed my toe this week. But I did last week, and two weeks before that. And 5 months ago. And last year. That's 4 stubbings = 4 dollars, SEE?!"

    Fact is, caves just have the advantage of 'pre-mining' a bunch of squares. If you go down to any of the diamond levels, get any of the modding programs and make a 5x5 tunnel in any random direction, you'll find a very similar number of diamonds in the walls. You could do it by hand too, it's just slower.

    I'd rather see some math than some psy101, preconception isn't the point. Going from 5 diamonds found total after a day spent derping around the first 15 levels to 15 diamonds (20 total in 2 days) found after an hour and a half mining exclusively on layer 12 is pretty dramatic. I'd have a lot more but I wasn't 100% focused on grinding rocks, and stopped to spend some time to make a water elevator.

    There were many more that I didn't screenshot because they just kept popping up one after another.

    Diamond nodes aside, the greatest benefit IMO of layer 12 is how effectively you can dispose of lava threats. At this level I didn't encounter any lava above my feet. All it took was a bucket of water to keep mining, and now I have at least 100 obsidian to go back and mine someday. As Adversity said, a "sea of obsidian". The absence of intrusive lava pools will itself increase the speed and efficiency you can mine, which logically means more diamonds per minute.

    There are dozens of ways to refute it, but from what I'm standing: I got a tip, I tried it out, I found an armfull of diamond almost immediately. Extremely satisfied with this simple guide, and will recommend it to anyone interested.

    E: The texture pack is The Cel-Pak. Thetonestarr did a great job on it. My only gripe is that leaf textures have no transparency, which makes chopping really big trees kind of a pain. It's a quick fix, though, I'm just lazy at the moment.
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    Lo and behold, after about 5 minutes mining at y12.
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    Quote from Adversity »
    this is the problem, people get confused because of the way "layers" work. if you hit F3 to display your exact y-coordinates(which should actually be your z, if notch ever fixed it lol) it will display your "current" layer. the displayed y.62 coordinate is the plane at which your characters eyes are. the line where each block meets would be the y.00 plane.

    some people say that the very bottom layer of bedrock is "layer 0" because the block starts at the "zero plane" and ends at y-coordinate 1.00. i prefer the opposite and refer to the same layer as "layer 1" for simplicity when using the F3 function. if you were able to stand on the void AT "layer 0" your y-coordinates when using the F3 function would read 1.62 followed by a bunch of random numbers, which again is your characters eye level with the 1.7 height character model. this allows you to quickly find the "layer" youre digging at(there will always be two blocks in front of your character, i refer to the "layer" as the lower of these blocks) by simply dropping the decimal when using the F3 function.

    using this method i have found diamond veins from layers 2-20. layer 1 has always been bedrock, ive never seen the void. the two diamond veins ive found at layer 20 were NOT generated at layer 16(i thought this previous to the lapis lazuli update until i found these two while spelunking for lapis.) and extending into the upper layers, they were both 2x2 veins that were on layers 19/20.

    personally, ive found that i have much better luck in the upper diamond strata opposed to mining below layer 11ish.

    i made this big ole thread about my mining techniques, it may or may not help with your general approach. unless you need the 80 bazillion cobble youre gonna get from a strip mine.


    dont take my word for it tho.

    This may be the most helpful forum post I have ever found on the interwebz. I went to that layer and found myself swimming in coal, iron, redstone, lapis, and even 6 diamond nodes - within 15 minutes.

    Thank you very much, this is more information than I even needed. Great thread, going to try your layer 12 method right now. :biggrin.gif:
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    Thanks for posting the image from the Elites thread, I'll go ahead and post the other one:

    And I'll throw in a quote from minecraftwiki.com's bedrock page:
    The are a total of 5 layers of bedrock at the bottom of a world, layers are counted from the topmost layer, for example, 10 blocks from the topmost layer of bedrock is the 10th layer, and 10 blocks from the bottommost layer is layer 5

    Not only do each of those sources contradict each other, but if you count the "dots" on the layers in the image above then there are 8 layers of diamond above the lava layer which would make the diamond layer 10-17, not 10-16 as stated.

    I've read all the information, what I'm looking for is someone with some experience to actually read my post and answer a simple question. Like I said before, I'd be extremely grateful.
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    I've decided to start strip mining for diamond and redstone and have found as much information as I could about distribution of nodes, however there are a few contradictions in the ways people number layers. Some people say diamond is 0 or 1 to 16 or 17. Same with bedrock being 0 or 1 to 4 or 5. It's difficult to piece together information when I can't get a simple fact straight, and I don't want to waste my time staggering a layer or two that doesn't contain any diamond at all.

    Click to enlarge.

    This is what I'm assuming the proper numbering of layers is. The floor is the last layer that bedrock appears on.

    If I'm correct, would the first layer that yields no diamond be 17 or 18? If I'm not, I'd really appreciate it if someone could throw together a simple diagram (so I can have complete clarity) such as:
    :DORE: 16 - final layer of diamond
    :DORE: 15
    :DORE: 14
    :DORE: 13
    :DORE: 12
    :DORE: 11
    :Lava: 10 - final layer of lava
    :Lava: 9
    :Lava: 8
    :Lava: 7
    :Lava: 6
    :Lava: 5
    :opblock: 4 - final layer of bedrock
    :opblock: 3
    :opblock: 2
    :opblock: 1
    :opblock: 0

    I'd be extremely grateful.
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