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    New chapter available! Check the link above for more!

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    I'm only going to be releasing the Prologue of the story to the public until the actual book it self is released.

    I'm still editing everything about the prologue, and the prologue is as far as I've gotten. If anyone wishes to read it, and also give feed back to it, that would be gratefully welcomed!

    It was long ago since I’ve looked up at that castle up top of the hill that overlooks the village. A lot has changed since that last night for the Kingdom… Most of the castle is destroyed, the bridge connecting the castle to the high tower… destroyed… I look up at the top of the castle seeing the destroyed roof; some of the red cross banners with a yellow background are still left hanging in the wind, but just barely.

    I give a sigh, and walk silently through the village looking up and around at all of the destruction and devastation that was once my kingdom. I look down; feeling like this is all my fault, all of these lost lives, all of the devastation… being here gives me some bad flashbacks of that night… watching the village on fire below my feet as people are trying to fight back against the skeletons, zombies, and creepers…

    I run my hand gently against a growing bush in the pavement that I am walking on. I close my eyes once feeling all of the smooth leaves against my hand. My hand slides off of the bush and I continue on silently, wishing that I could see everyone’s smiling faces once again. I kept looking around silently, but when I saw a green figure coming out of the corner, I stop in my tracks I almost felt frozen within and I couldn’t move for a good few seconds while I looked at the figure continue to come around the corner, looking away from where I was. I wasn’t going to risk it, I quickly snapped out of it and ran into the alley way that I was right by and I hid behind a pillar that kept the creaking house still up.

    I heard the creeper walk past me… I couldn’t help but close my lips and almost feel a tear coming down, I remember seeing one creeper that we took into the Kingdoms jail, the more we can capture the mobs the better we might be at fighting them was always what I thought… I guess that night proved me wrong. It seems like the mobs are scared when they have nowhere to go because when I came up to the cage and poked my finger at the creeper stuck inside the cage it backed way and frantically shook around. I looked to the guards and said “Alright, Take it in.”

    I’m finally at my home, the castle. I walk up the cobble stairs silently once more as I look at everything that once was. I was careful to get around all of the broken and fallen ledges of the path and stairs as I entered my home. I place my hands behind my back as I walk down the red and yellow cross that laid out to my throne. Part of the roof had collapsed down into the middle, and I was moving to the right of all of the collapsed parts. As I turned the corner I looked over to see an old armor stand wearing a Diamond chest plate. It had some vines growing through the floor that were rising onto the legs of the stand, and on top of it was my crown. I stop and look right at the crown before grabbing it and softly rubbing away some of the dirt on the Emerald center piece.

    I once again moved on, looking at the bridge that I once was. I can see that my wife and son are no longer on the bridge, more than likely they were taken and eaten… or maybe on the off chance someone found them, but I doubt that they lived through the creeper blast that separated me from them. I jump across and look down at the gap between the bridge as I did, seeing the old banner that hung under the bridge on the ground in a jumbled mess of wool. I look at my crown in my right hand, and shake my head as I walked towards the end of the hall and walked up the spiral staircases that lead to the top of the high tower. I look out seeing the Kingdom all ruined… the view never got old, but this one did get old as the Kingdom sat with nature slowly taking control of everything.

    As I sat down on the edge of the ruined tower, I look down at the crown again and I softly sang to myself…

    I used to rule the world
    Chunks would load when I gave the word
    Now every night I go stow away
    Hide from the mobs I used to slay

    They once were terrified
    Every time I looked into their eyes
    Villagers would cheer my way
    For a hero I was, that's what they'd say

    One minute we had it all
    Next our world began to fall
    Away from all that it had once become
    They all cried for my help, but I stood there numb

    I gaze off into the boundless skyline
    Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine
    Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield
    The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield
    And hope one day that this chaos and
    Destruction turns for the better
    Never a bow in hand
    And that was when I ruled the land

    It was the creepers and Skeletons
    Blew down the doors and boxed us in
    Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light
    I tried all that I could to stay and fight

    As the undead roamed the street
    Families broken at my feet
    Life itself suspended by a thread
    Oh, why is it that I wasn't dead

    I gaze off into the boundless skyline
    Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine
    Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield
    The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield
    If this battle should leave me slain
    I know that Herobrine calls my name
    Better to take a stand
    And that was when I ruled the land…
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    Updated the first post so it has better information on what might/will be going on with writing this trilogy.

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    While listening to the, currently, trilogy of CaptainSparklez. "Fallen Kingdom" "Take Back The Night" & "Find the Pieces" I came to the idea of wanting to write a Trilogy novel of the music. This novel will be more detailed that to that of what the videos showcased. Specifically the Battle Scenes that are shown through the series.

    The novel will be a trilogy, featuring all of the songs within the series as stated before. The novel order, however, will be different from the music videos. Which will be explained below upon how the series will fully run.

    Book 1 "The Fallen Kingdom: Taking Back The Night"
    The First book will depict the events from "Fallen Kingdom" as well as "Take Back the Night." There will be a Prologue showing with the King in a first person perspective after the Kingdom is destroyed.

    Book 2 "The Fallen Kingdom: "Finding the Pieces"

    The second book will depict the events seen in "Find the Pieces" and only within that song. (The King may show up with another intro)

    Book 3 "The Fallen Kingdom: (Unknown Final Title)"

    The third, and final book of the trilogy will depict the events in the fourth, unknown song by CaptainSparklez.

    This trilogy has no involvement with CaptainSparklez or the rest of the team that created the songs (Unless they come to me saying that they'd love to help out, which I will be perfectly fine if they do!)

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    Hello there, Thanks for stopping by this thread!

    I'm writing to you because I wanted to bring up a topic that hasn't had much talk on the forums, but there are posts about it. The last thread about it was 4 years ago (2012 for those who just cannot even math.)

    Currently. You have the ability to create a 16x Skin, As it would be default to a default texture pack.

    What would be amazing, is a feature or ability to create a 32x or even 64x Skin, a Higher resolution detailed skin.

    Could you imagine the creativity that would come with skins that are 64x? (I'd say don't go higher than 64x, just because people would have difficulties if you have a few players with 128x skins or beyond)

    To make things clear
    16x skin is 64x, File
    32x skin is 128x File
    64x skin is 256x File

    I wanted to give you an example with a skin I created a long while ago. (This is just the front chest piece.)

    Here is the base (16x)

    Here is an HD version of the same skin, (32x)

    There is already a massive difference between the two (Obviously I cleared up the skin's noise to get the point across. But you can see the large difference between the two, it looks more authentic. More detailed.

    I know this is a game about pixels, but wouldn't some variety to your personal account, be so much better? Think about a Master chief skin in 32x. Wouldn't that have so much detail in the process?

    Really, what I want, is to have HD Skins. Could we please have this offer?

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    Still looking for plenty of people!

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    A developer to me is anyone who can create edit or manage plugins.

    So apparently that's not the right definition. Also there is no reason to be aggressive with your words (they were aggressive)

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    Builder rank has updated. They may have the ability to judge plots to allow users to rank up in the creative world!

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    When all the developers are really doing is editing plugins? No I won't be paying them, at least not right now.

    This is for KottaKokoro,

    I believe you are what we are looking for, for the position I accepted you in! I am accepting you to join Alpha staged as we develop the server over the new few months!

    Accepted, as Administrator!

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    This is to VapidPythonn

    I spent a good two hours waging on your application... Giving the few pros and cons on your application, I noticed that you did not offer up a lot of detail on your application... I don't want to deny you right away, but if you wish to update your application and give me more information about all the questions. That would be great!

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    Hello everyone! Over a year ago, I started the server Alpha Staged. It honestly never got off of the bedrock that it was sitting on and it ended up closing just before Christmas of 2014. That version of Alpha Staged was the Alpha Staged Server Network. At this point, I will not be really creating a Network of a server, but more of just two main gamemodes for people to enjoy, and once a fan base and regular people come in and donate. I will be working with the team that comes from here, and wherever else I decide to post the applications.

    This new version of Alpha Staged will feature...

    Creative World with a Rankup system based upon your builds.
    Survival Factions(OR)Towny World with Jobs MCMMO and plenty more that involves that type of style of world!

    With that information out of the way, I wanted to start on the Applications...

    Ranks are available as the following.

    Co-Owner- Working besides me to regulate the server and how it runs. I WILL require that you have ran a server before, 16+ Age (The higher age the better)

    Working on the plugins and making sure that the server runs smoothly. 16+ Age

    Staff Manager-
    (*Position not available at this time, but will be in the future*) 16+ Age

    Basically act as the main force of the server, protecting it, and watching out for anyone including staff. You will report to the Staff Manager of any incident if one arises. 16+ Age

    The main person to watch over the Mods of the server, you will also report to the Staff Manager, and your opinion upon who gets to be a Trial-Mod will be included with the Staff Manager. 15+ Age

    The Main mods of the server who's job it is to watch the server on the daily and keep up with everything on the server. 13+ Age

    Trial Moderator-
    Your a new moderator and you're going to be learning the skills of the server (ALL Moderator will be a Trial-Mod before becoming a Moderator. You will be a Moderator when the server begins.) 13+ Age

    Builder- You will be designing the spawns, shops, and anything else that may be needed for the server! You will also be judging builds in the Creative World. 13+ Age

    With the ranks laid out and the information given, I am now going to give out the main application that all will be using! Please be DETAILED and answer all questions!, Please use complete sentences and only use THIS format. (I will not accept other formats of the application, especially your own format because that means you don't spend time on your application at all and you just copy and past)


    Name: (First only is fine, This also includes IGN)
    Age: (Remember the age required for the Rank you are applying for)
    Gender: (Does not affect the outcome of your application)
    Rank Applying For: (As a Reminder, if you're trying for Head-Mod, or Mod you will be marked as one but you will still be a Trial Mod at the beginning.)
    Skype: (PM option is fine, but it is required)

    (Developers/Builders only) Proof of your Work: (Please provide a link, and do not post pictures within the thread)

    (All applicants) Why do you want this position?

    (All applicants) What have you done in the past in Minecraft as being Staff?

    (All applicants) What makes me want to pick you over the other applicants applying for the same position?

    (All applicants) How many hours are you willing to put into the server?

    (All applicants) Are you going to remain with us thought the development of Alpha Staged?

    (All applicants) Would you help out the server beyond just being a Staff member? (Donating, etc.)

    (Optional) Anything else you'd like to tell us?


    I wish everyone good luck, and I hope to see this server really get off of the ground this time!

    I will also like to mention that the reviewing process for an application will either take a few minutes to a few days depending on how much information is given!

    Thanks for reading!

    -Aussie (AKA Oblivioux)

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    Age: 17

    In-Game-Name (IGN): Oblivioux

    Timezone: EST -5

    Rank You're Applying For: Head-Admin

    Skype ID: (Will PM to you or I'll add you personally)

    What makes you unique from others applying:
    I generally stand out because I am someone who is willing to put the time and effort needed into making a good server! Not only that, I am prepared to help out the members of Staff, and the members of the server daily, without having anything in the way of me helping out anyone who is in need of help!

    Proof of previous work:
    I actually haven't worked on a server in Minecraft in about a year or two now. So I truly don't have a portfolio... Minecraft wise. All the server I've once been staff on are gone, one recently departed as well (Recently as in I had staff on there recently and then the server closed) It was called TideMC, But as I said. It's closed, and I have no contact with any of the former people within the server. I am a moderator on a server in another game called Garrys Mod, I'm a TTT server Moderator (I'm currently on Trial but I'm one of the best ones there as everyone has said to me.) That gives me a good reputation right there for me to say that! :) )

    Skills specific to you:
    I can be on a server just about 12 hours a day if I wanted too, and really decided to stay on all day. I am also a semi-good builder. I haven't built a lot lately to really qualify as a good builder, so I'm semi good. I'd show some previous work if you wish to see that as well.

    Can you attend a minimum of 3 meetings a month: Yes, but it depends on the time, and day of the meetings.

    Your maturity on a scale of 10: 8.5 There are times to be mature, and other times where you can goof off. Though I do believe you should be mature just about 25/8 of the time on the server (And yes, I did say 25/8 instead of 24/7)

    Not apart of the application, but suggestion.

    A lot of confusion is happening because you're not really saying the username of that who you are accepting or declining. That is why people are so confused on what is going on. I think everyone would like it if you state the username or something before accepting or declining answer :D Just as a suggestion.

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    IGN: Oblivioux

    Age: 17

    Skype(You may pm if you would like): I am going to take the PM method.

    Rank desired(PvP - Mod, Helper, Builder): Mod/Admin

    Why would you like to join our staff team:
    I'd like to be a staff member because I want to be the one that watches the staff members as well as the members. Usually the members are the good ones (at least until the randoms come in,) but sometimes it's the staff that will be breaking the rules because they believe they're above the law. Which is why I want to watch the staff members as well (Mostly Moderators and stuff, but I still want to watch them) It's usually those who think they're okay to break rules because they're the moderator of the server, the server police, that they can go off and attack others for no reason, or attack the servers morality and cause people to loose members. This is what I don't want, and I don't like it when it ever happens. Which is why I want to be a staff member!

    Plus with members, there are plenty of times when people want to come onto a server because they have nothing better to do in life other than break and grief anything they see, or break rules, or harass other players because it makes them feel good about themselves. I love putting these people to a stop dead in their tracks before they do any damage to anyone.

    Tell us about yourself:
    Well, I'm a 17 year old... playing Minecraft since the 1.2.5 Update in April of 2012. I have been banned from servers before from simple rule breaking, and also one moment of griefing but that was mostly my younger stage of life. I haven't played Minecraft in a few months, and before that It was a year since the last time. I've been getting back into playing lately, and familiarizing my self with commands once again, I am ready to head back into the world of Minecraft and help out servers as they are needed.

    Would you support the server in the future through getting perks and donating to help forth grow our server:
    More than likely, but It would have to wait until the Summer time, and even then I still need to work on other things going on in my life, so it may happen, but it might be a while.

    Any Extra info:
    My schedule may get more hectic as the summer approaches, a job at an amusement park will begin to eat my time as I want to work a lot there so I can pay for things I've been wanting for a while now. But I will let you know when things occur. Good luck on the server if I'm not accepted, and good luck even if I am accepted! Thanks for reading my application :D

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