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I have not been active on this forum for literally years. I stopped playing Minecraft a while after it was officially released just because I lost interest, but I've recently come back and found that there are so many new things that I never knew existed, so I guess you can say I'm a bit of a noob again. I'm more of a Minecraft veteran, more experienced with the late Alpha and early Beta days, but now spoiled so much with the new features like sneaking and health regeneration that I would probably die in seconds if you put me back in time. I recently picked the game back up during this current build (1.9.4 at the time I'm writing this) and have been having a lot of fun with the new features. I seriously don't understand why people complain so much about the new combat system, I'm a big fan and dual weilding is very useful not only for combat, but for exploration and construction as well. It's so nice to be able to hold an axe in one hand while placing wood with the other.

Outside of Minecraft, as you can probably tell by my username, profile pic, and skin, my online persona is a furry. My profile pic looks terrible and pixelated, I know, but I drew it as my town flag in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and was a fan of how it turned out. I'm a casual gamer who sometimes likes to take on challenges, but usually just likes to be creative. I'm the type of person who spends five hours creating a customized character and about 30 minutes actually playing the game. Another little fun fact; I'm a cross-player, meaning I like to play as female characters. No, it's not sexual... well... usually...


Pretty much anything Nintendo. Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon are just a few of the examples that come to my head right away, but there are so many more. As I said before, I love games that allow for creativity, sandbox games like Minecraft and gMod, but I also love games that inspire creativity with beautiful scenery or creative visuals, like Xenoblade, Yoshi's Woolly World, and Mario Galaxy.

Beyond games, I like to write short stories, roleplay, and I have an affinity for improv. Theatre games are always a lot of fun and create so many hilarious stories. Romance stories almost always get to me (no matter how cheesy or cliche they are) and I'm always trying to help others through their problems.

If you want to talk about pretty much anything you feel like you're probably way too old for, chances are I'm into something way more embarrassing.

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