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    Good idea is good :3 :iapprove: :Notch:
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    posted a message on ♣♠ NatureCraft V4!!♠♣ [OLD THREAD]
    IGN: Aulus_Debawsus Call me aulus if possible... hate the lastname T.T
    I want to be on this server because it seems good, and the actual question of if you are a griefer or not makes it seem like one of the safer games.
    I will not grief, if I delete a block I will replace it right away, and ill only delete a block if someone puts an iron door in my house and a switch INSIDE.
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    I believe this is the single most useful thing ever... I would personally want everything I just read to happen.
    The only flaw I saw was that Glowstone arrows may be difficult if they go into brick form. Would you be able to walk through em? Even if you could, that doesn't even touch my views on this thread... You sir deserve a metal.

    Cmon notch, you know you want to... you know you put :Notch: in an awe face just for this post. :Diamond: :Iron: :Diamond:
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