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    Or maybe...snow?....instead of "cold rain"...
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    Quote from dorsidwarf »
    Everyone says that TNT is rare. I have a chest 2/3rds full of TNT, accuired without an editor. That's easily enogh to explode a few continents.

    Yeah ive gathered almost a stack of gunpowder since the patch yesterday on a new snow level, just need to hunt creepers for a change instead of hiding in your base :tongue.gif:
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    This is my new map

    So I don't really have any large structures yet.

    And yeah what I am thinking of for monster spawning is not easy to sum up in a few sentences, and it is just kind of along the lines of what I have already planned for creature spawning, but yeah that is just how I would do it, but I am not Notch, and right now I love the way the creatures spawn, it actually poses a challenge now, where as even before spawning was broken, it was a walk in the park.
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    Quote from raquzzic2 »
    so your saying caves should be crammed with monsters? I wonder how that small, dark room in your fort you forgot to light up is doing... Id rather just see them more scattered, flint&steel makes it easier ill admit, and i already utilize infighting!

    I actually dont have any dark rooms, and I always fully light up the caves as I go, sealing off anything I dont want

    Honestly though, if I was doing the spawning code, I would have them spawn deep underground in packs, which "breed" and spread out, though youd need to change the pathfinding and AI for that to work aswell, so there would always be a "source" pack, while new monsters spawning from that pack will wander the caves, eventually making their way to the surface.
    So on a new map you would have absolute safety on the first few days, but eventually you would start seeing them outside.
    But that would eat up alot of processing cycles
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    infdev is old, I play the Alpha now....
    I used to hate skeletons and spiders before, in infdev, and loved creepers, zombies were meh.
    but now in Alpha, I only really hate the spiders, skeletons provide a good source of dealing with a room full of monsters:

    :Notch: [] [] :Zombie: :Zombie: :SSSS: [] [] :Skeleton:

    = :tnt:
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    That works fine Dasaru, and yes you are correct, in that situation you do not need to put dust on drop of the torch block, since the red dust is already pointing directly to the block
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    I hope you are playing the Alpha now, and not still using /infdev/, doesn't matter if its the same world or not, you're missing out
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    Why not kill it? if its in a cave below you, dig a hole and smack that ***** up
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    Honestly, the spawn is fine the way it is right now, you guys just aren't using tools and terrain to your advantage, ive taken out every large room of monsters ive come across, though granted I have made mistakes and died, but I was able to get my stuff back easy enough, and yesterday when I was playing a few hours I killed enough to net in 32 gunpowder, 19 string, 58 feathers and about 40 arrows(ive used some up so dont know the exact amount).
    Not to mention finding 2 seperate veins of diamond netting 6 diamonds, 9 gold and 200+ redstone, which I had to survive to bring it back to the surface.

    Anyway, for hordes of monsters, there is:

    I have not used it yet, but its an option

    I will not use, because it will destroy loot, but it again, is an option

    In any large group, there will be a skeleton, that skeleton, will **** the others off, hopefully a creeper, making the entire group go boom, this works for more then 2 monsters as long as one is a skeleton, zombies and creepers will rush you while the skeleton tries to shoot you from a distance, position yourself so the other monster is inbetween you and the skeleton, not only acting as a shield, but enraging that monster to attack the skeleton instead of you.

    The holes
    Easiest method to take an unlimited number of monsters out, is to dig a hole below the level of the cave floor, then dig a hole in the floor, while only giving 1 block as a viewing platform, then as they fall in the hole you can just hack them up, or punch them to death if you wish, like this:

    :White: :White: [] :SSSS: []
    :White: :White: [] :White: :White:
    :White: :White: [] :White: :White:
    [] [] [] :White: :White:
    [] [] :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: :White: :White: :White:

    Heck, ive dug around the "pit" part making it just a single block standing there so you can manuver around to make more holes for them to fall into, spiders wont fall into those pits, and nothing else will see you while you're killing them due to the gap only being 1 block at their feet.

    Another way is this, which gives you a better view and lets you get to spiders at the same time:

    :White: :White: [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Zombie: :Notch:
    [] [] :White: :White: :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: :White: :White: :White: :White: :White:

    This one can get skeletons shooting you with arrows however, and can be used to trigger the In-fighting safely, though just beware that a pissed off creeper could open up your pit letting the survivors in.

    Easy. Id rather not have the rate of monsters decreased, though I do agree more on the surface would be nice, definently not as many as there is in caves of course, but more then there is now.
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    I just had a large session exploring caves, I actually died, more then once! Ive not had a death from monsters since....well I dunno when, but its been awhile now, and ive never ever died in the frequency that I have in the past few hours.
    I'm loving it
    Also, with all that happening, ive still come out of it with 6 diamonds, 50 iron(I had used up some for armour, buckets and picks), about 300 redstone and 9 gold, all on a legit snowy map
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    Its not that they are spawning quickly, its just theres alot that spawns, and they usually dont react unless you are in range, heck, I was a bout 5 meters from a spider and it just sat there, staring at me, once I went closer it started bouncing around and leaping at me.
    But sometimes they will just come 1 by 1, I had 4 creepers head towards me in a cave, and since I stumbled on the blocks behind me it blew up, then as im trying to create even footing again, another one would come and again I lose my footing and it blows up, so I figured "Ok, I think thats it", nope, as I was repairing yet another one came, and another, then there was silence for awhile, so I went down the cave from where they came from and started placing torches, there was another creeper in there but it was in a pit along with a spider and a zombie.
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    Quote from Colorless »
    ...You said it wasnt his job.

    Which it is. You = not correct = wrong.

    Cue you countering with "No i sed he duznt has 2 maek sooper gud updates lololol powned!"
    Stop. It is his job, and what we pay him for, to make updates that please us, in your terms "Super dooper ossimsauce!"
    I'm pretty damn sure that I dont pay the guy to make **** updates.
    I rest my case.

    ... lololol powned

    Actually, you paid him for a game, which isn't out yet, but he also lets you play it in an unfinished state.
    You aren't paying a regular fee, or his "wages", so you are not paying for the updates.

    Back on topic: I like the snow update, and the fact monster spawning is fixed now, and that the old minecart graphic is back
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    posted a message on "redstuff" carpet!
    Well people were getting annoyed by the sheep and pigs ruining their stuff
    I am looking at you next, crops :Notch:

    (Yes I know it wont happen otherwise it already would have a long time ago :tongue.gif:)
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    Quote from rupertofly »
    is it possible to make a combo lock with a confirm button you have to press to open door if sequnce is correct then. and if you get it wrong all those pressure blocks under your feet disapear and you tumblt to your untimely end

    Yeah, though the only way to really do that is to have TNT under it currently.
    I was actually working on a memory flip switch/save button earlier, basically it is a NAND gate and a RS NOR Latch

    The lever connects to the first NAND input, and the NAND output goes to the "Set" in the RS NOR Latch, then the Button to store the lever state goes to the second NAND input, and also the RS NOR Latches reset
    Then using ~Q output.

    Top view:
    [] :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: [] []
    [] :Red: [] [] [] [] :Red: [] []
    :--+: :Red: :--+: [] :Red: :Red: :White: [] []
    :Red: [] :Red: [] :--+: [] :--+: :Red: :tnt:
    :|: [] :_: :Red: :White: :Red: :Red: [] []

    :tnt: = ~Q
    :|: = the lever
    :_: = a block with a button on it

    The left 2 torches are raised on a block, sitting on top of the block with powder in between, the other torches are on the side of the Grey blocks, and the TNT is the output.

    When I press the button, if the lever is "off", the output turns off, if the lever is on, the output turns on, this lets you then wire the single button into more setups like this to act as a "store" or "send" button.

    So all youd need to do, is take the output from each RS NOR Latch and route it as normal through a combination lock setup, and wire it so that when you press the send button if the combination is wrong, it triggers the TNT/falling blocks.
    Ive yet to combine the setup above with multiple levers, but since I havent I cannot provide more info unfortunately :SSSS:

    But the main thing is, the NAND gate prevents the lever from affecting the rest of the circuit until the button is pressed

    Edit: Ingame shots, and sorry I built it inside so I couldnt get a great vantage point and had to break my roof to get the first shot :tongue.gif:
    Output is on the left here:

    Output is on, on the right here:
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    posted a message on Is there a way to turn off the new cave sounds?
    Zombie sounds means there is zombies nearby, they are not ambience sounds, though I do think he needs to do the positional a bit better.
    The actual ambient cave sounds only happen very rarely, honestly, we need more generic ambience that is always playing depending on where we are, there was a youtube video linked somewhere but I cant remember where, so here it is again:

    The only thing I didn't like was the pig...thats just going a bit too far imo :tongue.gif:
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