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    Quote from Lycanite
    • The Configuration Files should now actually work! Fixed a very stupid bug! The config was working (would load and save settings) but the default values were being used anyway, lol it was a placeholder I left while upgrading the configs ages ago, I can't believe I've left that in!

    Awesome news, now we get to keep it in the pack, these are some of the best minecraft mobs I have seen and it would be a shame to have got rid of it.
    Ill let you know the details once the pack is complete, its a private server pack, still working on the website however.
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    Been setting up a mod pack(around 130 mods) and noticed an ID conflict between lycanites and bibliocraft, even though the configs were not set to the same id ranges, to investigate, I created a clean instance with just NEI and lycanites, with the configs I set up, and noticed that while I assigned all lycanites IDs to be in the 25000 range, they were in the 24000 range ingame, so I deleted the configs and let it regenerate, the IDs ingame did not change, but the configs regenerated fine, so I tested changing the cooked pinky meat id back into the 25000 range and ingame it remained the same id(in the 24000 range), which means the configs are being generated with your ids, but ignoring any config changes and still using the internal ids, this was tested in a few forge builds, including the latest(945).

    Kind of an issue when a mod doesn't respect its configs :(
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    Quote from Krona14

    the mod is meant for griefing, for servers with pvp and greifing, not normal ones. if you want to flay normal you have to disable icbm.

    I swear back in MC1.3 or so, there used to be an ICBM command to disable it per world, yet now I see no command for it, I would like to have ICBM disabled in the overworld, but have a mystcraft age as a kind of PvP/chaos world, and no amount of googling has been able to find a solution to this.
    I also found this: http://forum.calclavia.com/index.php?threads/future-plans-for-icbm-1-24-2013.231/
    Suggesting better world protection, that was back at the start of the year, yet I cant find any sign of world protection, infact it seems to have removed the per world command....anyone have a solution?

    Edit: Infact, this is the command I am talking about, which has been replaced with commands just to remove existing objects in a radius, not disable icbm for the world: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1206144-162-12-icbm-missiles-and-military-tech-6000000-downloads/page__st__2680#entry18529775
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    Forums successfully relocated to http://haven.dgw.no/forum/.
    Which means applications are open again :smile.gif:
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    Just FYI:

    Quote from Notch @Twitter »
    @RichardCMongler No guns in minecraft!

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    I was in the same boat Verthian when I did mine, I wasn't sure if grass grew underground, and it took several ingame days before I knew for sure it was going to work.

    Once it got this far though:

    It sped up alot:

    But yeah, it does work, and once you get it down there you can cut the source path off if you dont need it and fill it back in
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    posted a message on How to Easily duplicate Items
    Yeah, honestly, if you are gonna do something like this, you may as well just use INVEdit or something else.
    Whichever way you choose to do it, its still not legit.
    Not that I am against this method or using editors, as I sometimes load up a new world and use INVedit to mess around with things(like minecarts/redstone), just saying its not really much different then using an editor.
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    Quote from ruscheinski »
    Quote from smrgnbrg »
    I looked up the Enigma of amigara fault on wikipedia, and i want to read the book now, but before i do, is it scary because of scary images? Or just the storyline? If its the latter i might consider it.

    Its really not even scary.

    Pretty much this ^

    Though in terms of creepiness, its more the storyline, rather then any images in it, the thing on Spirals is kind of the opposite(though the story is still creepy).
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    The only theme other then normal right now is snow, Notch will eventually add biomes though.
    Not sure if themes will be coming back, I do hope for a Hell theme though, that was quite fun back then.

    The best thing I found about Minecraft is, everything can be fixed, nothing can be ruined forever, though it is true some resources in a given area are finite(diamond/iron/gold), and once crafted can never be recovered, but for the most part in an infinite level all that means is going a little bit further horizontally to get more.

    Edit: Ninjad
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    posted a message on Seed Generation
    The Seed wont let you choose the rate of ore anyway, the Seed is merely used to start generating the random numbers needed to generate the entire world, so theortically, changing the seed only changes where things end up, and the look of the world, it doesn't change the amount of resources in that world.
    And yeah, for the world generator(or chunk generator), as Wacko said, you cant change the amount of resources generated without decompiling.
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    Quote from Rotten194 »
    I was wondering if anyone in this thread had a design for a certain type of clock.
    Basically, I need a clock where any given output is off for say, 21 ticks, then on for a tick, then off for another 21 ticks, etc.
    The current most common clock design, a chain of NOT's/inverters, has each output switch states every x ticks. For instance, hooking a wire to an output in a common 5-clock creates a wire on for 5 ticks, off for five ticks.

    I think there's ways to do this with flip flops, but I was hoping that someone had something simpler I could use first.

    I think this works fairly well:

    It does the toggle on every second cycle however.

    Edit: Actually, this is much simpler and creates a quicker toggle, still only works on every second cycle though, so you just need to half the size of any clock you connect to it.

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    posted a message on Redstone: How does it work?
    This is essentially the basics:

    NOT gate
    This is the easiest to understand, and I am sure you probably at least got that much, but essentially redstone torches are always on, unless powered redstone is connected to the block that the torch is on(see example 1), so a NOT gate is just a redstone torch connected to a block, with a trail of redstone powder going into the block(not the torch), if the redstone is powered(by a switch, button, pressure pad or another torch), then the torch will turn itself off.
    Since redstone connected to the torch directly(not through a block) will be powered by that torch, if the torch turns off, so does that redstone.
    I have shown both possible states of a NOT gate using switches(the objects at the bottom, the red dot in the right switch indicates that switch is on), so in short, a NOT gate between a switch and a door will cause the door to be open when the switch is off, and closed when the switch is on.

    I know I probably over-explained it but the NOT gate is the only real gate Notch has added to Minecraft, because its the foundation of the other gates, so you need to understand it before you can understand the other gates.

    Before I go onto the OR/AND gates, there is one other thing about Minecraft redstone torches that needs to be explained.
    In Example 1 I try to show the 2 different ways a torch can be attached to a block, and the effect the redstone powder has on those torches, the left side shows a torch placed on top of a block, with 4 switches with redstone going into all 4 side, the top-left shows with one of the switches on, causing the torch to be off, essentially any ON input to a torch like that will turn it off, even if all the other inputs are OFF, bottom-left has all the switches OFF, leaving the torch ON.
    The right hand side is the same thing, it just has a torch attached to the side of the block instead of on top of it, the result is the same, but any redstone powder placed next to the torch itself, will instead be powered by the torch, instead of affecting the torches own power.

    So essentially, both torch setups represent a NOT gate, which is what Example 2 is showing, the left side only has redstone powder and torches, since the redstone on top of the block is right next to a torch, it gets powered by that torch, but since it isnt beside the other torch, it instead powers the block underneith, affecting the state of that torch, but the redstone that is not directly beside the torch, but instead next to the block that torch is on, is not powered by that torch.
    The right side adds a switch that is ON, which turns the first torch OFF, cutting power to the redstone powder next to it, which lets the final torch switch back on.
    It is essentially 2 NOT gates, which in turn is actually what the OR gate is....

    OR gate
    Mostly explained above, an OR gate is really just 2 NOT gates, with all the inputs connected only to the first NOT gate, and as shown in Example 1, it will cause the torch to turn off if it is getting any power at all, which causes the second NOT gate to turn on, and as the picture shows, its INPUT 1 OR INPUT 2, if either input is ON, the output will be ON.

    AND gate
    This is where things change a little, yet this is still only 3 NOT gates stitched together, and works on the same principals that I explained above.
    The difference is each switch goes to its own NOT gate, it doesn't share the NOT gates with the other inputs, but all of those NOT gates power the same redstone powder trail, so if any one of those torches are ON(ie, the switch is OFF), that redstone will remain powered, which keeps the last NOT gate OFF unless every single switch is ON.
    In the example of the AND gates I gave you can see the left one has both switches off, and the middle one has only 1 switch on, but the redstone is still getting power, causing that last torch to stay off.
    Once both switches are on as in the right example, the redstone is no longer powered by anything, letting that final torch turn back on and opening the door.

    This is something I did earlier which lets you add more switches to a AND gate:

    As I explained, each switch has to have its own NOT gate, which connects to the same redstone powder, which connects to the final torch.

    Hopefully I haven't completely failed and you get something out of this, in essence, while redstone can be used to create gates, the only true gate in Minecraft is a NOT gate, the others are just combinations of NOT gates, so you don't even need to think of the other gates to successfully build something in Minecraft, its really just a way to visualize and structure what you want to get done, and is easy to get the hang of for people already familar with NOT/OR/AND/etc(us programmers have it easy).

    As long as you understood the way redstone powder connects and influences the torches you should be good to go :smile.gif:

    Oh, and feel free to ask about anything I failed to explain properly, itd be easier to address specific questions rather then trying to generalize over the whole topic
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    posted a message on No Slimes
    They used to spawn deep in caves...like, getting close to the redstone/diamond levels, but yeah, not that you mention it, I have been building my minecart tracks down there and havent found any slimes....
    Notch could have removed them because they were being annoying, until he can spend time to fix them up
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    posted a message on Pyramid-Hourglass Thing (WIP)
    You made the right choice, as im pretty sure everyone has built a pyramid at one time or another in this game, adding the class and expanding it further is much more interesting :smile.gif:

    @mote454: yours looked pretty good too, shame you lost it, I know how that is, I have lost about 10 different worlds :/
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    posted a message on "red stuff" logic gates
    Quote from ZirumsHero »

    I think my job here is done.

    You win, that XOR gate is awesome, least amount of ticks, very minimal size, unless someone is trying to make a 1 block high XOR, everyone should use this.
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