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    posted a message on [Super Hostile]Waking Up. Watch 2 idiots die....a lot.

    My friend and I decided to do a LP of us playing our first Vechs map. Feel free to check it out.
    As long as people enjoy it, we'll keep doing different maps when we finish this one. We'll be finishing this one either way.

    Rated R for language and deaths.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Decided to stop watching LP's and start making one based on one of your maps. So a friend and I have started doing Waking up.

    I'm kicking myself for only watching LP's of your maps before now. Not all that far in, but loving every death filled moment of it.

    Also, you've made me scared of creepers again. Thanks for that.

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    posted a message on NextGenMC [Essentials][Pex]{SMP}{PvE} (Greylist)
    • Server Name: NextGenMC
    • Website: www.reddit.com/r/nextgenmc
    • Server Address/IP:
    • Game Play Type/s: Primarily SMP with PvE.
    • Description: An Admin must be present on the server to grant you building rights (this helps keep griefing and cheating to a minimum). we are a small server looking for more people to come and join us. Build a town, or a home or just join us for fun activities. We're looking for mature people that can play fair and have fun.[/background]
    • Rules: If you've never been here before you need an admin to help get you started with building. /helpticket to place a ticket with the admin/mod
    • No griefing. Zero Tolerance!
    • Don't want to follow simple rules? You will be kicked/banned.
    • Check the rules by reading /rules.
    • Be mature and respectful to others.
    • No glitching or cheating. Zero tolerance!
    • No building within 10 blocks of roads, or before the red line at spawn.
    • Do not ask to be a Mod or Admin. It doesn't work like that.
    • Do not ask admins for hand outs or to change time of day.
    • /sethome to set your home :)
    • Staff reserves the right to change this rule set without notification based on their mood.
    • You are entitled to one free region of medium size with up to 3 members. 1 diamond per owner added. 5 diamond to extend the region.
    • 1 diamond block and 1 emerald block to region a town. Please have a name ready for it. must have mine, housing plots, tree farm, food farm, and roads.
    • Don't ask to be a Mod or Admin. It STILL doesn't work like that.
    • Do not QQ if you are killed and your stuff is taken!
    • Server Hardware: Professionally hosted in Dallas, TX
    • Plugins:NoCheatPlus, Essentials, Worldguard, LWC, VillagerTradingRebalance, dynmap, worldguard, simplehelptickets
    • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Atomic_Merp, Mistralniblick, Jolster06
    • Other: Guests are allowed to visit the server and check it out until an Admin is present to grant building rights.
    • Current uptime: http://mcservers.org.../
    • Spawn is small and to the point to get you out into the world asap! No wall of signs, or mazes, to walk through![/background]
    • Survival Spawn
    • Creative World spawn. Available to survival members!
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    posted a message on Next Gen SMP Server. [PvP] [Survival] [No Whitelist] [Bukkit] [24/7]
    A friend and I recently decided to launch our own Minecraft server. We are now looking for mature people to help populate the world.

    We are primarily a SMP server but we do have a separate Creative world for our members to express their creativity. PvP is allowed in the open world so be careful as you explore the terrain. Also, as this server gains a more consistent player-base, we are also looking to do special events, games, and other fun activities and to add some Moderators (Don't ask, that'll add you to the "It won't happen" list.

    We have a variety of plugins installed to help track/prevent grief, region your own area off, among others to ensure your time on NextGen SMP Server is fun and enjoyable. *To help prevent grief, new players are not allowed to build. You simply need to contact an Admin/Mod to be promoted to the member permissions rank! The Admins/Mods do have lives outside of Minecraft. Please be patient if one is not online right away.

    This server is new so the player-base is small, however, we do have the basic plugins installed and running smoothly and looking to add more that enhance your Minecraft experience.

    Please make sure you read the /rules for all the info you could need in game.

    Also, if you've built your base and have hit the point you've run out of things to do. Make sure to check out our sphere biome. A biome full of floating spheres you have to build a path too.

    We look forward to seeing you on NextGen SMP!

    Server is based in Atl, GA. And so far no lag has been reported by anyone.

    Check us out on reddit - Http://www.reddit.com/r/nextgenmc

    Admins are: mistralniblick, Atomic_Merp

    • No griefing. Zero Tolerance!
    • Be mature.
    • No glitching or cheating. Zero tolerance!
    • No building within 10 blocks of roads or 150 Blocks of spawn.
    • Do not ask to be a Mod or Admin. It doesn't work like that.
    • Do not ask admins for hand outs or to change time of day.
    • Don't want to follow simple rules? You will be kicked/banned.
    Please be respectful of staff and other players. Remember, this is only a game.

    Survival Spawn(Small and sweet, no wall of signs here) -
    Creative Spawn -

    Survival Spawn Inside -
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    posted a message on [Adv/Puz] CUBE Inc: Overhaul (Now with Command Blocks) (Updated to 1.4) (140,000+ Downloads)
    Had a blast, only two times I cheated was the water bridge jump near the begining, and I watched a tut to find where to go on the island. Was completely lost there. Other than that it was spot on. Quite a bit a fun. And I'm looking forward to a squeal.
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    posted a message on [PUZ][PARK] RedRage's Escape
    You didn't include a preview map link. Just the screen shots. Which, while looking ok, do not help give us an idea what it's like to play your map. Leaving everyone unable to give feedback.

    Hope that helps.
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    posted a message on [Adv] Dimension of DooM (v1.0)
    46 gold. 51 if you count the clever one, although that was my textual pack interaction oddly with the cover (that was the only "issue" I had) It was a blast and helped past some time at work. Thank you for the time it took to make this.
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