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    ~ The Beginning, Custom, and Fall of Magic ~

    Tilia's Kingdom mod is an RPG/fantasy type mod (think Diving RPG, etc.) to add more features into your SMP mc worlds! Though I will be working on this mod alone, any suggestions are most welcome and appreciated. If you think you have something interesting/unique to add to the project, I am open to that. If you don't have any mod-making skills, making banners is a cool way to contribute. If you can't make banners, put one (when available) in your sig!

    Tilia's Kingdom will have a story and quests in the future, but for now I'm just focusing on adding the blocks, items, etc.

    New Features:


    - In order of Efficiency,: Coissa, Gleakon, Vaeld, Asaun, Galeimos, Perari, Felaven, Traunia, Kedaulla, Merraw, and Carmine

    • -Tools and Armor for each new ore (maybe not the least efficient but we will see)
    • - Biomes -> will need to be found to progress in the story due to special items only being found there.
    • - Dimensions - these will be the main way of progression throughout the mod
    • - Mobs - the dimensions won't be empty! (Actually, one will)

    This thread is mostly empty now but I hope it will be filled soon. There is no estimated release for the mod.

    Photos will be up soon!

    Reserved ~

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    OOhh looks really good!! I particularly enjoy fantasy/RPG mods, (I mean I'm making one myself lol) so this awesome! The Crystal Slime <3. I would download just for the crystal slime. So what version will this mod be in? With everything that has happened with 1.8 I'm assuming for a new mod you would start there(though most people are stuck in 1.7.10)? I don't know whether you already have this planned, but some ores and tools/armor, etc. would be a cool addition as well. Gl

    EDIT: The pancake sheep? <3 <3 <3

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    posted a message on TerrariaCraft - Terraria game turned in to a mod in Minecraft.

    Though I've never played Terraria, I'm very interested. I guess it's essentially like an RPG/fantasy-ish mod? Excited to see progress. :)

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    Maybe a bit of a useless reply, but I will be downloading this very soon! Sounds amazing, and is a very useful mod that probably deserves wayyyy more recognition. Keep it up!

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