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    Fighting out in the open, especially against flying enemies, seems tough to me. I'd utilize some towers, pillboxes, and other defenses to combat vexes specifically, although they would work great in general defense as well. Raids are meant to be tough! Running in swinging a sword isn't always the best.

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    Having managed multiple servers since I bought Minecraft in '11, I'd say (from personal anecdote) that servers las anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on management, player interest, and time of year. Most of my servers ran for 3-5 months over summers when my friends could play, although I ran one for over a year until I got my first job (which, not by coincidence, was running Minecraft servers!). It's really up to you, and how you interact with the community in and out of the game.

    One big thing, I'll add, is that most people shy away from hosting and pay unreasonable fees for hosting their own servers just so they can say "I have a server". Don't do that. Either host yourself (use Hamachi if you're not keen on port forwarding) or find a community that already exists, and get your friends to join you there.

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    Downgrade to Beta 1.7.3. Seriously. The terrain is absolutely gorgeous and exciting.

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    You really don't seem to have any content that hasn't been done to death already. You're not giving anyone anything new. Welcome to a thoroughly saturated market!

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    1.9; I'm an axe-fighter exclusively now.

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    My opinion:

    • Poisonous Potato - Useless trash.
    • Bat - Nice ambiance
    • Endermite - Useless, probably aborted project
    • Silverfish - Actually challenging. I've died to these.
    • Polar Bear - Nice ambiance
    • Llama - Would be useful if every server didn't use teleportation.
    • Snow Golem - Barely useful, save for farming snow.
    • Pig - Adorable.
    • Ocelot/Cat - Useful if you don't like creepers or build a mob farm. Adorable.
    • Wolf/Dog - Useful for PvE/PvP combat. Adorable.
    • Clock - I never leave without one. I have one hanging on my wall.
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    A unique map. Look into Worldpainter and design a map with striking mountains, winding rivers, lush forests, and land perfect for building. Custom trees recommended. Have ore concentrations be regional, i.e. the northeast forest has more iron and coal, but the southern desert has a lot of redstone and gold.

    Good map choke-points (i.e. canyons, passes, and straits) are helpful for building nation defenses. All you need is a little wall and tower, and you're set! This is especially neat if you use naval transportation like Movecraft ships.

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    Focus on aesthetics in your builds. You'll be happier that you did when you look back!

    If you glance an enderman, run into water.

    Organize your storage. I've lost a diamond pick before. Not lost, like dropped into lava, but lost, as in, my chests are too disorganized.

    Don't rush the game. Enjoy all the little things like building your base, farming, mining, etc. Automate if you want, though; it's quite fun!

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    I'm also working on a metropolitan city in the middle of the desert... just four thousand years earlier!

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