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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Hi folks. It's been a really long time, but I have a good excuse: I've been hard at work updating my main mod, Village Names, with a brand new village generator and all of the 1.14+ building styles.

    A lot has happened to the pack since my last post, so I'll list all of the changes here:

    Galaxy Odyssey v1.20.11.11:

    -Added mod: Wood Stuff - many new types of button/chest/fence/etc.

    -Added mod: BetterVanilla. Now you can have colored beds, and they will even spawn in villages thanks to Village Names 4!
    -Added mod: BoP Quicksand Reducer - Make Desert Villages safer again.

    -Added Commons Codec and Commons Compress dependencies to the /mods/1.7.10 folder to prevent failed download attempts

    -Added mod: Mod Director - Now JourneyMap, OptiFine, and PR Atmosphere/Luminance resourcepacks will automatically download with every pack update!
    -Added mod: Campfire Backport - does exactly what it says
    -Added mod: HarvestCraft GenControl - fruit trees and crop gardens are now more biome-specific
    -Added mod: NetheritePlus+ - Now you can find Ancient Debris and craft Netherite!
    -Added mod: Netherlicious - cool new official and unofficial stuff for the Nether!
    -Added mod: Just Another Spawner - Better regulation of mob spawns

    -Added mod: NEI Integration - to add many modded machine recipes to NEI
    -Added mod: INpureCore - to filter out many redundant items in NEI
    -Added mods: BugTorch, HodgePodge, SpongeMixins - for various bugfixes. Some Trapdoor textures will be a little improper until a future update

    -Updated mod: Village Names to v4.1.1b - I hope you enjoy your brand-new, revised villages as much as I enjoyed making them!
    -Updated mod: Et Futurum to 1.7.7-J - now you can strip logs with Tinkers Construct axes.

    -Updated mod: UpToDateMod to v2.3.8
    -Updated mod: EnviroMine to v1.3.125_AstroTibs - Block support is no longer weak when touching liquid, and Elevators no longer dupe their blocks when activated
    -Updated mod: Baubles to v1.0.1.12
    -Updated mod: Chisel to release-12-acdd403
    -Updated mod: Hardcore Ender Expansion to v1.8.6-GTNH
    -Updated mod: Harvestcraft to v1.7.10Lb-1.0.1-GTNH
    -Updated mod: Roguelike Dungeons to v1.5.1
    -Updated mod: Special Mobs to v3.3.6 - enjoy your new Lava Monsters
    -Updated mod: Tinkers Construct to v1.8.9.15-GTNH.build4 - Gold can no longer be used for mold casting
    -Updated mod: Tinkers Mechworks to v0.2.16.1

    -Updated mod: Not Enough Pets to v2.2.0 - entity registry has changed completely, so all your previous pets will vanish, sorry. The good news is that there are two new dogs. Arf!
    -Updated mod: Mo'Creatures to v6.3.2
    -Updated mod: Not Enough Items to v2.0.1-GTNH
    -Updated mod: ChocoCraft Plus to v4.3.1 - The game will no longer crash when you kill another player; You can transfer Chocobo ownership to other players, and Chocobo stables can now spawn in the world.
    -Updated mod: SkinPort to v10c
    -Updated mod: Lumy Skin Patch to v1.0.10
    -Updated mod: Growthcraft CE to v2.7.2
    -Updated mod: GalaxySpace to v1.2.14, adding two new worlds
    -Updated mod: Natura to v2.3.2
    -Updated mod: Serene Seasons - preventing crash in grass/foliage colorization and bonemealing issues

    -Removed mod: Safer Village - It does nothing now that new Village Names buildings are used
    -Removed mod: Lan UPNP - BugTorch is able to port-forward to a specific port. Lan UPNP's dependencies may not be supported in the future.

    -Removed mod: Backlytra - it conflicts with Smart Moving.

    -Updated resource pack: Modernity to v3.4.1a. Previous versions will be ignored and can be manually removed from your resourcepack folder.

    -Removed "present" chisel group

    -Disabled crafting of non-vanilla wood posts from Garden Trees because they were being very buggy
    -Bugfix: Carpenter's Garage Door duplication
    -Added stripped logs and wood to logWood ore dictionary
    -Added Spooky Wood and Palaeoraphe Logs to Better Foliage rendering list
    -Disabled Gany's Surface buttons and pressure plates due to redundancy
    -Removed redundant Extra Buttons from NEI

    -Weather mod storms are less destructive
    -Lavastone now increases body temperature
    -Modded villagers should now wear biome hats, if applicable

    -Three cotton now makes two string, instead of just one when placed in a line
    -Wool can be made from six cotton rather than nine
    -Removed Railcraft heat tiles. This renders the heat goggles useless, but now stray heat tiles won't damage multi-block structures.
    -Farmland and Nether Ash blocks no longer slide when wet
    -Increased interval before physics engine checks on world login
    -Disabled Hardcore Ender Expansion's update checker
    -Reduced Just Another Spawner console log messages
    -Bugfix: Nibiru books will now say "Nibiru" instead of "The Nether"
    -Bugfix: A change in Optifine's site prevented downloading via Mod Director. It should now be fixed

    -Disabled Railcraft's Mossy Cobblestone Wall
    -Disabled Witch Spiders and Hungry Zombie Pigmen
    -Disabled Optifine's Fast Math to reduce friction with BetterFPS
    -Lycanite's items can no longer be found as loot in most chests
    -Reverted Gany's Surface Basalt textures and renamed the block to "Gabbro"
    -Gabbro in overworld pockets and no longer as spires in the Nether
    -Wall blocks have a physics stability class of "very strong"
    -Lowered Prismarine/Sea Lantern stability strength
    -Block collapse strength should no longer be affected by water (as per EnviroMine update)

    -Default stability strength for blocks before collapse has been increased
    -Skull blocks no longer drain your sanity
    -Disabled vanilla-style armorstands from both UpToDateMod and Et Futurum, since they conflict with RealFirstPersonRender
    -Added ore dictionary compliance to MoCreatures foods
    -Lowered Dynamic Surroundings' Jungle biome ambient sound volume
    -Disabled Galacticraft update checker

    Happy adventuring!

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    posted a message on Village Names: version 4 Homecoming Update (November 2020)

    It's been a while, but I've finally updated to Version 4.

    The primary new feature of the Homecoming Update is that you now have access to a custom village generator which implements all the modern 1.14+ village buildings and styles.

    Happy homecoming!

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Updated to v1.20.3.25, another decent-sized update!

    -Et Futurum's Stripped Logs have been enabled, and UpToDate's disabled.
    -Basalt no longer generates in the Overworld. It now generates in the Nether as extrusions near lava level.
    -Village Greenhouses have reverted to vanilla blocks only. Maintaining modded blocks between modpack updates is too difficult.
    -Added mod: ASMC, which backports many modern sounds
    -Added mod: Lan UPNP, to allow VNP-like connections
    -Added mod: Lan Host Skin (Re-)Fix(ed), which fixes issues displaying player skins when on a LAN connection
    -Updated mod: Biomes o' Plenty to v2.1.0.2308 - too many changes to list here
    -Updated mod: Village Names to v3.3.1 - better name generator, villager tick performance, new villager trades
    -Updated mod: Not Enough Pets to v2.1.0 - pets no longer teleport to you
    -Updated mod: UpToDateMod to v2.1.1 - now including Suspicious Stew and new wooden boat types
    -Updated mod: Serene Seasons - minor typo correction
    -Updated resource pack: Modernity to v3.3.0. Version 3.2.1 will be ignored and can be manually removed from your resourcepack folder.

    Giving the upcoming Nether Update a run for its money!

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Updated to v1.20.02.25, and this is a big one!

    -Updated mod: Fossils and Archaeology Revival to 7.3.2. There are too many updates and additions to list them all.
    -Fixed biome conflicts in F&A
    -Added mod: LLibrary, a dependency of Fossils and Archaeology
    -Added mod: Real First Person 2. This adds a third F1 setting that renders your body while you're in first-person mode.
    -Added mod: Hunger Overhaul
    -You should now be able to harvest vanilla crops on right-click
    -Added mod: Serene Seasons!
    -Now, crops only grow during certain seasons of the year, unless they're underneath Greenhouse Glass
    -Added mod: Restructured--bringing many new buildings to villages and worldgen
    -Removed mod: Mo' Villages--it's now redundant with Restructured
    -Updated mod: Not Enough Pets to v2.0.0--you can now find parrots in jungles!
    -Tamed cats now follow you
    -Updated mod: ChocoCraft Plus to v4.2.5--Chocobos should no longer spawn in unintended dimensions
    -Updated resource pack: Modernity to v3.2.1. Version 3.2.0 will be ignored and can be manually removed from your resourcepack folder.
    -Endermen no longer grief blocks
    -Growthcraft Thistle spreads more slowly
    -Added Mekanism Enrichment Chamber recipe to deconvert Concrete into Concrete Powder
    -Added langfile name for MoCreatures Roach
    -Added death sound effect for MoCreatures Elephant

    Enjoy your fine feathered friends!

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Updated to v1.20.1.23.

    -Added GO logo to title screen
    -Updated resourcepack: Texture Update Backport became Modernity, v3.2.0. TUBackport will no longer be used and can be deleted from your resourcepacks folder.
    -Updated mod: ChocoCraft Plus to v4.2.4. Fixed very resource-costly spawning code.
    -Updated mod: Not Enough Cats to v1.4.0
    -Updated mod: Village Names to v3.2.3a
    -Removed redundant textures in GO_resources.zip
    -Removed Saddle from Minebay
    -Added Kale Seed to Minebay

    Once again, all three of my mods were updated. ChocoCraft Plus in particular was running a pretty severely un-optimized spawning, code which has caused TPS issues on some peoples' worlds.

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Updated to v

    The mods-carryover folder should now be included by default, containing a _README file that explains how to hold on to mods between pack updates.
    Atlas' Library has been removed from the pack for now, which means you won't have that Yes/No popup after every bootup. The related mods acquired by AL have either been bundled with the pack or removed. As a result, you will now need to download JourneyMap separately. Put it into the mods-carryover folder.

    All three of my mods, Village Names, Not Enough Cats, and ChocoCraft Plus have received updates, so they've been updated in the pack.

    Mo Creatures was re-added to the pack. It turns out that the bug was due to the filename having + symbols. Go figure.

    Correspondingly, I've removed all the + symbols from all other mod names.

    There were a number of other updates, but those were the major ones.

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Updated to v 1.2020.01.07.

    Aside from dropping two mods, the most important change to mention is a new file and folder I've added.

    Your pack directory should now have an empty folder called mods-carryover.

    Since Technic pack updates delete and re-install all files in the mods folder, any mods you've added (like Optifine or WAILA) will be removed. Place those mods into this new folder.

    Then, after every time you update the modpack, run the new file called _RUNME_AFTER_PACK_UPDATE.bat. This will copy the contents of the mods-carryover folder to the mods folder.

    Hopefully this will slightly simplify your efforts to re-install the mods every pack update.

    Here is the changelog:

    -Added file: _RUNME_AFTER_PACK_UPDATE.bat. Place additional mods like OptiFine into the "mods-carryover" folder, and run the .bat file to copy that folder's contents to the /mods folder. Do this after EVERY modpack update, since the update deletes non-modpack mods from the /mods folder.
    -Removed Mo' Creatures mod. Mobs were invisible for some reason.
    -Removed Portal Gun mod (and AsieLib mod). The gun and boots are too OP, and the gun recipe can't be re-written with CraftTweaker.
    -Revamp mod is now bundled with the modpack.
    -Disabled Mekanism Digital Miner and Factories.
    -Added Niesan Mojito recipe to the Mr. Crayfish Blender.

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Here's an imgur gallery of some screenshots taken on my survival world.

    Below are some of my favorites:

    I use this one in the outro of my Let's Play series:

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Make sure you set your Technic launcher to 64-bit Java, and allocate at least 5GB of RAM—more if you can spare it.

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    posted a message on Galaxy Odyssey: challenging exploration-oriented survival pack with fine-tuned, balanced progression

    Galaxy Odyssey logo

    Happy New Year folks!

    To celebrate a new decade, I've finally published my Minecraft modpack, Galaxy Odyssey, on the Technic launcher:


    The modpack emphasizes a challenging survival experience where you must juggle your hydration, body temperature and sanity; where you must take care not to allow structure collapse or landslides when building/digging; where you must carefully construct every tool and weapon via Tinkers' Construct; and where, through hard work, you can unlock your inventory slots and expand your life bar!


    The pack is DIFFICULT, and not intended for casual players. Read this Starter's Guide to get a feel for what dangers you'll immediately have to contend with.

    Have fun and good luck (you'll need it)! 🎉

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    posted a message on Statues is Broken (URGENT)

    Here's a new update!

    Someone introduced me to the Lumy Skin Patch mod. It's available for 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7, and was created to allow MC clients to redirect to Mojang's updated UUID-based skin server.

    This should allow mods that user player skins to work properly, including Statues. Additionally, it seems to now work with EnviroMine and InfiniteInvo, where I recall it not working previously.

    You should be able to reset your statues.cfg server address to its default value, and use player names once again. The bad news is that—you guessed it—you'll need to re-make your statues again if you followed the advice on my previous post.

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    posted a message on Not Enough Pets—a mod with added pet textures and quality-of-life improvements

    Click here to Submit your cat/dog/parrot textures for possible inclusion in Not Enough Pets! This requires a Google account.

    Are you tired of the same three domestic cat types? Have you wanted to obtain an Ocelot as a pet? Are you annoyed at cat sounds?

    Then this mod is for you!

    Get it here:


    Not Enough Pets features the following:

    • When you tame any cat, it retains it skin rather than getting a random one.
    • Ocelots spawn in jungles, as usual. This means that tamed ocelots look like ocelots.
    • Every other texture variation spawns in villages.
    • All of the 1.14 skins are backported and available, as well as multiple custom skins and the otherwise unused "gray tabby" skin.
    • Tamed cats now have dye-able collars
    • There is a config setting to reduce the frequency of tamed cat/dog noises
    • There are config settings to increase or decrease the buffer where a following cat/dog/parrot will teleport to you, and others to disable following of any sort.
    • Ocelot-specific cats no longer avoid water, and non-Ocelot-type cats drop string on death
    • Cat behavior, such as how to tame them and creeper avoidance, is unchanged.

    Take a look at some features in action:

    Ocelots still spawn in jungles.

    "Ordinary" cats roam villages.

    Ocelots and cats retain their skin when tamed!

    Tamed cats now have collars that can be dyed, similar to wolves!

    Many new cat varieties! most are vanilla, one is vanilla but unused, and two are custom:

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    posted a message on ChocoCraft Plus—update of Clienthax's ChocoCraft

    This project is an update of the 1.7.10 ChocoCraft mod by clienthax.

    Note: this is a bugfix/expansion specifically for the 1.7.10 version. The continuation for more modern versions (1.12) is ChocoCraft 3.

    Get it here!

    Here is the changelog, loosely in order of significance:

    • Renovated name generator—many new preset names are possible
    • Wild chocobos no longer spawn with names
    • Added "Random name" button to Chocobo GUI
    • Added new chocobo sound effects
    • Added fall damage sounds
    • Added per-dimension spawning control
    • Fixed Chocobo stats GUI centering
    • Added new stats, including Stamina, Run, Sprint, Intelligence, Temperament, etc.
    • Added eight new veggies and eight new nuts used to raise and breed chocobos. These can be eaten and used by the player in harvestcraft-oredict-compliant recipes
    • Added Stablehand villager (Profession ID 19940402), which spawns in a village chocobo stable
    • Changed seed and crop textures
    • Gysahl Greens from previous versions have been changed to "Gysahl Garden" and are no longer usable as items. You can either craft these into three Gysahl Garden seeds, or plant and break them for a random veggie or nut.
    • Wild and Cultivated Gysahl Gardens drop a random veggie or nut when broken
    • Feeding Gysahl Garden veggies to chocobos increases their stats
    • Loverly Gysahls from previous versions have been changed to Gysahl Seed Packets, which can be crafted into Gysahl Garden Seeds
    • Garden seeds can be fed to chickens, just like wheat seeds
    • Golden/Red/Pink Gysahls from previous versions have been changed to Nut Packets. You can craft one into a Param Nut, two into a Carob Nut, or four into five Porov Beans.
    • Chocobos can now sprint, but doing so drains their health
    • Re-engineered chocobo breeding tree and ability assignments (e.g. red chocobos have high jump. There are no more "Nether" chocobos.)
    • The Chocopedia now saves the last page you were reading
    • You can't mate a chocobo with its parents or siblings
    • Chocobo Following speed is now based on movement speed
    • Chocobos following you will slow down when close, which should prevent the "run around you" bug.
    • Removed surrounding open space check that prevented chicobos from growing up. They should now grow up when in pens--make sure they're not lodged in a very tight space!
    • Fixed a bug where a chocobo would look above your head after you dismount
    • Chocobo looking angle now caps at 45 degrees up and 30 down
    • Removed Gysahl Cake and Gysahl Pickles
    • Removed Chocobo disguise armors and Chocobo Whistle. They didn't do anything.
    • Removed string interaction with chocobo
    • The growup timer rolling over during the chicobo's death animation should no longer spawn an adult
    • Changed Straw Bedding to use FF6 texture with 1.13 Wheat colors
    • Corrected Yellow and Gold Chicobo colors
    • Changed yellow chocobo eye color to better match logo
    • Changed pink chocobo to be softer, redder pink
    • Completely changed "purple" chocobo to be purple with gold highlights
    • Changed spawn egg colors

    "I'm updating from Version 4.1.5 from 1.7.10. What will change?"

    • All chocobos now have randomized stats, as though they were spawned wild. All of them. There is a lot of variety in wild chocobo quality, so there's a good chance your chocobos are all extremely sub-par now. You may need to go out and catch new ones and start your breeding again.
    • Red and Pink chocobos are no longer just variations on gold. They each have their own abilities, and are an integral part of the breeding tree
    • The Nether no longer has its own dedicated chocobo. No chocobos are immune to fire.
    • Gysahls and all mutations have been changed into Gysahl Garden bushes or seed/nut packs so that you can get some head start with the new feeding and breeding system.
    • All Gysahl Pickles and Cakes are removed.
    • Most item and block textures have been changed.
    • The Chocopedia has been completely re-written, except for maybe a page or two. It is much longer now, so that it can outline all the nuances involved in the new feeding/breeding system.

    ChocoCraft Plus!

    Do you like Chocobos? As mounts? Companions? Beasts of burden? ....Food?

    You're in luck! Chocobos can fulfill all of these niches!

    Q: "But horses exist. Why would I continue to use horses?"

    A: Because horses are easier to find, easier to tame, and much faster and easier to ride immediately after being tamed. And they usually have much higher health, and can be armored.

    Q: "...So then, why would I care about chocobos?"

    A: Because unlike horses, chocobos can improve! With enough time and care, many chocobos will far exceed the capabilities of any horse. And for caretakers who are especially invested, meticulous chocobo husbandry can unlock latent special abilities!

    Q: "Wow, tell me more!"

    A: Not a question, but okay!

    Break any Gysahl Garden bush, found across the world:

    It will drop any of a number of veggies, fruits, nuts, or beans:

    Find a chocobo in the wild, and feed it! If done enough times, you will tame it (neckband) and it becomes yours!

    Now you have a lot of options. You can fit the chocobo with a saddle and ride it (though it will not be cooperative AT ALL right away) and even give it saddle bags for portable storage! Or, for even more storage, you can give it pack bags and ask it to follow you (maybe):

    ...Or you can feed it to improve its stats!

    Wait, stats??

    That's right! All chocobos have stats such as running speed, max health, cooperation, etc.

    You can view some of these stats by right-clicking a tamed chocobo with your Chocopedia:

    How do you make a Chocopedia?

    But that's a bit expensive, especially early on. So instead, you could right-click a book and quill onto a chocobo:

    Or if you're really hurting for resources, you can right-click a Chocobo Feather onto a bookshelf:

    Great! So what's the Chocopedia good for?

    Oh gosh. So much. SO so much.

    You can use the Chocopedia GUI to rename your chocobo, either manually or with a randomly-generated name:

    You can also command the chocobo to [Wander], [Stay], or [Follow] you... but it only obeys options that its Temperament allows. "Friendly" chocobos will obey any command. "Stolid" chocobos won't wander and will follow you at reduced speed, and "Stubborn" chocobos can only wander.

    My chocobo is slow and jerks around a lot when riding...

    Wild chocobo stats vary a lot. You may need to tame a number of them until you find one with satisfactory stats. Remember that you can feed them to increase those stats! Moreover, with careful breeding, you can make ever-better chocobos!

    My Chocobo is hurt! How do I heal it?

    You can feed it gysahl garden veggies to heal it, or you can put it in a chocobo pen, where it will automatically heal:

    You mentioned breeding and special abilities...?

    Absolutely! You use nuts and beans to breed chocobos. Typically, the offspring will have stats based on its parents and the nut you fed them.

    Some nuts result in offspring with lower stats than their parents, so those nuts are better when breeding chocobos specifically for slaughter. Or you can eat the nuts/beans if you like

    If you mate two chocobos under the right circumstances (often with the right nut), you can get any of a number of colorized specialty chocobos, each with a special ability like Water Tread and Soft Fall:

    Those are just the first steps! From there, you can unlock more breeds, including the Royal Chocobo or for the extremely resolute breeder—the legendary Gold Chocobo...

    Wow! How do I obtain one of those many awesome chocobos?

    Open your chocopedia and have a read! It'll tell you absolutely everything you need to know.

    Whoa, that's a lot to read...

    I did say it was absolutely everything you need to know—from taming chocobos, to obtaining gysahl gardens, to how every veggie and fruit and nut and bean affects breeding and stat growth. Don't worry—you can quickly skip through the stuff you already know, and the book saves your page! You can open it up right near the area you left off. This is especially useful when deciding what to feed your chocobo.

    I just want to ride an ordinary chocobo, right now, without hassle.

    I'll meet you partway.

    Some villages contain a chocobo stable, attended by a stablehand:

    The stable chocobo is especially fast, resilient, and obedient! Just slap on a saddle and you can ride this chocobo whenever and wherever you like!

    However, the chocobo belongs to the stablehand, so you will not be able to increase its stats or breed it. If you want the powerful specialty chocobos, you'll have to work for them!

    Amazing! So when is this coming out for 1.12?


    I made this mod for myself, and I only play on 1.7.10. It's not because I don't think more recent Minecraft versions aren't good, but because many of my absolute favorite mods have not updated past that version.

    In my opinion, the experience those mods provide alongside the effort I put into customizing, tweaking, and balancing them outweighs anything any modern version or mod can offer.

    If you provide me 1.12 versions for every one of those mods, then I will consider porting CCP. Otherwise, please don't ask.

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    posted a message on [Completed] ChocoCraft Plus—1.7.10 update of Clienthax's ChocoCraft

    The mod is now completed and available on CurseForge:


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    posted a message on [Completed] ChocoCraft Plus—1.7.10 update of Clienthax's ChocoCraft

    The Chocopedia is quite a bit longer now, but it has to be in order to outline the best ways to raise and breed your chocobos!

    The booklet tells you, among other things:

    • how the different veggies increase chocobo stats
    • how the different breeding nuts determine the stats of the offspring
    • where to obtain the best breeding nuts
    • how to breed the various colored specialty chocobo varieties
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