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    • Server Name: Astravera

    • Server Address: Astravera.xyz

    • Version: 1.17.1 (also compatible with 1.18+ and Online Bedrock Clients)

    • Discord: https://discord.gg/eJp7Bcpnw6

    Astravera is a new hardcore teams server ! We are hoping to build a strong community to become something we can all enjoy!

    Our features include but are not limited too:

    • Death will result in a 24 hour ban. you can also earn lives to save you from this fate by staying alive, or as rewards from other challenges.

    • Bedrock compatibility for supported devices!

    • A custom built from the ground up teams plugin that allows players to group up with special team features such as a toggleable team enderchest, team warps and a team home command and more!

    • Ever expanding list of parkours and events that reward many goodies to those who complete them. The rewards can be claimed again 2 weeks from your previous completion!

    • Token System that rewards you with tokens upon defeating your enemies in battle!

    • Crates that offer a multitude of rewards!, keys for these crates can either be purchased through donations or through the token shop. They can also be earned from completing events and parkours!

    • Battle-pass System that rewards some useful items and a premium battle-pass that rewards item skins that can be applied to netherite tools!

    • Bounty system that allows you to put money on a player who you need dealt with!

    • Auction house and safe trading system to allow transactions between players to run much more smoothly!

    • KOTH (King of the hill) system!

    • Block Reinforcement to add an extra layer of protection to your bases (does not prevent griefing Just makes it a little more difficult for some spice).

    More features to come soon!


    • Griefing is allowed and is part of the server!

    • No hacked clients, mods, or third party programs that give an unfair advantage. this isn't 2b2t

    • No alt accounts.

    • No bug abuse.

    • No scamming players we have a trading plugin for a reason.

    • No lag machines.

    • Friendly rivalries are fine but do not be toxic in chat. This includes death threats, slurs, doxxing threats etc. just be a decent human being.

    • Begging for items, ranks, or staff will result in a mute and possible ban if repeated offenses occur.

    • Any base or build on top of the nether will be wiped without discretion.

    • Be careful who you let on your team as they may leak coordinates of your base. Team insiding is allowed.

    • Staff have final say. If you feel a punishment was unjustified reach out to higher staff or file a ban appeal in the discord. The staff are not perfect and we make mistakes sometimes. harassing or blowing up on the staff member or other staff will result in instant appeal denial. this is just a block game. act like an adult.

    We hope to see you on!

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