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    posted a message on Compact 2x1x2 Clock - Snapshots
    Here is a little modified version of the BUD Switch I previously posted.

    It is almost the same exact design, however, this design is pretty small and only requires 4 blocks. It's made for survival much like the other bud switch and is very cheap to create. Keep in mind, I do use a sticky piston.

    To create the clock just click on the spoiler below!

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    posted a message on Denmark in Minecraft - All Of It
    Use the same program for the United States!
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    posted a message on does new minecraft suck? what do you think
    Ugh. RPG doesn't have to mean potions, spells, exp, levels, etc. RPG means Role-Playing Game. Even Call of Duty is an RPG according to the actual definition.
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    Redwood forest is beautiful :o
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    posted a message on Wondering Where Minecon 2013 Will Be?
    Pennsylvania to Florida... Hmm....
    *Asks Mom*
    Minecon is conveniently right after her birthday which is November 1st.
    *Says yes and we also go on a nice vacation*
    Mission accomplished.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow
    It'll probably be New York as its more of a place for tourism than any other location on the east coast. Also, it is the center of the east coast which will make it easier for Minecrafters to be able to attend from all across the region rather than taking a plane from a state to Florida. Hopefully it is New York too! A wide range of players are from NY and I live very close to there so it'll be great for me and tons of others!
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    posted a message on What is "Minecraft Realms?"
    Heres another video on Minecraft Realms :)
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    posted a message on 3 New Commandblock Variables/Commands
    Hello, today I propose 2 new command block variables and 1 addition to a commmand!
    Below are listed the new variables/commands that I feel should be implemented into the game!

    This could equal Current Item or the item that the player is holding in their hand, this is an integer and the integer is the block/item ID!
    For use in a command block this could be:
    /testfor @a[ci=278]
    This would output the amount of players using the Diamond Pickaxe.

    No, it's not noob spelling for "Hi"
    This stands for Has In Inventory, this will check if the player has a certain item ID within their inventory then output them.
    An example of this could be:
    /say @a[hi=264] has diamonds!
    This would make anyone with diamonds have their name being spoken from the server!

    Change to /clear!!
    /clear should have a new parameter which is an integer for the amount of the item you want cleared! This could lead to very nice contraptions! The arguments should belong as this:

    Combination of everything I've spoken of:
    /testfor @p[ci=1,hii=264]
    Then in another command block:
    /clear @p 1 0 1
    Then in another command block:
    /say @p[hii=264] has diamond(s)!

    Translated to English, the above checks if you have stone in your hand and diamond anywhere in your inventory it will take away your stone and announce to the server that you have diamond(s)!

    Hopefully these features will be implemented because I feel that it is very crucial! Thank you for your time!
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    posted a message on Lava Nerf (Based on Difficulty)
    This is the Minecraft forums, why are we comparing Minecraft to real life? I've never walked down the street in real life and have been greeted by a creeper at my side.
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    posted a message on Sticky Piston-less Door?

    Here is your sticky-pistonless door.
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