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    Quote from Capiosus»

    I kinda feel like Minecraft Java serves as a better game engine than game,

    I agree.

    The game has the potential to cater to a lot of niches. So far, the way that some of that potential has been realized has been through the use of mods. I'm sure that we are all very familiar with TheMasterCaver's work to shape the game into something that suits his playstyle. Another well-known example is Flowerchild's Better than wolves mod, a mod that is now being maintained by dawnraider00 and saw its latest update just 2 weeks ago. The most recent case that I've become aware of has been the Order of the stone mod by the author of a recent controversial thread. Personally I've been picking and choosing mods with features that fit my style of play for many years now.

    Every time I see a new thread about how Mojang is ruining Minecraft, how Minecraft's best days are long gone, or asking for opinions on what the best version is, all I can think about is how Minecraft is just a collection of features and how the people engaging in those discussions will always argue in favor of the version (or moment in time) in which the game's features most closely aligned with their own preferences. With this in mind I honestly believe that giving players the ability to taylor their own experiences through the creation or use of mods and only releasing updates to improve the game's performance would be the best way to keep the majority of users happy.

    The divisions between players over very specific features have been a thing since the early days of Minecraft. We have PVPers, redstoners, builders, miners, explorers, golden-age minecrafters, minigame-players, and so on and so forth. Maybe if all of these groups were left to form communities around mods catering to their respective niches and were no longer competing for priority in Mojang's plans for future updates the frictions between the Minecraft community as a whole would subside.

    I understand that the following would come with its own set of technical challenges, but what if Mojang focused on updating performance for everyone and releasing any new gameplay-altering features as optional downloads? I know that in the past many would've be been very happy to get to pick and choose between 1.13's Dolphins, Phantoms, Turtles, Conduits, Potions of Slow Falling, Tridents, Drowned, Coral, Kelp, etc.

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    My favorite update was Beta 1.8 due to the addition of Endermen. Since I can't vote for that I voted 1.6 instead. My choice is not based on any changes to gameplay. 1.6.X was the version where modding became very popular amongst my friendgroups and that makes it the post-release update I have the most fond memories of.

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    Boku no kanojo wa Girisha shinwa no ikimono!?

    My girlfriend is a creature from Greek mythology!?

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    Quote from Daymens»

    No way. It is, in my opinion, the least engaging version of Minecraft to play. version 1.0-1.6.4 are the best game versions because you still have to mine and craft.

    You'd have to go back further than 1.6.4 to find a version where mining is a necessity. Villager trading has existed since 1.3.1

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    Grabbed some screenshots of my survival world before discarding it.

    I'm very proud of how it came out. I think it's the prettiest one I've ever made.


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    That is a beautiful house. Too bad I'm no good at interior decorating.

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    I think you did a great job at emulating the style.

    I'm actually planning on building a new house inspired by your own now.

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    Your world looks beautiful. Thank you for those aerial shots.

    Y'know, when I read the bit about deleting something I was afraid you'd be talking about the world itself.

    Wonder what's causing your creatures to disappear. I've had some of my mobs vanish in the past but never to the same extent.


    I did a bit of research and landed on this section of a minecraft wiki page: Despawning.
    Apparently mobs have a 1/800 chance of despawning if no player is within 32 blocks for more than 30 seconds. I don't know if/how this affects passive mobs or creatures added by mods though.

    The only ways to prevent a creature from despawning are the ones we already know: Using a nametag or giving it an item. I think tamed mobs will not naturally despawn either.

    However! I also found this bit about Mob Caps.

    According to that page there's a limit to how many mobs can exist within a certain amount of chunks. It says checks are made in between spawn cycles to see whether or not new mobs will appear and that hostile creatures will despawn after a while but passive ones will not.

    That's what the wiki says, but I'm pretty sure we've all had passive creatures disappear at some point. I see this happen more often when keeping large amounts of animals though so I'm wondering if the high amounts of mobs make it more likely for errors to occur between each check causing a mob to overlooked and disappear from the world as a consequence (?).

    Anyway, I think cutting down a few mobs should help (At least in the short run). When my farm animals start disappearing I go on horse-killing sprees and that usually solves it.

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    Here's another one.

    It's a small Tuscan house I designed for one of my survival worlds. It can seem a little hard to make at first, but if you exclude the outer fence (Iron bars & glowstone) then all you really need is clay for the roof & flower pots, sand for the walls, cobblestone for the chimney, and wood.

    -*Removed*- Sorry!

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    Quote from Wingsrising»

    Honestly? I'd just kill them in the desert until you have enough to get to the End, at which point Ender Pearls will no longer be an issue. Either that or farm crops to trade for emeralds to trade for Ender Pearls, then go to the End.

    Quote from Mashiro1»

    go to a desert at night and you will easily spot endermen in the yellow sand

    Thanks guys. The goal was to get enough ender pearls to reach the end and desert hunting is what I ended up doing.

    Quote from MartinTheMess»

    Pillar up 20 blocks in a desert at night. Skeletons only shoot at you when you're within 16 blocks, so they shouldn't be much of a problem. Look at endermen from long range and they teleport to get closer to you. Endermen can only teleport within 16 blocks at a time as well, so they shouldn't be able to teleport up to the top of your pillar. Have a step at the base of your pillar about 3 blocks above the ground that you can climb down to via ladder, this will put you high enough up that endermen can't hit up to you, but you can reach down to hit them with a sword.

    Bring a nice enchanted bow and plenty of arrows and target-practice on other mobs while waiting for endermen to spawn. Maybe put some widely-separated torches around to make it easier to see mobs that wander into the light, while still leaving plenty of dark blocks for them to spawn on.

    This sounds like a really good way of going about it. I'll be trying it out. Thanks!

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