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    Quote from Capiosus»

    I kinda feel like Minecraft Java serves as a better game engine than game,

    I agree.

    The game has the potential to cater to a lot of niches. So far, the way that some of that potential has been realized has been through the use of mods. I'm sure that we are all very familiar with TheMasterCaver's work to shape the game into something that suits his playstyle. Another well-known example is Flowerchild's Better than wolves mod, a mod that is now being maintained by dawnraider00 and saw its latest update just 2 weeks ago. The most recent case that I've become aware of has been the Order of the stone mod by the author of a recent controversial thread. Personally I've been picking and choosing mods with features that fit my style of play for many years now.

    Every time I see a new thread about how Mojang is ruining Minecraft, how Minecraft's best days are long gone, or asking for opinions on what the best version is, all I can think about is how Minecraft is just a collection of features and how the people engaging in those discussions will always argue in favor of the version (or moment in time) in which the game's features most closely aligned with their own preferences. With this in mind I honestly believe that giving players the ability to taylor their own experiences through the creation or use of mods and only releasing updates to improve the game's performance would be the best way to keep the majority of users happy.

    The divisions between players over very specific features have been a thing since the early days of Minecraft. We have PVPers, redstoners, builders, miners, explorers, golden-age minecrafters, minigame-players, and so on and so forth. Maybe if all of these groups were left to form communities around mods catering to their respective niches and were no longer competing for priority in Mojang's plans for future updates the frictions between the Minecraft community as a whole would subside.

    I understand that the following would come with its own set of technical challenges, but what if Mojang focused on updating performance for everyone and releasing any new gameplay-altering features as optional downloads? I know that in the past many would've be been very happy to get to pick and choose between 1.13's Dolphins, Phantoms, Turtles, Conduits, Potions of Slow Falling, Tridents, Drowned, Coral, Kelp, etc.

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    I voted for:

    There's quite a lot I like about them:

    • How they are neutral mobs but will turn hostile if you stare at them.
    • How they teleport around and have a high movement speed. This makes them fun to battle, and a real threat that doesn't feel cheap like a surprise Creeper explosion.
    • That they don't despawn during the day.
    • Their black, purple, and white color scheme.
    • Their tall, slender appearance inspired by the Slenderman creepypasta, and how terrifying they look when they're hostile.
    • I also like their item drop, the enderpearl. How helpful and fun they are to use, and how they're a crafting material for the Eyes of Ender which are a very cool item too.
    • Their experience drop is also a plus.

    The only thing I really dislike about 'em is how they will pick up certain blocks and sometimes just run off with them.

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    My favorite update was Beta 1.8 due to the addition of Endermen. Since I can't vote for that I voted 1.6 instead. My choice is not based on any changes to gameplay. 1.6.X was the version where modding became very popular amongst my friendgroups and that makes it the post-release update I have the most fond memories of.

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    Boku no kanojo wa Girisha shinwa no ikimono!?

    My girlfriend is a creature from Greek mythology!?

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    A cloaked figure walked to edge of the bed and let out a loud "HhmmMMmm".

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    "Look for a place that's high and steep,

    you will find me at its peak".

    "Go where the trees are tall and wide,

    within this forest is where I hide"

    "Find the place where water flows,

    follow it as far as it goes"

    "Go to where it's dark and deep,

    underground is my retreat"

    "I wait inside a cozy dorm,

    beneath something soft and warm"

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    Quote from Daymens»

    No way. It is, in my opinion, the least engaging version of Minecraft to play. version 1.0-1.6.4 are the best game versions because you still have to mine and craft.

    You'd have to go back further than 1.6.4 to find a version where mining is a necessity. Villager trading has existed since 1.3.1

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    I'd be happy to continue referring to the time leading up to 1.2.5 as "The golden age of Minecraft". To me it's just the name that happened to stick.

    Oxford, Cambridge, and Merriam-Webster have some overlapping ideas of what a golden age is: A time of great prosperity, happiness, and success. If those parameters aren't subjective then I don't know what is.

    Personally, I'd associate the name "golden age of Minecraft" with whatever moment brought the most enjoyment to the greatest number of people. So 2021 would have been it. I would have liked to know how many of us were playing on older versions though.

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    posted a message on I took a walk around Warband's tannery.

    Sometime last year I got into playing Mount and Blade: Warband again.

    I was having a fantastic time rediscovering the game's world. I had been through the towns, the castles, and the villages; and now that I had enough money I took a look at the productive enterprises.

    I had used tanneries in the past but I'd either never stepped into one or completely forgotten what they looked like, because what I saw there impacted in a way that Bulugha castle never did.

    When I stepped into the courtyard with the pools I was taken aback by the large structure surrounding it. The dark skies gave it an ominous aura.

    I made my way to the rooftops to get a better look. The many doors and stairs hinted that this place was meant to house many people.

    Yet all the doors and windows were shut, and there wasn't a soul in sight. If there was ever a place to encounter some ungodly creature in this game, this would've been it.

    I climbed up higher to get a view of the surroundings. I learned that the tannery was situated on an island.

    There was nothing in the surrounding land. Only the trees at the entrance to the complex stood out.

    Two painful drops later I found myself on the outside. The buildings sat atop some elevated platforms. They were high like walls, as if meant to keep people out.

    I walked along the island's perimeter. It almost seemed to be floating due to the waters perfectly mirroring the sky.

    Eventually I tried walking to the very edge but hit the area boundary. It was late in real life and I was all by myself so I was happy to leave.

    The end.

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    posted a message on Efficiency and you - Sharing tips and tricks and ideas!
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    Now the fuel properties! You can safe lot's of coal if you use sapplings/wool/etc instead of 1 coal for 2 iron ores. Or use lava instead.

    1 coal smelts 8 items. 8 coal smelt a stack. 16 coal make 1 stack of torches. And you want lots of torches!

    For fuel I chop down large trees and turn some of that wood into charcoal. Coal becomes very abundant once you get past the early game, but I prefer to have lots of this easily renewable fuel instead.

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    posted a message on Question About Chat Reporting on Private Servers

    The person you're playing with would have to report you and your message would have to be deemed harmful for that to even matter. If the server is yours then the easiest way to avoid any problems would be to not invite people that would not be okay with the kinds of things you intend to say.

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    posted a message on What the hell happened to minecraft?

    I believe TheMasterCaver is being accurate when he says many are looking to recapture that feeling of wonder they got when they first started playing

    Before I go on to say anything, I would like to clarify that I am not happy with the more recent updates either but I do think there are some things to consider when looking at the state of the game.

    This may be obvious but I think it's worth mentioning that our personal preferences greatly impact our perception of the game. Updates have been a source of disagreement from the very beginning. As Minecraft continues to be updated it will either get closer to or further away from each person's particular hopes and expectations for it, and will probably be moving in the exact opposite direction for somebody else, or maybe even for the majority of players. Many of the features currently in place have been viewed as negative changes by people in the past whether they've explicitly said so or not.

    I have personally disliked the addition of more real world animals to the game, but I am aware that the same type of player that would've used Dr.Zhark's mo' creatures mod back in the day must've been happy to have them.

    Creative mode is something I think so little about that it might as well not exist for me. However, it has been a great addition for those looking to build without going through the process of gathering resources. Not everyone was happy with it back when it was first introduced though.

    The hunger bar is one of the reasons I was drawn back into Minecraft after I'd decided it just wasn't the game for me, and (as you must very well know) it was also a highly disputed addition to the game.

    The changes to terrain generation, biome variety, the nether, the introduction of piglins, villager trades, totems of undying, elytras, treasure maps, the number of blocks, and even the game's textures may have played a role in improving or worsening your Minecraft experience. The game is so open-ended that it will appeal to many different kinds people for many different reasons. What is at core of one person's enjoyment won't always match with everyone else's. A player whose main source of entertainment is the construction of complex redstone mechanisms will likely have some very different preferences to someone that's mainly looking to explore different biomes and dimensions.

    Take a look at the outcomes to Mojang's Mob votes in the last few years. The impression one might get from listening to Minecraft content creators is that the only community favorite to ever come out on top has been the allay. I've even heard the statement that "A majority of players wanted X" instead.

    While there's a discussion to be had about the kind of content that Mojang chooses to put forth for the players to vote on, what I want to focus on are the seemingly unexpected results of letting players voice their preferences. We all have a very clear picture of the things we most enjoy about the game and where we want it to go moving forward. I do believe that most of us intersect on many points but I suspect that if any single one of us got our way, the rest of the community would not be very happy with the outcome.

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    posted a message on You joined Minecraft when?

    Shortly after the release of Beta. My first time reading about Minecraft was when someone made a hype thread for the Beta's release on the now gone wargames2.net forums.

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    posted a message on you ever just remember your first night In minecraft?

    I'm not sure there even was a day/night cycle when I first started playing Minecraft but I very vividly remember my first night in Beta 1.8.

    Back then every YouTuber in existence was uploading a video of themselves searching for Endermen in Minecraft.. I too wanted to take a look so I started a fresh new world to explore.

    I got set up in a cave at the foot of a small hill and went spelunking. I remember being amazed at how perfectly circular the cave was. It was as if a giant worm had made it by tunneling through there. As I explored I kept wondering if there was any chance I'd encounter an Enderman while down there.

    I did not stumble across any so I made my way back up around nighttime. I poked a couple of holes in a wall I'd built at the entrance of the cave and took a few peeks outside. The knowledge that Endermen could be out there made the forest seem a bit eerie.

    I waited for a bit before finally venturing out in search of Endermen.

    I hadn't walked very far when I spotted one making its way through the forest. I knew they weren't aggressive unless you looked them in the eye so I started getting closer.. As I was doing so I spotted another one in the corner of my eye, and then another! I took a step back just to look at them for a bit. I almost wanted to upset one just to experience their pursuit. I didn't really want to die though so I made my way back to my cave and got back to mining.

    While down there I found yet another Enderman.

    I still remember that (frankly uneventful) night as one of the high points of my time playing Minecraft.

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