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    posted a message on Does anyone even use the fourms anymore?

    I haven't been active lately but I still check in every now and then. Sadly I haven't had anything meaningful to contribute in a while.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I'd been documenting my experiences living on a tiny island.

    I spawned in the middle of what seemed to be a vast ocean on a (somewhat) barren island and made it my goal to thrive without setting foot outside of it until it was time to fight the Ender dragon.

    I'd been up to a lot of stuff: I spread the island's dirt around to spawn in some animals, ventured into the nether, hunted zombies for carrots & potatoes, built a ring around the island to expand it, and ultimately ended up living below sea level with the ring being transformed into a containment wall for the ocean.

    The last of my projects was a stairway going from bedrock up to a platform I used to kill mobs that dropped from a dark room mob spawner located at the build height limit.

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    posted a message on Is there a legal way to continue playing Minecraft without migrating to a MS account?

    Just wondering if I have any options available. I remember reading that some launchers could bypass this requirement, is that true?

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    posted a message on Name a movie starring the above avatar

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    posted a message on Thoughts on Slimefun4?

    I played on a server that ran Slimefun. A lot of the addons were very useful for this multiplayer setting. My personal favorite was the fruit tree addon.

    I made a large orchard out in some distant jungle and returned 2 weeks later to find that a whole city had been built around it.The machines spared me many frustrations as I could just set them down, collect my resources, and walk away without having to traverse the dangerous mines left behind by my new neighbors.

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    posted a message on Guess The Below Person's Favorite Mob
    Quote from webrosc»

    erm.... how can anyone even begin to guess the fave mob of the person below when their is no one below as they are yet to post or make themselves known???

    Hold on! I think that might be a good thing. :P

    It'd probably be too obvious if we knew the poster. Is your favorite mob the cat? :lol:

    Quote from ProLuke9700»

    I will try to guess yours...

    I think it is... dog or wolf.


    I think the next poster's favorite mob is... Enderman?

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    posted a message on Extraordinary number of iron golems
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    According to the Wiki, zombies and drowned do seek out villagers from a distance of 42 blocks but the villagers don't panic until they get within 8 blocks (15 blocks for pillagers.) So 16 blocks between inner and outer fences/walls should be enough.

    Thanks for the correction. I remembered that zombie's could tack villagers up to 42 blocks away and that villagers will search for work stations within 42 blocks so I didn't really think twice about the villager-to-zombie spotting range. :P

    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Having at least 10 cats in a village is supposed to stop golem summoning for some reason. Or maybe that was in an earlier version?

    This would explain why some of my iron farms stopped working sometimes. I hope this is still considered on-topic.. Is there a way to stop cats from spawning to stop them from hitting the cap besides spawn proofing the entire village?

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    posted a message on Answer the question above you

    Exhausting as usual. :angry:

    What fantasy creature would make the best pet?

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Quote from SmugSmirk»

    Oh my god this place is still kicking.

    Yay! You're back! Now you can stay here forever. :farming247: by Mooshim

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    posted a message on Survival Treehouse - By the seat of my pants

    I have to agree with everybody else, your house looks great. :) I'm a big fan of elevated houses and big windows so those are the reasons I like it. Plus, I think it's nice that you're incorporating the jungle into your build.

    Don't know if you're still looking into mob-proofing, but I've never had any issues by just fencing off a perimeter and placing a light source every 5 blocks inside of it.

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    posted a message on Extraordinary number of iron golems


    You're right about the line of sight. Your walls have to be 2 blocks or higher to prevent your villagers from seeing any zombies.

    An alternative is to build an outer wall that is at least 42 blocks away from your inner walls. Mobs don't track objects that are outside of this range, so if you build a buffer zone the zombies should never be close enough to scare the villagers.

    Edit: See Hexalobular's post.

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    posted a message on My first Enderman farm

    That's pretty cool. I see you've gathered a bunch of xp already!

    If you're planning to fight the wither I'd recommend crafting a Smite V sword. Two people carrying them can defeat the wither in seconds, but even a single person can bring it down in no time if you're in the right place.

    You can fight it anywhere but you should preferably do it someplace where it can't fly off. Fighting a flying wither can be really annoying, even with an elytra, so I'd suggest doing it near the roof of the nether (Since withers can't destroy bedrock), or somewhere underground.

    Good luck! Keep us updated. ^_^

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    posted a message on Guilty pleasure songs

    Music can create some truly awesome experiences. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

    For one that is not nearly as poetic try putting Michael Jackson's Smooth criminal somewhere in your playlist. Sooner or later that "Ow!" at the beginning is going to sync up with something happening.

    It nearly killed me when a creeper exploded right behind me. :lol:

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    posted a message on My quest to the nether
    Quote from Toadrunner»

    Very nice! You were really lucky with your world. It is lovely! It occurs to me that it would be fun to create a children's photo book about Minecraft adventures with accompanying text. It would be quite expensive, though.

    Sounds like a great idea. Back when Minecraft had more media coverage I saw a few books showing off building ideas and the like, but I don't think I've seen one showcasing an adventure.

    Would be pretty neat to see one, as I know a majority of players had never visited the nether before this update, and only a tiny fraction of us have made it to the end. An adventure book would have helped guide a ton of players.

    Anyway... I made it to nether the very day I made this thread but didn't have the time to upload the screenshots. Here's the build up to that first trip.

    Walked back into town and started trading with the villagers. The librarian was selling Mending books! I couldn't get one, but I did trade some paper to lock them in.

    I expanded my crop farm to increase output. Gardening is probably my favorite thing to do in Minecraft. I also found out baby zombies will run straight through berry bushes. Maybe it's because of the trap doors. They'd die on their own if I stood atop the doors.

    I repaired my tools, gathered some coal for future uses, and went back for another round of trading. This librarian is awesome. He also sells Looting II. :D

    Sometime later I set out on my first excursion with the hopes of finding a lava pool. I did not come across anything, but I did get a nice view of my little homestead as I was heading back. I'm always very comforted by that soft glow in the distance when traversing the dangerous wilderness in the middle of the night.

    The next morning I set out again and spotted a sunken ship not far from home. I found a lot of goodies but was happiest with the bamboo.

    The next day I went back to trading. Normally I'd only bother with some farmers and a cleric at this stage of the game, but this time around I wanted to gear up before visiting the nether so I leveled up an armorer.

    I also prepared my future toolsmith.

    Sometime later I decided to use my treasure map as I continued my search for lava. I followed it for a bit and ended up at the very ship I found it in. The buried treasure had been just a short swim away all along! :(

    My search for surface lava continued as I headed out in one final direction. I didn't find any but I did stumble across some wolves, and a little flower biome.

    By now it was becoming pretty clear I wasn't going to be finding any surface lava anytime soon, so I took some of the diamonds I found in the village and set out to find some underground. It took me a while but eventually I got what I'd been looking for.

    By the time I finally surfaced everything in my farm was fully grown. I harvested everything I could and headed out for one last round of trading.

    My toolsmith turned out to be very handy as my diamond pickaxe really needed replacing.

    I threw a little food party before heading out for the nether. :P

    Then finally there it was... My nether portal.

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    posted a message on What does YOUR username's seed look like?

    That's a nice seed. Savanna's, plains, and deserts are great starting biomes. They have very good visibility, are easy to traverse, and can spawn a lot of animals and monsters.

    Mine is AstralMagic. It is highly unremarkable. :P

    The spawn point is your ordinary Minecraft forest.

    To the north there is a taiga with two mountains visible in the distance

    To the southwest there is another mountain, and some plains a bit west of that.

    There's a snowy taiga to the east, and a tundra to the southeast.

    As I was uploading this I realized I could have used Optifine to get a better view of my surroundings, but I'm too lazy to go back and redo the screenshots. :lol: If there's anything of interest in the distance it'll remain a mystery.

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