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    posted a message on killed a pink sheep and didnt realize until it was too late.

    Very tragic. I've had some terrible mishaps of my own when playing on autopilot. :(

    You could always dye a sheep and pretend none of this ever happened. :P

    Quote from frauscreations»

    what a horrible and cursed life i lead.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    posted a message on Villager transformation

    It depends on your difficulty settings. On Hard there is a 100% conversion rate, on Normal it's 50%, and on Easy it's 0%.

    If you want your villagers to be turned into zombie villagers every time you have to change your difficulty to hard.

    Good luck! :)

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    posted a message on My quest to the nether

    Edit: Please correct my grammar wherever you can. I suck at writing, english is not my first language, I barely get any sleep, and I'm always multi-tasking so I am bound to make a huge amount of mistakes. I'm always looking to improve myself though, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    This is my new world. My ultimate goal is to go to the nether and see all the new stuff that's been added.

    I know about things like netherite, piglins, striders, the boar creatures, the bastions, and the biomes; but I have intentionally kept myself in the dark as much as I could to get a fresh experience. I haven't looked at any new items, I don't know anything about all the new flora, what those red vines do, or what that blue fire is for.

    So I'm going to be documenting some of the things I do. I'm probably going to mess up a lot as I don't want to bring up the wiki.

    So anyway... This save is named "Astria".


    I looked at my surroundings. To the east was an ocean, and to the west, not far from spawn, a village!

    I immediately started looting the place. Found a lot more stuff than I was expecting.

    The village is beautiful and has a ton of workshops. It has 2 blacksmiths, a library, and a church, among other things.

    I found a promising cave right next to the village but the sun started to set before I could get mining. I slept through the first night to keep the villagers safe.


    I headed back down to the cave and mined iron until I hit a dead end. Made a full set of iron armor and then started heading west as the day was nearing its end. I want to be far from the village as I want to stay up long enough to get some phantoms to spawn.


    I hadn't walked for very long when I stumbled across a ravine. Before exploring it I walked down a nearby cave to gather some more iron.

    As I was putting away some stuff into chests I decided to just settle down here and make this my base of operations.

    Eventually I made my way down the ravine and was becoming pretty disillusioned when I spotted something along one of the walls...


    As the dark of night began to fade I caught a glimpse of a dungeon right above me. I broke in to find a spider spawner and some goodies.

    Afterwards I spent the day cutting down trees to make room for my crop farms. This is going to be a lovely place to live in.


    I go around lighting up the perimeter and killing stuff. I'm trying to figure out how everything will be set up. My goal is to start trading with the villagers so I can get ahold of some decent equipment.

    4TH, 5TH, & 6TH DAYS:

    Nothing particularly noteworthy happened. My farms are coming along nicely and I got a few membranes. I'm hoping to start trading soon and maybe set out to find a lava pool somewhere.

    I leave you with an image of the sixth night. I was standing there, contemplating the beauty of the forest that lies right outside my garden, just enjoying the calmness...

    When suddenly

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    posted a message on Survival world names
    Quote from EditName»

    Using simple names would probably be the smart thing to do. Maybe my problem is that I try to come up with something fancy for every world I make. :lol:
    Quote from LoRaM100»

    Sounds like a good way to keep everything in order. I'm going to start naming my disposable worlds in this format. What I've been doing until now is discarding them asap to avoid clutter, but that shouldn't be a problem with tidy names like those.
    Quote from Jancrash»

    I did not remember FNG. It really is an awesome site.

    Wish I could name worlds as well as you. "Elcionne", "Astria", and "Akkyn" all sound hella cool. :o I can spend hours trying to come up with cool names like those with no success.


    I like to have my world name and world seed be the same. Went with Astria and found diamonds in a village chest just a few steps away from spawn. :lol:

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    posted a message on Answer the three questions above you


    How'd you get into gaming?

    A: I saw one of the pokemon games for the original gameboy and really wanted to explore that tiny world of tiny people. Started out with Pokemon Silver for the Gameboy color and then moved on to other consoles from there.


    Are you a shy person?

    A: Used to be very shy as a kid. Nowadays I'm neither shy nor outgoing. Just average I guess.


    Do you like green shirts, and why?

    A: I'm indifferent to them.

    Q: You're going to spend the next 10 years living out in North America's forests and you can only bring 3 objects with you. What do you take?

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    posted a message on Answer the Question Above You III

    Wow. That's a real tough one... :mellow: Right now I can't decide between Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine, and Def Leppard's Hysteria; and even then it's probably neither of those. :unsure:

    Q: What's your favorite holiday?

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    posted a message on Survival world names

    I want to start a new world to finally have a go at the nether update but I'm having a hard time coming up with a name. Any suggestions?

    Also, what are some of your world names? Seen many interesting ones in some older threads.

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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V



    I have to verify all my logins to the Minecraft forum. :P

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    posted a message on Synthwave is mainly known for instrumental music...

    Another vocal synthwave enthusiast! :o Awesome playlist! Saw plenty of artists I already listen to, and discovered some new ones too. :)

    I think you might enjoy some of these:

    - FM attack

    - Forêt de vin

    - Freeweights

    - Sunglasses kid. Ollie Wride does the vocals in this one, although I've never looked into his music. Chose this song because it perfectly showcases the theme. :)

    * Don't want to derail the thread but do you also listen to chillwave? If so do you have any recommendations?

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    posted a message on Answer the question above you

    Of course. :P It's beautiful.

    Do you play any instruments?

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    posted a message on My Enchant Table will not let me enchant, even when i have enough levels

    None at all? Not even the first one?

    The costs for the enchantments on your screen are:

    - 1 lapis + 7 levels

    - 2 lapis + 17 levels

    - 3 lapis + 30 levels

    You'd need more lapis to get the second enchantment, and more lapis and levels for the third.

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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?

    Listening to this cheerful piece. ^_^

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    posted a message on Had an interesting experience with an Enderman
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    This sounds like an old bug where an Enderman is attacked around dawn and becomes aggressive for a short while, before becoming passive, but somehow becomes attached to you. The thread below details an experience of this, i have had it a few times now, as i recall the Enderman will teleport near you if you move away, and if you look at him he will not attack, but if you get too close he will also teleport away. I think he will only become aggressive again if you log out the game and reload.


    Wow. Thanks for the info! :) I had never encountered this bug before and was pretty surprised by it.
    Real good to know that logging out makes them aggressive again. I was pretty sad when I lost my Enderman but now I realize things would probably have ended quite badly if I'd kept it. :P

    I think glitches like this and the cowl witches being neutral are things the community WANTS.

    We don't WANT to be told who is and who isn't friendly.

    We WANT to have more companions in the game, even simple ones.

    Always thought it'd be pretty neat to be able to trade with witches. I know many players use redstone and glowstone to the point where a witch farm is warranted. Would be nice to have a more peaceful alternative to obtain those resources. Maybe through a piglin-like game mechanic.

    I doubt Mojang would ever budge on this though. :(

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