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    First, let me say I like the Meecreeps mod, and a lot of Mcjty's mods so this is not about content, it's about how things are updated.

    I went to update my Direwolf20 mod to the latest Meecreeps version and the most-recent IndustrialForegoing. When starting up Minecraft it told me I also had to update tesla-core-lib and mcjtylib. okay, no problem, "will do". On the next try is wanted a newer forgelin. Uh, okay, so one of those libs needed forgelin updated, alright, "will do". Then I get a game crash. I have to interpret the crash log so see that DeepResonance also needs to be updated since a method signature changed (no matching routine name and parameter list found). Ignoring that Java has polymorphism, and signature changes can be added without removing the old ones, I downloaded DeepResonance and installed it. Next try (this is now the 4th try), it needs ElecCore updated. Another download, another try. Now the game crash says it needs RFTools updated (again, parameters to a routine changed, no polymorphism). Another update, now try #6. Nope, needs newer XNet. Download, install (this is getting old now!). Another crash log, another change, needs newer RFToolsDim.

    EIGHT tries to run the game because I updated ONE mod? Really? I'm all for using libs to help the developers standardize tool routines, but we need a better way. Certainly one that does not require the player to fail running the game EIGHT TIMES and interpret THREE CRASH LOGS! I'm fortunate that I program Java so I can read crash logs, but I'm sure I'm in the minority.

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