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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Amazing, NPC Village connected to Temple! Dungeon Underneath.
    Hey Fellas,

    Havn't posted a seed in awhile, but stumbled upon this pretty epic, yet unique seed today.

    This seed features an abundant source of trees located at spawn, and an NPC Village directly connected to a temple just a few steps away! Digging below the temple, there is a dungeon that I have yet to explore, but most definitely will not spoil for you all.

    Seed : -5427861224447699656

    Take a gander at these photos, and hope you all have fun with this one. I sure am!

    Spawn Point overlooking City.

    A look at the city connected to the Temple

    NPC room entrance into the Temple

    Large Dungeon underneath the Temple Goodies.

    Ravine along the swamp featuring caves and mineshafts.

    Mineshaft along the top a ravine.

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    posted a message on ANOTHER DOUBLE VILLAGE -SPAWN Dungeon Entrance, Swamp, Grasslands, Forrest
    Hey Fellas,

    As some of you may know, recently I posted a seed of a Double Village, which can be found here.

    I've found another rather interesting seed which features two side to side villages again. An entrance to an amazing dungeon right in between, as well as plenty of trees in the surrounding areas. The rivers that surround the villages are very interesting as well, giving it a lively feel.


    Seed : 11449097

    North of the grass lands, right next to spawn.

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    posted a message on Is this a good gaming pc!
    I'd say that's certainly enough power to run minecraft.. :wink.gif: That's a great computer.
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    posted a message on Beautiful DOUBLE VILLAGE seed - Ravines, Mineshaft. Above Ground Spawner* PICTURES*
    Hello everyone,

    Came across another beautiful seed with Two visible Villages all next to spawn! Next to the villages, two ravines one near each as well as an amazing river separating the two! I especially love all the flat land making the possibility of building or joining the two villages. Hope you all enjoy!



    Seed : 524093641254690852

    Here is the first village, with the second just visible on the top of the image.

    Approaching the other village in the previous image, gives a better look of the two ravines in between.

    Another view of the village, looking towards the village in the first image.

    A fairly visible zombie spawner close to the surface of the desert.
    Coordinates : 368x,100z

    New note, there is an abandoned mineshaft right underneath the village! Great way to start a mine for your city.
    Coords : 66x,372z
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    posted a message on Beautiful Seed - 2 Villages, Coved Caves, Double Ravine "Pics"
    This is a very nice seed my brother and I have had time to play on in Single Player. Plenty of amazing ravines that seem to go on forever, plenty of resources. Forest Biome conjoined with a desert biome and grass biome close together. As well as a visible Zombie spawner at the surface right next to a village! Talk about a nice place for a xp grinder. Go wild!

    Sidenote : Plenty more ravines, and zombie spawners with mineshafts as well.

    ~ Cheers

    Seed : 8158197319580519481

    Zombie Spawner on the bottom left edge of the desert.
    X: -162
    Y: 65
    Z: 113

    ust a tad modified, but very nice for it to overhang on the edge of the hill!

    Zombie Spawner
    X: 19
    Y: 53
    Z: 19

    Rare Skeleton Spawner
    X: -1
    Y: 54
    Z: 57
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 | Cities | RP | 30 Slots | GREYLIST | McMMO
    1: In Game Name (IGN): Associn
    2: (optional) Age : 19
    3: (optional) Gender : Male
    4: How did you find us (if you were referred by a player please list their name): Found you on the forum. :smile.gif:
    5: Is there anything else you would like to add to your application? Just searching for a casual, teambased and mature server to build on.
    6. (optional) Tell us your characters back story. Hmm, guess you could say My character is like an old guy.. Calm, Collected, Knowledgeable, and appreciates the little things.
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    posted a message on Amazing Seed! *Grassland,Rivers,Mountains,Forest*
    Here are some more pictures! AMAZING mountain with a natural overhang to get to the other side.

    Again the spawn is (112,115) Where all of this can be found just by a turn.


    Quite a few visible dungeons all within the spawn area I listen above! Filled with coal and Iron, didn't go too far inside.

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    posted a message on Apple iPhone 5 - Coverage
    Quote from AtillaBosma

    Change 1/2 things.
    Give it a new number after the name.
    Sell millions.

    Hahaha, That's pretty much it. But IOS5 Is very cool! Not sure if you've seen it yet, but much better then IOS4 so far. Not sure what the new phone will look like, but judging by the iPhone cases already out, I don't think ill be too fond of it.
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    posted a message on Amazing Seed! *Grassland,Rivers,Mountains,Forest*
    This is an absolutely beautiful seed I came across tonight. Riddled with Rivers, Lakes, and plenty of bright green grasslands! Next to it is a Forest, and Adjacent to it is a small desert parcel. I didn't check any dungeons or much past my spawning area, but definitely an amazing single player area filled with plenty of livestock, farming space, and empty land to build your village. :wink.gif:

    Seed - 6296997416040811985 (Tested on 1.8)

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Seeing as I just came upon his thread, might as well give it a go.

    My name's Garrett, and I'm 18 years Old. Currently attending Oklahoma State University working getting my Masters in General Business as well as a Double Minor in Account or Financing. On my free time, I enjoy Tornado Chasing, Off-Roading, Astronomy or Star Gazing, and of course Video Games. :wink.gif:

    I found out about Minecraft quite awhile ago, I believe it was shortly after the release of Beta, but just started getting back into things about a month ago.

    Looking forward to some happy Gaming!

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