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    posted a message on Berb SMP - A New Vanilla-like Survival Server

    IGN: enooOW

    Age: 22

    What's your favourite thing to do in Minecraft: I like to automate processes and amass large amounts of items.

    Show an example of something you've built: I will once I get in the discord!!

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    posted a message on [New Season] 🌎 Atlas SMP 🌎 1.18.1 Vanilla || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat

    In Game Name: zakzakiel[/i]
    Age: 21[/i]
    Country & Timezone: US, CT[/i]
    Discord ID: 🦋⃤z.#7907[/i]
    What are your strengths/weaknesses in Minecraft?: I like building large farms and automating nearly everything. [/i]
    What is your favourite building style?: I don't really hold one, though I like building on large scales.[/i]
    What aspects of multiplayer servers do you enjoy/think you'll enjoy most?: Small close-knit communities that work together.[/i]
    What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft?: I just like to play a lot of other games.[/i]

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    posted a message on Kowmmuity Server 1.18.1 [SMP] Three Lives Then You're Lost (Harcore like Challenge) [Economy/Survival]

    Username: Asroiluo[/b]

    Age: 21[/b]

    Do you have Discord(Recommend): asroiluo#7907[/b]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 2011[/b]

    What do you think you would bring to the server: Economic renewal.[/b]

    Why would you like to join the server: I would like to interact with the community and help the economy prosper.[/b]

    Any Questions you have for me: Nope![/b]

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    posted a message on HiveMineSMP is looking for new people to join our community!

    Name & IGN: Z, Azzy, my IGN is Asroiluo
    Country & Timezone: NA, Central.
    A little about yourself: I like to interact with communities, and just talk to people :)
    Why should we accept you: Because I'll be active and try to interact as much as I can with people from the server. I like being apart of groups.

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