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    posted a message on New cool game for Child's play
    I don't think that text is big enough for me to read... :/
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    posted a message on ice cream mod
    Quote from Davis99

    you make ice cream by puting a bucket of milk on top of a stick

    try googleing food mods... there's one out there.
    future reference try googleing things before posting
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    posted a message on 8-bit "Noob Craft" [1.7.3 compatible] [WIP]
    Not going to be downloaded without pics.
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    posted a message on What The **** Did I Just Find
    um.. looks like a pyramid to me there Jethro. lol probably a mix up with naming and loading different worlds from your game.
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    posted a message on General Minecraft Question

    Yes, Yes.
    I know the feeling.
    I find that my most fun is doing adventure maps (you can find them in the forum)
    Plus try out some new mods (make sure they are popular enough to have pics on the threads) (also in the forum)
    If your a visual kindof person Texture packs are awesome as well.

    There is also online... i dont like the multiplayer server but i do like hanging out with my friend on our own server and messing around and build stuff. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Builder reporting for duty!
    Quote from I8Wafflez

    Hello I am I8Wafflez :Diamond: I am a very good builder,but i have no one to build for :dry.gif: ,I can build almost anything if you want me to,I am also good with redstone.If you want a Very good builder just Repley to this Post and il Help you!I can work with Hamachi or no Hamachi.If you need anymore Info Just Repley and Il Repley ASAP :SSSS:

    Can you post some pics up?
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    posted a message on Prehistoric Island
    Quote from jmayoman

    A Dinosaur Hunting Game Placed On a Prehistoric Island It Will Use The Minecraft Player Model And Will Be Skin Editable The Game Will Be Modable

    Spinosaurus :Turquoise:
    Trex :Turquoise:
    Allosaurus :Turquoise:
    Gastonia :Turquoise:


    So like Turok but with lower graphics? Awesome...
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    posted a message on Friend Problems
    Quote from wqeu24

    ok so as you read in the title I am having a problem with a friend. He told me that I treat all my friends like crap and I treat who ever doesnt agree with me like an idiot. He then says if I say sorry to him its just a word and it doesnt mean anything. I have asked all my friends and they have told me that when Im around they have a whale of a time oh and my friend says that I hit him even thoguh I dont. Really the only reason I think he is doing this is os he can hang out with is Girlfriend because Im the only one that actually calls him. idk I just wish I knew a way to talk to him but he said he wont talk to me till I realize how I treat my friends like objects that I can throw away. Idk im sad that he hates me now but at the same time mad that he would lie to me. what should I do?

    Friends will come and go but Family stays forever.
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    posted a message on Need hel buiding are survival servers new spawn Need expert builders anyone out there that can help me?
    Quote from superdude1534

    no dude im thinking of like an oblivion styled castl not the castle oblivion itself just like that a big castle with a town?

    Oh well that'd be cool. I was thinking about building a castle recently but knew i'd need help to get any progress done haha. Don't have any built yet but would be fun to help you out!
    Let me know.
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    posted a message on Need hel buiding are survival servers new spawn Need expert builders anyone out there that can help me?
    What style is it going to be?


    Some Pics of recent works in spoiler below:

    A Pretty Little Bridge Ramp.

    A Little Bit of Parkour from my map.

    My Town From My [ADV][Puz] Map

    Me and My Friends City:
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    posted a message on That'll do, pig.
    Quote from Elementis

    the story of how a pig saved a mans life.

    from BABE, obviously.

    No this definitely not a quote from Babe. This is obviously a ZombieLand Quote:

    Haha :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Warping through different worlds
    Quote from cadu1990

    Hello everyone

    Here's the thing, in our standard server, we want to create a brand new world, but keep the previous one. We know we can change between them by changing the name of the world in the server.properties file.

    What I want to know if there is a plugin or something that can make you warp to the different worlds, like, I playing in the world 1, and want to go to world 2, and instead of turning off the server and changing the file, just type something like /warp world2.

    So, is there anything like that?


    Don't think that is possible. Plus it would most likely lag your server up so bad you couldn't function. But does sound like a cool idea.
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    posted a message on Piston Trouble
    Hello Minecraft,

    Ok i think theres a glitch with pistons. (go figure :tongue.gif:)
    Take a look at my photos and see if you can help me figure out why this happens. (In spoiler so it doesn't fill up a large amount of space on this topic.)
    There is absolutely no power going to them now that i broke the torches with pistons.. but still it stays out. When i place a block on one of them they all go back. Walking on however, they stay out. I'm looking for a good explanation (trying to make something pretty epic and it would help me out :biggrin.gif:)

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    posted a message on Note Block Sound Gone!
    wait hold on... alright i have my dunce cap on. Sooo Now that i feel like a total newb, i am going to hide in my minecraft cave. Thanks :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Note Block Sound Gone!
    Hello Hello,

    When i hit the Sound Block all it does is do a click (no sound but you can hear the click DOES get higher). I have TooManyItems and Zombes Flight mod. Would either one of those two mess up the sound blocks? I wouldn't think that would but you never know i guess. (Yes i've reinstalled about 20 times because i love trying new mods) Please Help :smile.gif:
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