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    Minecraft Account Name: AspectGC

    How old are you?: 24

    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: -5:00 EST.

    Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: Yes, as I was born and raised in Canada. I'm also in the gifted program.

    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: I'm kinda a nerdy guy. I play video games alot. I'm also quite social and love to talk.

    How much time could you be on the server weekly?: I can give about a good three hours on weekdays, and much more on weekends.

    What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: I've been roleplaying since I was ten. I have roleplayed on boards, and on different videos games that include, but are not limited to WoW, SC2, Guild Wars, and Minecraft. Roleplay is where you and a bunch of people fill on the roles of characters. You mold you own story, which is why it is so fun!

    What experience have you had in Roleplaying, if any?: As stated above I've roleplayed since I was ten, and have roleplayed on boards, and a variety of video games.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Meta Gaming is doing an act in which your character draws information and knowledge from IRL, or from other sources out of Roleplay.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Powergaming is the act of doing something impossible in roleplay. Every roleplayed character has his limits, and they are not gods. For example one man cannot eliminate a whole town.

    What do you expect this server will be like?: I expect this server to be REAL mature RP. I don't want people running around OoC screaming " U NUB, NUB." I also expect that I will be helped by veterans on the mechanics of the server.

    What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: I have played on the server "Road To Ages" which I still play on, but as it is down for quite a while I am looking for a new RP server that I can adopt as my home. I may still continue to play on Road To Ages when it is up, but if I enjoy this server enough I will split my time.

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Yes, of course. I doubt anyone would answer no to this.

    Do you promise to abide by said rules, and laws? This includes the Server, Forum, and Teamspeak set Rules: Yes.

    How did you hear about us?: I was trawling the Minecraft Forums looking for a good Roleplay server.

    Have you voted for the Lord of the Craft on Minestatus? Which vote number were you?:Voted earlier, but forgot to record my number. I assure that I have voted.

    Have you posted this application on our minecraft forum thread yet? If not, just finish it up on here and then copy + paste is over there. (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/832121-░▒▓-the-lord-of-the-craft-▓▒░-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r/): Will do, once this is complete.


    Character Name: Tidus Oakfell

    What Race are you?: Human

    What Sub-Race are you? (note, you aren’t required to have a sub-race): Southerner.

    Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):

    Tidus was never a lone man. He was always extremely social. Born into a wandering pack of merchants, Tidus had never really had a normal life. It was always one place to another very quickly. There was nothing odd about Tidus' early life. He gathered, and foraged. He was quickly introduced to gold, and the life of a merchant. Tidus decided that this was what his life would be devoted to. Tidus was never sure of who his parents were. The merchants said that when they stopped in a village a baby was dropped off to them. By his looks he had dark yellow skin, and blonde hair. He assumes that he is a southerner by blood.

    When Tidus came of age he decided that he would leave the group that loved him so much. He left to go to Arethor where he wanted to start a new life. He decided that he would open the finest trading company these lands have ever seen. Tidus had not really understood anything else but how to grow and nurture a piece of gold.

    Tidus was not really religious, or interested in politics. There was perhaps one thing that was almost attractive to Tidus as money, and that was women. Tidus was far from a ladies man. In fact, he had never even been in a real relationship before. Every time he was with a woman when he wandered, his heart was already played with, and eventually destroyed. Tidus is also a slight bit of a pervert, and he a a permanent scar on his right arm to remind him of that.

    What is your Character's ambitions?: Tidus' ambitions are to grow the largest trading company in all of the lands..

    What is your character’s favorite tool? (sword, pickaxe, shovel, etc): Tidus' favorite tool is the axe. He was trained to fell a tree from a young age, and he learned how to craft fine works of wood. His other tool is his voice. He is a great speaker, and uses his deception like a knife.

    What is one of your Character's most skilled talents? Tidus' most skilled talent is woodworking, and deception. He is also fairly skilled in the art of assassination, be it through means of poison, or a dagger.

    A screenshot of your skin (must be in proper format): http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/61886/merchant/

    Other Information about your Character:


    Whilst traveling from the Cloud Temple you see a small halfling, being harassed by two armed warriors. They appear to be trying to steal money from him, how does your character respond? Tidus is not a fighter. He will wait to see what happens and if the half-ling somehow manages to escape, he will be quick to cut the purse of the halfling. Tidus is one to analyze the situation, and make sure he will succeed, and that he will not get caught.

    Your character wanders into Alras, and comes across a small stall, behind which a well dressed man is standing. He’s offering various wares, the merchant turns to you and says in a posh accent " 'ello there, what can I do you for today?" What is your character response?

    My character will take time to examine the wares. He knows a good deal when he sees them, and even if he cannot use the wares he will buy them, and sell them for profit.

    Whilst wandering in the wilds, your character comes across a small hut, which looks abandoned. Inside it you see a chest containing a few iron bars, and a golden sword. How would your character respond?: My character will be quick to pocket the items. They're free and Tidus would quickly jump at the chance to be able to make such a profit.

    Hungry and lost in the wilderness, you stumble across a small trading camp nestled among the forest, they greet you you in the common tongue, how do you respond?
    I know that it would not be wise to steal from such a large group alone, so I would converse with them, and see if they had any wares that I could possibly make profit from.

    You hear word that bandits occupy the road outside the town in which you have been staying. The town guard have gathered, and are asking for assistance to help eliminate them. The leader of the party is offering a reward for any who offer their support. How does your character act on this information?:
    Tidus is not a fighter so he would go, but would slack off until the very end. He will then carefully maneuver a lie to make sure that he looks like a hero. That way he will be able to cash in the reward. If needed he will lure his party, and silently kill them so he can gain all of the reward. He holds no personal attachment to people he's just met.
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    Quote from Carlcass

    OOC Information
    In-Game Name: carlcass
    Age: 21
    Timezone/Location: GMT+1 / Sweden
    How did you hear about us? (Optional): imAspect!
    UCGaming Forums Name (We require you to signup on our website): carlcass

    IC information
    Roleplay Name: Karl Olbach
    Age: 41
    Race: Bjardsoen
    Class: Miner
    Biography(250 words minimal): I was raised in a small village by the Bjard people. I was stitll quite young at about seven year of age when some merchant dropped off a baby to my father's household. He was raised as my younger brother and his name was Tidus. I had a fairly normal childhood. I did work in the mines like my father, and his father. It was a hard job but it was quite rewarding. When my father died I took up the house. Then one fateful day bandits came to the town. They plundered everything, and I didn't have much left. They abducted me when I tried to chase them. For months I was locked in a small jail with nothing to eaat except stale bread. I believe they were about to kill me when a group of warriors from Ofrihiem came and rescued me. They told me that I should come to Ofrihiem and work there. I asked them if they knew of a man named Tidus. They said yes. I knew Tidus was in Ofrihiem because he said that he was going to a bigger town to start a new life! I'm hoping I can find a place to stay in Ofrihiem and let the adventures begin! The only thing is that Tidus believes I'm dead... About Me? I'm a fairly normal chap. I'm not much for fighting or for warfare. I'm more interested in working or backing up our troops by doing some mining. People have said I've got my father's touch, as he was the one who found the Khazgit Diamond. My weaknesses? Some good ale and women. More then once I've gotten too drunk and caused an uproar in the village.

    Brother!!! ;D
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    Quote from Prongs12

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for my absence, over the last few days I and the rest of the staff have been and launch our first ever "expansion" Rise of Ravok, which is the tale of the God Ravok breaking free of his prison and bringing his wrath upon the World. Many things are in this update and the complete list will be posted on the first page.

    Ravok Event will being in roughly 30 minutes or so, so log on and enjoy.

    The updated whitelist over the last few days:
    Duscc (Kree/Smith) - All in order. And if you're interested in our discussion about interbreeding, it's on the forums in the lore writers only section.

    Cookie_Owner - As I said earlier, you CANNOT use magic before attending the Academy. This needs to be changed.
    PoopCircus - More words (250 is a minimum, and most people go over that). In addition, I'm not really a fan of your segment with being trained with a bow. Your class physically cannot wield them, so perhaps you can take that out.
    Unknown Applicant - No.
    shadybone - Stick with the lore provided. This means not using terminology found within the default Minecraft, and not creating your own lore.
    Diamond_Joey - Don't use minecraft terminology, work off of the lore from the first post. In doing so, you'll realize that "The War" was over 100 years ago, there are no "unknown" lands, and the race is called "Kree." While we don't discriminate based on location or first languages, it is a necessity that you have a firm grasp on the English language; you must keep up with the roleplay, and people must be able to understand you

    I'm excited for the events!
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    Quote from Dhruv_TheMIner

    IGN - dhruv_aggarwal

    just scouting for anew server ...as on my old one my creations are griefed like everyday even though I am a MOD....


    here are a very few pics of my creations

    My link

    I did apply once before but I was rejected for having no diamonds....lol
    and I am thinking about joining new server so i thought y not post again...
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    You didnt follow the app, and the grammar is pretty bad too. I don't see what's so hard about saying why, instead of y.
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    Guys, for any one who is considering applying if you find yourself a good RPer this is the place to go. I've been on for a few days, and it's so fun!
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    Quote from Prongs12

    Update #1 Rise of Ravok
    Hello everyone,

    Our server first serious update will be taking place this week with the official release taking place Friday with an official event to kick off the update. This update is looking to be a big fix to some problems of the server while include some new content from random dungeon ruins, hostile mobs, the Nether (Which will be given a RP name with the release of the Update lore), fix to the economy and class balancing, bookworm, and much more. For a full list of changes and additions please keep checking the forums.

    Along with the update to the actual server, we will be looking into updating to Minecraft 1.1 which will give us a few more toys to play with and help the role play of the server.

    The update process will be a long one and will require the server to be down starting Thursday 12:01 a.m. CST (-6 GMT) to roughly early Friday morning. While the server is down I ask you do not attempt to connect to the server as it can mess with our files and such.

    I will keep you posted as with new information as we decide to release it.

    UCG: Staff

    It'll give Swordsmen/women alot more purpose too! (:
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    Quote from tiasworld13

    :biggrin.gif: tiasworld13
    And America... I got talent!!!

    You'll need to write an application.
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    Bjard Smiths please apply! Me, and one other guy are journeying all the way to the KREE just to get weapons for the town. ): Also is the server down?
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    Quote from unknown5676

    I was thinking the bridge wasn't really in the theme of the server, and it wasn't that good.

    I'll come back to you with that. I don't have any pictures at the moment, because I don't really take pictures of things much, but bear with me; I'll make something on singleplayer that I hope you'll like.

    No problem. If you can build a good borean or tudor house we will be really impressed, because we are starting a town with that theme.
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    Quote from FoxtrotNine

    Noted, I appreciate it! Are farmers/miners at all in demand, before I post something up? Thanks in advance.

    I believe the Bjard require a smith.
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    Quote from Dragons5439

    Where you accepted? You'll have to talk with Prongs about getting a class change, since it's normally not allowed unless you RPly die or you donate money to the server.

    Or in other special circumstances (like failing the Mage Academy/Engineering Guild).

    I asked a mod (I forget his name) and he said that I could do a class change, but I would have to like totally reapply as a new person and my old guy is like gone.
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    By the way, I'm reapplying, since I dislike playing as a swordsman :/ (Character Change)

    OOC Information
    In-game Name: AspectGC
    Age: 24
    Time zone/Location: Toronto, Canada. -5 EST
    How did you hear about us? (Optional):
    UCGaming Forums Name (We require you to signup on our website): imAspect

    IC information
    Roleplay Name: Tidus Olbach
    Age: 36
    Race: Bjardsoen
    Class: Woodsman
    Biography(250 words minimal): Oh hello! I am Tidus, and if you are reading this chances are you are glancing through my journal. Well, I was raised in a small village just outside the Empire by the Bjard people. I'm not sure who my parents are since according to the villagers I was dropped off by a bunch of travelling merchants. I believe that I am of Bjardsoen descent because of the way I look, and my fighting arm. My village destroyed by monsoons, and I did a few odd jobs jumping from a few towns inside the Empire. I'm coming to Ofrihiem to start a business , and hopefully find out who my parents are. I've decided to become a merchant, because the people who I believe are my parents are the merchants who dropped me off at the village years ago. I'm a good carpenter, and a lumberjack which will help me develop my little business. I find myself quite resourceful, and hopefully the Chieftian will accept me to live among his people.

    I'm good with a sword, although I prefer not to use it. Though I do believe that I am a Bjard I don't enjoy fighting very much. I'm a man of words and I prefer to talk more then to fight. Another reason I do not enjoy fighting is because of the fact that everyone I once knew and loved died through fighting, and I see know point to it.

    I wish to find out my true heritage though. I have looked at my skin tone, and my traits, and this has lead me to believe that I am Bjard. I also am quite strong which is usually a trait of the Bjardsoen people. I hope the Grand Chieftian may have a clue about where I am from.
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    Quote from unknown5676

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    Answer: I have been playing Minecraft for around a year. Couldn't really give an exact time. I've been playing a lot longer than I had an account on the forums (Finding servers on youtube.)

    Pictures, or videos of one of your builds (Mandatory)?

    PM me if you would like the link for larger versions of these pictures.

    It's basically a simple bridge I made on a multi-player server. Tell me if this doesn't please you, and I'll search my hard drive for more screeny.

    I could also give you the Ip of the server which this is on, if you'd like to examine the details you can't see in the pictures.

    Here's another build I did on that same server. I made this to get accepted as a member. I'm glad I was able to find this again, also.

    This image is bottom, looking up at the ceiling.

    These two images are from the ceiling, looking down.

    Are you good with either Redstone, Interior, or Exterior design?

    Answer: I am fairly good with Redstone. I wish I could say I'm an expert, but I'm not. I can do redstone, but I'm sure there are better people, and I likely won't be accepted for any skill in redstone I have. As for exterior and interior design of buildings, I am decent at both. I could absolutely do well with both, as I fuss over details of things often.

    Do you have a skype(Mandatory)?

    Answer: I do. It's unknown5676. The name sort of get's annoying after a while, but it was back when I didn't care about the name I had.

    Do you know how to use WorldEdit a bit? And are you willing to place all you blocks by hand?

    Answer: I usually don't use WorldEdit, but I know how to use it. Most of the time, my builds (even the big ones) are done by hand.

    You know how to use VoxelSniper?

    Answer: No idea. Never used it before. If I had to, I could learn how. I'm not much of a Terra-former, even without VoxelSniper.

    What is the theme on this server?

    Answer: A fantasy themed server, last time I checked. Unless you hid some important detail I missed in the first post, with the tiny font.

    Write a brief bio about yourself ( 8 Sentences MINIMUM )

    8 sentence minimum bio? Okay, here goes...

    I'm generally a nice person, and easy to get along with. I'm multi-talented, and by that, I mean I have little passion. I don't exceed in a single area, but I have knowledge in multiple categories. First of all, I'm decent at Minecraft, and am also experienced in other games. I have done several timelapses on Minecraft before, which are on youtube, as well (Although, the people making the buildings in the timelapses don't get as much credit :tongue.gif:). I also have experience in scripting. I know basic (simple) programming for JavaScript, C++, Flash ActionScript 3.0, and HTML, and am currently learning other scripting languages also (The kind some MMO's use, and even Video games). I also play an instrument; the piano. I even have a keyboard sitting next to my bed. I've even learned how to play some songs, including Coldplay, Mindthings (He composed "Life's Things" which was used in SirCrest's Minecraft Interstate video), some music from C418 (The minecraft music), and other composers I am also a fan of. I am also a fan of Techo/Rock music, and I am especially a fan of both Matt Ragan and Romolo di Prisco. I've used programs before to even compose my music, and, though I am usually a pessimist, I feel I am fairly good at it.
    Some other non-important details you probably don't need to know. I exercise [fairly] often, and I rarely ever eat fast food (After reading Fast Food Nation, it just disgusts me). I've played many different sports before for local teams whilst in Elementary and Junior High School, but I didn't exactly "stay" with any of them. I.e. Baseball, then Football, then Rugby, then Basketball, then Soccer, and then Lacrosse, and then playing hockey with my friends... Wasn't the best at all of them, either.. I was also a part of the Debate Team in Senior High school... I am also experienced in the theme of the server. I have played both Runescape and World of Warcraft, and have a good idea on what the kind of fantasy them you have in mind. I've also built medieval style builds, and some out of complete fantasy. I'm mainly good with neo-gothic designs, and maybe a hint of tudor.

    And..... I think I just told ya all my hobbies and things I like to do. I hope that's acceptable for a bio; I really couldn't think of anything else to type, to be honest.

    And, er..... :iapprove:

    So I hope you liked this application. Please, message me if anything was wrong with it. I would very much enjoy to be a part of your server. I'll find more screen shots to put while I wait.

    I found one I thought I'd post anyway. It won't help me get accepted, but, hey, why not? It's a picture of me screwing around with an Ender-Crystal and a bunch of Ender Dragons.

    :DORE: <-- There's your diamond... Now where's my iron pickaxe?

    Do you think you can show me some other pictures?
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    Quote from The_dragon99

    Well then the only other thing i can do is to show my redstone.

    piston elevator

    double doors with a 2 way switch

    modified Jeb's door

    small drawbridge originally from breny beast

    secret passage under fireplace originally from Mr. Pithlit

    if this doesn't do it then i will quit trying.

    Sorry, we arn't looking for anymore redstoners.
    Quote from NightMareLunar

    Minecraft Name : halo3man100

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? year and a half

    Pictures, or videos of one of your builds (Mandatory)?

    Are you good with either Redstone, Interior, or Exterior design? Exterior and somewhat Interior

    Do you have a skype(Mandatory)? Yes

    Do you know how to use WorldEdit a bit? And are you willing to place all you blocks by hand? Do you know how to use VoxelSniper? Willing to place by hand

    What is the theme on this server? Medievil, light roleplay

    Write a brief bio about yourself ( 8 Sentences MINIMUM ) : I have been playing minecraft for a year and a half now. I am manager/equivilent on many servers. My strentgths are in Creative and also classic player. I do make pretty large builds and pixels, though, I doubt pixels are needed on the server. I am a talker and fluent English, seen as I am one. I like to show off my builds. I prefer to build alone, but will build with other people if they want too.

    Accepted! I just need your skype now! Feel free to PM it to me.
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    So I haven't been accepted yet?
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