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    posted a message on [How To] Dance to Dubstep
    How to make a stupid thread:
    1. Have one of your many, random, pointless, idiotic thoughts.
    2. Decide other people need to hear it.
    3. Post it on the forums (use the worst font possible for extra effect!)

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    posted a message on ITT: Things you do that you think are probably weird
    I used to sit like this until I was told the general stress to my spine/legs could give me serious problems later in life, such as scoliosis. It was kind of a bummer, because that was the only way I found sitting comfortable so now I'm always kind of uncomfortable when I sit.
    There's other stuff too, but you can probably find it back here.
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    posted a message on 2 Fails in a swedish gaming journal
    This isn't that hard to understand. He mentions two printing errors a magazine had:
    1) They forgot to add cocoa to the ingredients for making Minecraft-inspired brownies.
    2) They mistakingly listed Uncharted 3 as Battlefield 3 or vice-versa.
    Why this is of consequence I haven't the slightest idea.
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    posted a message on Are today's generations of video games taking us over?
    The point isn't that kids are obsessed with video games, it's that they're obsessed with bad video games. There are much more imaginative and interesting titles out there than your average FPS, and they tend to be ignored by the mainstream audience. This, of course, leads to the common misconception that 'video games are bad for your mind', when in reality games, like all art forms, have good and bad examples. It really annoys me when I hear people talking about Call of Duty like it's the best and most original video game ever.
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    posted a message on Show off your creative side!
    Meh. Just some pixel art.

    A mockup for a hexagonal strategy game:
    A cowboy riding a jellyfish:
    A treasure chest:
    A cityscape in the gameboy palette:
    Some weird 2D Minecraft thing:
    A dude fishing:
    A gentleman's silhoutte:
    A tree:
    And a clock tower:

    There's a lot more, these were just some random picks.
    I'm not good at pixel art, but hey, I try.
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    posted a message on Can i do it?
    Yes, you can, if you try.
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    posted a message on DS Games
    Let's see... *pulls out collection*
    *The World Ends With You
    *The Phoenix Wright series
    *Picross/Picross 3D
    *Rhythm Heaven
    *Elite Beat Agents
    *Bangai-O Spirits
    *Advance Wars: Dual Strike

    Those are all my more niche titles that you probably wouldn't stumble across normally. I wholeheartedly suggest all of them. Have fun.
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    posted a message on Testing Society
    Often, during rants, I just lapse into 'blah blah blah meow meow meow meow' and sometimes nobody notices.
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    posted a message on DOWN WITH HACKERS!
    X-raying != hacking.
    In a modern day world, where typing a status on a logged-in friend's Facebook account is hacking, one man stands against the idiots...
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    Upload your screenshots to Imgur.
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