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    Uh, lets stay safe here guys and DON'T download this. The topic used to be called "[WIP] Cobalt mod" and now it says "[WIP] Michael Jackson Mod - v0.9", plus the picture is from The Charlotte mod.

    this also isn't the forum for WIP mods ._.

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    posted a message on Loving the Adventure update(s)
    I would just like to say that I've loved almost every second I played of the Adventure Update(s), and haven't even considered useing mods, and would like to know how many of you have too! Also, If you haven't liked it mutch, you can say that too, just make sure to explain yourself, because I hate it when people go "IT STOOPID, NRTCH IS LAME RAWRAWR"
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    If you understand redstone mechanics (I do for one), Make a system so when you press a button, a minecart will swoop around your house and kill what ever it picks up, I'm gonna make one tomorrow and post it if any of you are interested.

    (very usefull for geting rid of creepers at your door)
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    posted a message on Making a clock under 4x4

    This redstone clock works nicely for me, the cloble stone with the button is to start it
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