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    Shinydiamond's Survival Server!

    Like the page and get 5 free diamonds!
    Share the page and get 5 more!
    The server is on sometimes
    The server is cracked
    This server is owned by Shinydiamond (you may have never heard of him. I'm not him either)! We are finding more players for this server since we only have approximately 9 players at the moment. It's whitelisted so don't even think about getting in before whitelisting. Once you're whitelisted, I'll PM you via MCF.

    1.) Don't submit false reports.
    2.) No Hacking.
    3.) No Spamming.
    4.) No Advertising.
    5.) No Spawnkilling
    6.) Don't make volcanoes.
    7.) Don't make lava/water coated bases.
    8.) Don't ask to be a mod or admin.
    9.) Griefing is allowed.
    10.) Stealing is allowed
    11.) Swearing is allowed, but be considerate.
    12.) Don't add mods and use them.
    13.) Don't make dirt towers. It'll make our server look like a mess.
    14.) Make trees fully cut down.

    Terms and Conditions:
    The user must abide by the rules and not offend anyone via racism, swear words or any shilly-shallying at anypony. I, the user must not spawnkill, make lava/water coated bases, volcanoes or random spammed things that will make this server look ugly and lag.
    I, the user, will not ask moderators or administrators for free unique things. I will not spam the chat with advertisements or any sorts of spam. I will abide by the rules and not commit any crimes or else I will be rolled back and banned.

    Past experiences in servers:
    Country of origin:
    Country living in right now:
    Have you read the whole page?:
    Have you read the Terms and Conditions?:
    Do the Pinkie Pie swear:

    Facebook site:

    Feel free to donate here

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    posted a message on Speeshul Seeds
    Why is it special?
    Seed ID: Winter
    Extra info:
    -You spawn in lava
    -I didn't originaly know about this seed
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    posted a message on Server
    1. Crappy server.
    2. Wrong section of forums*.

    *If you are in the sixth grade, wouldn't you know how to use grammar AND know which section of the forums you are posting this?
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    posted a message on Creeper Car on Holden Spark!!!!

    Link is above. Vote for this Creeper Car for the next ad.
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    posted a message on i broke bedrock :O
    I'm reporting this
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