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    posted a message on How to get an existing datapack to act on modded mobs in another dimension?

    Hi! I'm trying to edit someone else's datapack to support mobs from Twilight Forest, but having no luck. (This is just for me and to help me figure out datapacks in general, I'm not sharing with anyone or putting this on my server. Zero redistribution is happening here.)

    The original pack affects mobs from vanilla Minecraft just fine but I'm having absolutely no luck getting it to affect mobs from twilight forest, even after tagging commands with the proper namespace.The datapack seems to load still, it affects vanilla mobs without an issue, but does absolutely nothing to TF's mobs.

    Is there another datapack out there that has an existing example of support across many mods and dimensions, I could use that to model my changes after?

    I keep finding packs for dimensions, OR mobs, but not both; and not sure how to address the mod namespace properly.



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