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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)
    Use this mod all the time on my RP server.

    Best mod evar.
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    posted a message on What should minecraft add? (What is your opinion?)
    You're supposed to create single suggestions in the suggestions forum. Not creating over-done chat threads on what we should add.

    Because they always end with children spamming terrible ideas.
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    posted a message on Sharpening stone
    Quote from Wraith9r9r

    Just #### all of you.

    You shouldn't end off your thread with telling your critics to F off.
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    Quote from 0_Zippy

    I think the OP feels so stupid now that we chased him away forever.

    Threads like this make me want to start a purge on the forums.
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    "I don't like how they update things, they need to make a new game or I quit!"

    Seriously? Making a new game would just cause more bugs and needed content.
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    posted a message on What game do you play when your bored?
    Happy Wheels or Surgeon Simulator.
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    posted a message on Organs
    When I read the title at first, I thought you were one of those gross people who like gore and stuff.

    Then I read all of it, support!
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    posted a message on What Minecraft needs
    Since when does Minecraft have randomly generated castles?
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    posted a message on || The Crystal Isles || Dedicated RP Server | Fantasy | Medieval | Unique Lore & Concept | Beautiful Custom World | Greylist


    Is English your first language?: Yep

    Previous RP experience: 4

    What is Meta: Using information gained OOCly and used ICly. When one Meta's they didn't have their character gain the info in RP.

    What is Power Gaming: Forcing actions onto others, not attempting actions but rather just doing it with the /me command. Making your character do things that most people find unrealistic.

    Character name: Delvoro Mordson

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Appearance: Delvoro, a coal miner, always has a face covered in dirt or coal. He spends most of his time either working or staying near his home to get some fresh air every now and then. His eyes are dark green with small brown tints, his hair is black in appearance, but truly brown when cleaned due to the Coal he collects. Delvoro prefers to wear his thick leather coat when he's off doing errands, the under shirt is a slightly dirty gray color with a black belt going around his waist. His pants are a normal dark gray color and his shoes are travelers boots.


    Strengths: A strong man, a strong drinker, knows his ways around caves and can distinguish what ore is what.
    Flaws: Hates being around large groups of people, prefers to be alone while doing normal tasks if the situation is right.
    Delvoro at times always wants the good things to happen, but believes that violence should always be the second option. His beliefs with the gods are more on the sides of agnostic and a believer. Most of his actions could be blamed to the God of Zholaios, for his plan B type violence. He's always pictured himself as a hero but hasn't ever managed to get in a situation where he could prove his thoughts.

    Background Story:

    Delvoro lived in a poor family all throughout his childhood, his mother was a stay at home mom
    and his dad did Mining work. The whole village consisted of miners and farmers, It's name was
    Varne. Delvoro wasn't really a bad kid, he spent all his time messing around the village, trying
    to play with whoever was interested. He'd listen to story tellers, or play games with random
    children in the vicinity of his home.

    When he grew up to the age of fourteen his expectations grew even more as his parents wanted him
    to work as a miner with his father, it made him annoyed because he never really enjoyed caves
    nor did he like hard work. He was so used to messing around with friends and doing other lazy
    activities. He argued over the years about the idea and always tried to void work as a young

    Surely enough, he was hired by his dad and was constantly working in the mines, he was eighteen
    at the time. He would do nothing but break rocks all day and haul minecarts out of the tunnels.
    Over time he would buy new clothes to handle all the coal dust, he'd always come out with black
    hair and coal dust all over his face.

    Twenty years old Delvoro was when the shards fell, almost half the village went corrupt. The
    land ridden with chaos and fear, Delvoro quickly ran to his shack still occupied by his parents.
    They collected all their belongings and darted out of their enclosed housing districts as fast
    as they could. When the father turned to see a massive horde of corrupted, he quickly tried to
    get Delvoro and his wife out of the village. Every path and building they passed had some sort
    of horrific scene of survivors combating or running from the Corrupted.

    Delvoro's parents were old and frail, but they managed to break free out of the village with
    their son. It was a painful and traumatic experience for all of them, but they had to keep
    moving and seek refuge. Eventually as they started to get further away from home, more survivors
    were seen traveling in groups. Miles away from Varne, refugee's were seen starting up camp sites
    and building defenses for them, the three decided to settle down.

    Ten years later, Delvoro's mother and several other people die to a strange fever that the
    fellow survivors couldn't distinguish. His father was now sixty years old at the time and Delvoro was at the middle age of thirty years old. The camp site finally started to be afraid of what's going to happen next, they are always fighting off corrupted monsters and struggling to supply food. Things were bad for another four years.

    Scouts returned to the village to speak to the survivors with news of an unkown Queen claiming
    to have a safe kingdom in the Crystal Isles. Every survivors eyes widened with the
    news. Delvoro had to look into this further. He asked one of the scouts if a map was provided.
    "I was actually going to gather as many folk as possible to travel there" Said the man. Delvoro
    quickly went to his father telling him the news.

    They packed there bags and continued their dangerous journey to the Crystal Isles.

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    posted a message on Dinnerbone's adding a long-requested feature!
    Quote from ANNSwagger

    I think the the highly requested feature Dinnerbone added was that pyramids have stained clay instead of wool on them.

    That makes so much more sense.

    Anyways, I would really prefer if they added More Player Models mod to the game, but one could only dream...
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    posted a message on Keep items and blocks names simple !
    Anything that suggests "Child Friendly" makes me cringe.

    I like the current names of the new blocks.
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    posted a message on Change to Stone mechanics
    It makes sense, but it would annoy the hell out of me if I'm removing certain buildings.

    Gravel is plentiful on it's own, and so is sand.
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    posted a message on Okay Mojang AB, Stop trolling us.
    Quote from Metal_Sonic

    -Mojang basically proved to the people who believe in Herobrine that he exists.

    It wouldn't exist if it was removed now would it?

    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Given how EASY it is nowadays to find information on the web, don't they teach young people to use their brains a tiny bit and search FIRST, before asking ANY kind of question?

    Children tend to not know how to google, or use the internet properly at all.
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    posted a message on Carvings - The Ability To Write On Any Block
    Quote from The_Watchman13

    Could please provide a link to the original suggestion? I would greatly appreciate it.

    I've been looking around for it, but I can't frigin' find it.

    I'll keep looking.

    EDIT: Took me a while
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    posted a message on The Above Avatar is making fun of you in a way you don't like.
    Go back to yer cannabis house!

    *Clips his claws at you*
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