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    posted a message on Cannot open Ports
    Also double check your internet service provider allows port forwarding. I realize that it worked before but it could have been changed. Mine only allows under a business plan.
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    posted a message on Problems with opening ports?
    I don't know about you R3VI, as you said it worked previously, but Zigzag991, make sure your web host allows port forwarding. Mine doesn't without a business plan, which is silly expensive. 10-20 times cheaper just to rent through a service. Your other option is a VPN.
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    posted a message on How to move mooshrooms at far distances?
    Nether Portals. Cuts your distance down by 8x.
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    posted a message on Mccapes closed :(
    Quote from asonfated

    So you're telling me that, lets make this example.
    (Its hard to tell if your sarcastic or not, i just hope you are)
    A stuck up jerky rich kid with his mom that has ENOUGH money to go everywhere spends it on minecon flawlessly and argues the whole time he is there and gets a minecon cape.

    You're in no position to make that statement.

    Its mojang, although they are digging a selfish hole for the whole community.

    Its starting to have that steriotypical game update feel that the developers CAN do what they want but the users of that game will just leave if they dug more of a problem effecting the players gameplay.

    There is no way for them to stop people from using capes, there gonna find a way no matter what, even if its used personally and secretly, its better then nothing. i'm not trying to choose a side but it seems to myself that mojang may be destroying their own game doing stuff like this.

    Nope, I'm being completely serious. I'm also unbiased, as I've never/have no plans of ever attending Minecon, and could care less if I ever have a Cape. Sure they are cool, but I don't have one, and it certainly doesn't bother me. Life isn't fair. There is no such thing as straight up "protecting the little guy", without it extending to the "rich and spoiled."

    This sounds pretty personal to me. Oh, and I didn't make that statement. Capes were give per Mojang's decision, not mine.
    Quote from Sacheverell

    Not everyone who attends Minecon is a "stuck up rich kid". I daresay most of them are not.

    A lot of the kids I see there every year have one or two parents who saved up all year, and Minecon is their one vacation. I've seen families that have driven or flown across countries on funds they put aside over a long period of time, just to see their children's faces when they open those doors. Over the years, I've seen that look on children's faces so many times, their eyes lighting up when the ender portal entrance glows and fogs at them, the first time they see Markus up close, or meeting their favorite Minecraft personalities in person, and I can tell you, these are not children that get everything they desire. For many of them, this, and only this, matters. It matters enough that they found a way to get here.

    Their Minecon cape is one of the few things they have to remind them of that feeling.

    Now, you would say that this child - which has, I'll point out, done you no harm - deserves to have that feeling destroyed by others who envy what they have? What kind of message is that sending? Open defiance of this ruling is spitting in the face of everyone who realized a dream, and that is just petty. I'm sure you're a better person than that. :)
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    posted a message on Mccapes closed :(
    Quote from legossa783 »
    selfish and ungrateful? How is making a forum post about being sad about eula make them selfish? and as said before capes aren't game changing, there cosmetics which is aloud.

    Point: Capes have and intrinsic value. Freely available capes such as ones provided by mods diminish/abolish aforementioned value. There is no argument here. Don't believe me?

    We have a lot of fun making cool capes for extra-special members of our community and Minecon attendees. We’d like to keep them as exclusive as possible. So, yeah, no capes please, even if you’re giving them away for free. [Source]

    Oh, look, intended exclusivity resulting in value.

    Remember that capes are the exception to this rule – you are not allowed to give them away or sell them. [Source]

    Oh, look, again, not allowed.

    Oh, and your absolutely selfish because you want to be given what you didn't earn.
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    posted a message on Launcher and Versions
    Try waiting for 1.8 to actually release...
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    posted a message on Mccapes closed :(
    Stop complaining, you are so selfish and ungrateful. From the very beginning the capes were meant to be gifts to the people who attended events such as Minecon. The cape mods and what not belittled theses gifts and made them valueless. So Mojang took it upon themselves to legally tell you to suck it up and stop "stealing" from these people.

    Just as players have no right to complain that I payed $10 for minecraft in Alpha and they payed $25 after release, you have no right to complain about capes.
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    posted a message on What's your custom banner?
    Praise The Sun!
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    posted a message on View Distance
    It doesn't work that way. Being blurry has absolutely nothing to do with view distance performance.

    In games, the models have what are called LOD (level of detail) objects. Basically, they means they have multiple models of the same object, starting with high detail models for up close viewing to low detail models for when they are far away and in the background, with a couple stages in between. The farther the object, the lower resolution model and texture is loaded, the less resources it takes. The blur, or more appropriately, dof (depth of field) is just a post processing effect to help "smooth" the visual appearance of lower res models as well as focus the players attention to what is close and "important". It also simulates real life vision. The goal for lods is to balance removing as much actual detail in the model while retaining the silhouette so that when viewed from the designated distance the loss of detail is not noticeable, because you simply cannot see it from that far anyway. Commonly, each lod is half the resolution as the previous, but there is no set numbers, and it depends on the assets and game engine.

    Minecraft is made of of a bunch of cubes. Each model, aka block, is already as low as it can get. So in the traditional sense of view distance performance and lods, it simply is not possible.

    Minecraft does have the potential of another method, however. From a distance a 2x2 set of blocks could be rendered as 1. This would actually reduce the hardware resources for the block model by about 8x (a set of 8 blocks in a 2x2 space containing 48 faces, vs 1 2x2 block at 6 faces). You do have to consider, however, that these calculations would have to be done in real time and dynamically calculated. It is defiantly more complex than swapping a loaded model file at a specified distance. In the end, how efficiently it could be coded, how long it took to execute over a large space, ect. would determine how much of a benefit, if any could be gained.

    Voxel based lods is can be very complicated and have to be dynamic(aka the game engine has to generate the lod itself), and with minecraft, intentionally designed to appear blocky, not a restriction of voxels my any means, the potential methods of lod terrain geometry is limited.
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    posted a message on 2 simple suggestions for new ways to fill water bottles
    i ! so currently the only way to fill a water bottle is by crafting a cauldron and filling it with a water bucket . but there are some more logical and easy to code ways to fill water bottles that don't exist in the game yet . they are ...... ( wait for it )

    False, you can fill water bottles from any source block.

    trong>Holding a water bottle :
    Really simple , when you are holding a water bottle in your hand ( not your hotbar or your inventory ) and it's raining , if you stay in the rain for 15 seconds then it will fill up .Swimming with a water bottle in your hand :
    Why not ? if you're underwater holding an open empty bottle in your hand , does it fill ? Sure it does !

    The rain thing is really pointless.

    Also, do you realize that a lot of people use the mouse wheel to select items in their hot bar? So that means, when the player is swimming around, and scrolls past an empty bottle, boom, all of a sudden their inventory is assaulted with water bottles. This is extremely poor UI design. Player actions should never happen unless the user tells them to.

    strong>But this is really unbalanced !
    Oh yeah ? and having an infinite source of water just with 2 buckets is balanced !

    This has absolutely nill to do with balance, just laziness. Also, the "everyone else is doing it so I can too" argument is a lame excuse. I sure hope you don't apply that to your everyday life.

    strong>Minecraft isn't supposed to be realistic !
    Who said I want to make minecraft realistic ? I just wanted bottles to be filled easier , and if there was nothing realistic in minecraft , we couldn't get wheat or potatoes , or cows or sheep or even dirt , you know why ? because it also exists in real life !

    Not only are water bottles extremely easy to fill, you counter point yourself here.

    Games are about interaction. You can't seriously believe that 1 bottle every 15 secs is easier or more enjoyable than say 5 bottles every 1 sec(not that filling water bottles is particularly enjoyable). If you want to watch things on a screen, go watch a movie. If you want to engage in said things, play a game. Both are valid forms of entertainment.

    No Support.

    NOTE: Minecraft Forums are bugged bad, so ignore the weird artifacts in the quotes...
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    posted a message on Fill another empty chest using hopper without repeater
    To answer your question. No.

    I don't know if it was a typo or not, but you can power hoppers with any redstone, you don't need repeaters; or, you could just find a server that isn't run by anti-redstone snobs.
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    posted a message on Automatic Oven
    Here, let me translate...

    Op, wants a super op furnace that doesn't use fuel to smelt his ores...

    This is absolutely ridiculous. No support.

    Also, please read the rules.
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    posted a message on Quick Hotbar Mod [supports all mc versions from 1.6.4 to 1.12]
    This looks awesome. A mod I would totally use even on "vanilla" saves. :D
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    posted a message on Mummies (Fear the desert!)
    I like this idea, though not a fan of the scarab's use. Maybe a rare high value trading item for villagers? I do like the idea of biome variety for monster. Would make the world feel more "alive". Support.
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    posted a message on [Test] Missing Title Glitch
    I must have hit something else on the 2nd post that resulted in the script tags, but I don't know what.
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