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    A little progress update for the modpack. Currently progression is at an all time high, we have a working private beta and are already starting to work on more advanced things such as questing and minetweaker. We also have a new member of the Divided Developers team, Goku01245! You may be able to get a public beta with questing, minetweaker, and lore within the next 1-2 months!

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    Divided: The Ultimate AoA Experience

    The Ultimate Way To Play AoA! This modpack is themed around the best Minecraft adventure mod ever made Advent Of Ascension, this mod consists of 23 dimensions each with their own unique structures, mobs, materials, and generation, plus 31 brand new bosses to defeat, skills, game mechanics, tons of weapons and armor including guns, the possibilty is endless with this mod alone. Also, all mods in this pack are carefully selected to be balanced around AoA and make your AoA experience as fun as possible.

    Have you always loved AoA but felt that it was hard to play with other mods since there gear was considerably better? Than this modpack is for you, using MineTweaker I will be balancing every recipe to not only make it fit perfectly into AoA, but also into the overall progression of the modpack. There will also be a progression set up with tech and magic mods, you won't be able to make a quarry until you havee finished Tinkers Construct. If you are someone that goes into the most powerful mods first in order to make all of the other mods easy you won't be able to do that in this modpack.

    Have you always want to play a large modpack with AoA, but have found it way to complicated, and have had no idea where to start? Then this pack is for you. I will be using HQM in order to create not only an in-game guide to AoA, but also lead you through the progression of almost every single mod in the pack. This quest book will also feature instructions on how to do everything you must do as well as rewards for completing a quest.

    Have you always wondered why things are the way they are within the Advent of Ascension mod? Than this modpack is for you, I will be using the Lore Expansion mod to create lore for most items and occurrences in AoA and other important mods, that are obtained by completing quests or killing mobs and bosses. Why and how did the Eos create Mysterium? Why is the Vox Ponds Apocalyptic? Why are there Four Guardians in The Haven? How did the Living Fungi escape the Mysterium? Who created the entire world of Ascension? What made this world Divided? Find out all of this and more.

    Do you think that mobs in the overworld to much in Advent of Ascension? Than this is the modpack for you, I have controlled overworld spawns so they spawn considerably less.

    Do you think AoA doesn't add nearly enough structures to the overworld? Than this modpack is for you, using Recurrent Complex, I will be building my own custom structures that are themed around AoA. Can you slay the King Charger in his castle, or the Death Hunter in his temple of pain, or The Creeper host on his Meteorite.

    Will continue working on front page


    Advent of Ascension

    Aether II


    Applied Energistics 2

    Armor Status


    Battle Towers

    Better Furnaces



    Big Reactors

    Blood Arsenal

    Blood Magic



    Buildcraft Compat

    Capenters Blocks

    Chisel 2

    Chocolate Quest

    Climate Control

    Custom Main Menu

    Custom Ore Generation


    Dense Ores

    Dimensional Doors

    Draconic Evolution

    Enchanting Plus


    Essential Thaumaugury

    Essential Craft 3

    Fast Leaf Decay


    Floating Ruins

    Forbidden Magic

    Forgotten Nature




    Gany's Nether

    Gany's Surface


    Hardcore Ender Expansion

    Hardcore Wither


    Hat Stand


    Inventory Tweaks

    Iron Chest



    Kingdoms of the Overworld

    Loot Bags

    Lore Expansion

    Lucky Blocks

    Lycanites Mobs - Only Nether mobs are sent to spawn.

    Minetweaker 3

    Modtweaker 2

    NEI Add-Ons

    Natural Absorption

    Nodal Mechanics

    Not Enough Items

    Not Enough Thaumcraft Tabs

    OBS Core

    OBS Trophies


    Pams Harvest Craft

    Project Zulu

    Recurrent Complex

    Rougelike Dungeons


    Runic Dungeons

    Special Mobs


    Tainted Magic


    Thaumcraft NEI Plugin

    Thaumic Exploration

    Thaumic Horizons

    The Betweenlands

    Thermal Dynamics

    Thermal Expansion

    Thermal Foundation

    Thaumic Tinkerer

    Tinkers Construct

    Tragic MC 2

    Twilight Forest



    Wild caves 3

    Xaeros Minimap

    A Note On Mod Suggestions.

    Feel free to post mod suggestions I love them :)

    However unlike with 1.8: The Epic Modpack your suggestion will not be immediately put in, I need to make sure it is balanced with AoA.

    Want a mod taken out, give me a good reason and I will consider this.


    I will have permissions as soon as the download is out.


    Amazing Series by TwoSistersGaming on the beta version of this pack!


    Every specific idea within this post belongs to me. You can't use these ideas unless I give you my express permission. Violations of this copyright infringement will be prosecuted.

    The Current Status Of The Modpack

    With my busy schedule I have been unable to do much work on this modpack, or been able to play many games in general lately. Another reason this has happened is due to the fact I haven't heard from any of the co-developers in the amount of time I have posted. However I have gone back to developing this modpack over the winter break. Since my developers were my experts on tech, magic, and minetweaker I was unable to do much outside of AoA, In the past two weeks, I have written a lot of lore and planned out the quests for the modpack. Doing this has caused me to spawn many ideas that I think will work wonderfully in this pack. However, it has also helped me realize the major problems with this modpack. Until these problems are fixed I will not be going along with the modpack.

    1. There are WAY to many mods.

    The original plan for divided was to make the ultimate experience that incorporated many mods but revolved around AoA. In doing that I created a pack that had way to many mods and felt both overcrowded, and was extremely laggy unless you have an amazing computer. I would need to redo the entire modlist to make it less crowded and laggy. In effect it would be more balanced and not take so long to complete.

    2. I can't change armor and weapon values.

    The point of this pack was to make all other mods balanced around AoA and to not have aanything be more powerful than AoA gear. It is impossible to do this without being able to make armor and weapons less powerful than higher tier mods like Botania or Draconic evolution. I need to take out all armor and weapons from this modpack that are to powerful through making them impossible to get in survival

    3. I need more developers.

    Since my 3 main developers have mostly quit the project I need new volunteers to help me with this immense task. It would be helpful if these people have knowledge of tech and magic mods as well as builders. Just send me a pm with your skype, and you are on the team.

    Until these three things are done (most importantly the third) I WILL NOT be able to continue the development of this pack. However I will send 20 people the beta if I can get more developers once the modlist has been redone.

    By The Divided Developers Team
    Credits To

    -Shadows of Fire
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    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I just started a series on The Betweenlands and Erebus mod called Swamped Survival! We are going to be beating The Betweenlands Dimension first and then taking down The Erebus Dimension! Here is the series if you want to check it out, you can use it however you want!

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    AoA Backstory

    The Betweenlands was nothing but a void in between the realms. Thus no god owned it. Then life came. Selyan was very interested and tried to own it but... By the time he did it the Betweenlands was a swamp.

    Here we talk about The Betweenlands, if anyone hear cares at all about AoA they can go and care on the AoA forum. Please post on topic.
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    Hello Angry Pixel Gaming,

    Very soon I am going to be starting a survival on your mod as well as the Erebus mod, this series will be called the Swamped Survival. Which dimension do you think I should go in first the Erebus or the Betweenlands.

    Here is the channel link so you can see when the series comes out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIgSqpJFMBIo5uW1H4Z9M1A

    Thanks, Arob105

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    Quote from Kaarsan»

    This pack is insane (in good meaning of course :-))

    Arob105, could you let me beta test this nice pack too plz ?

    I added you to the pm group. Make sure to not only help with hammering out bugs, but also suggest any changes you think should be made.
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    Quote from ZennyKenny»

    Wow. That is the first word that comes to mind. I've been playing this game and studying the wiki for the past couple of days, and I have to say that it is just AMAZING!

    I've also read over the last 10 pages of this thread, and although I don't wish to rekindle any kind of AoA vs. Orespawn war, I just want to add my 2 cents to the Youtube thing:

    I would argue that Orespawn and Luckyblocks are intended for a completely different audience than AoA. This mod has a level of sophistication and cohesiveness not found in the formers. And I'm saying this knowing full well that there are aliens and clowns in this mod.

    Even though it seems like a massive "kitchen sink" mod, when you dive into it, things make sense. Ex: You need the clowns to reach the clown-like dimension. From there, you can gain access to a candy dimension, which both fit into a carnival-like theme. ie, Logical progression that makes sense.

    Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to have fun with a bunch of random craziness. But it's already clear to me that AoA isn't that.

    Two words: Well Said. Its almost like COD vs. Minecraft, if one person likes 1st person shooters and hates sandbox games, and another person loves sandbox games but hates first person shooters, neither of them are wrong. The person that likes COD isn't right for liking a complicated, challenging game and the person that likes minecraft isn't immature or wrong for enjoying a simplistic game with no challenge, they simply have differing opinions.

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    Um does anyone remember how I had the idea of giving some dimensions an extra boss? No? Of course you remember. Don't I get some prize or something?

    You get the prize for most irrelevant post.
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    Quote from proxwarrior33»

    i think u should add a titan popularmmos and gamingwithjen

    That would be the dumbest thing in the world do to. Please don't do that Andr.
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    Quote from migueeel»

    Oi, I hoped more for help than "then don't play it".

    I don't pick fights with random mobs, I MOVE AROUND. Do you expect me to make a dirt hut and live off 1 wheat crop for the first few days?

    If I can't gather resources because I can't defend myself because the mobs are invincible, is it my fault? I was just happily chopping down a tree and something was already after me.

    I am angry because it's just unfair.

    If you want a better terraria comparison, let's say that there's skeletons in the surface. In broad daylight.

    And some even charge at you.

    Prolly with some "well you should go to a plains biome and do this" I could get started. I really dislike having to know what to do in games, though.

    It's not anger as in "wow, this is crap", but frustration. I see the potential in the info but I don't see it ingame because I can't even start.

    Right now I'm in that "alright, I quitted, but I wonder what's it like" stage where I'm curious about how it progresses. If anyone's up for a small breakdown of the early to midgame, I'll gladly read it (and prolly try it)

    If you want to play it and don't want to have that happen here is what you do. When you log into your world go into creative and give yourself a stack of bread, full iron armor, and a limonite sword to help you survive early game. Play with keepInventory if you are new to the mod and set the difficulty to easy. Stay out of the savannah and desert biome early game as they have powerful mobs and if you find a hiding fungi don't hit it. These are just some tips. If you need anymore help just ask. Have fun playing AoA :)

    This is a message to the rest of the community, if someone that is playing AoA for the first time (We were all there and it was unimaginably difficult) and they are frustrated because it is to hard you don't yell at them for sucking at minecraft you help them because that is what mature people would do.
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