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    Banned for not being a my little pony fan.

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    Quote from TLOSpyrogirl»

    Scroll as I normally would... I didn't know Minecraft had a scroll bar you could click on. xD

    My trackpad has a scroll feature but I have never once activated it intentionally. I have no idea how to do it on purpose. xD

    Move two fingers up or down on the mousepad. Try it on a web page - that's how you scroll on a laptop. In minecraft it will cycle through the hot bar and in spectator mode, it will make you move faster or slower.

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    You could use an item sorter. Fill each middle hopper with the signs and they won't drain. The blank slot can be used to each type of ore, so they're sorted after being smelted.

    You'd have to expand on this design, like replacing the storage chests with more hoppers going down, so you have room for the furnace hoppers.

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    Quote from MegaDerf»

    Story mode is not a new gamemode, it's a completely new game.

    Why people hate it? Because it's against the core of Minecraft itself, and because it's a different game. Minecraft is what it is because of the freedom of doing whatever you want, I don't know how popular "Story mode" will be.

    The comments are still there. But reading them is not a pleasant experience.

    I don't dislike what it is - intact I don't care - I dislike the way it depicts the game to people who have never heard of it. Imagine making a story mode game out of Gary's Mod. It's the same sort of thing.

    Quote from SuperGeniusZeb»

    It's getting a lot of hate because it's Youtube. And it's the internet. People don't bother to stop and think about all the angry comments they just blurt out and post hate comments about anything they happen to not like. They don't seem to get that just because they don't like it, that doesn't mean it's horrible. For example, I'm not a fan of violins. But that doesn't make them stupid or anything. If I said that, I would be basing my statements on my own selfish desires and opinions and not considering the world outside of my own perspective. I mean, it's ok to state your opinion that you dislike it, but think twice before saying it's a horrible idea and thinking Telltale Games or Mojang is stupid because they're making it. Just because it doesn't involve or interest you doesn't mean you should bash it and hate on it.

    And anyway, Story Mode is just another game that you don't have to play if you don't want to, so why would anyone get upset in the first place? (And in case anyone is confused, Story Mode is not a literal new gameplay mode for Minecraft. It's an entirely new story-based game based off of Minecraft.)

    The internet is almost always black and white. If you say you don't like something, that means you have it...

    Quote from YellowPie84»

    The reason is simple: It's too different from Minecraft. Everyone knows Minecraft as a "Do what you want! Go where you want! Want a story? Get a custom map!" kind of game. Making a story-based game off a makes people think Mojang and Telltale are saying: "This is the story of Minecraft. Nothing else, just this, DEAL WITH IT." They're really saying, "It's like an adventure map, but better! ^_^ "

    That's what I'm a little worried about. People new to MC will play this first, then wonder what one earth the rest of us are doing.

    'Where's the castle?'

    'OMG! A zombie! Kill iiiiiiiitttttt!' *cue dramatic chords*

    Quote from Ender_King_»

    No. It won't it will just seem like Mojang is trying to suck the money out of our pockets. They might as well make us pay $5 every month to play minecraft itself. MInecraft becomes a bigger community because of youtubers. You don't see someone want the game because they saw a Minecraft shirt.

    There way of selling their games is really dumb. It is mostly just to create hype over the same game. You could probably even recreate this game in minecraft using redstone. Also I don't really like the characters they seem kind of dumb. The story seems like it will just be about going to the nether which in fact isn't even the true objective in the game. It is to go to the End and beat the Ender Dragon. The Nether is more of a side quest than an objective.

    If you could put your own character in, and train the computer to pronounce your name, then +100 stars.

    Well, there is no absolute true objective, but the End is there for people who want one.

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    Full support

    It's stressful trying to build with glass panes for building competitions, and you have to either go very slow, or keep misplacing them due to the small hotbox.

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    posted a message on What happened to Minecraft?

    I can empathise with you. When I think of Minecraft it is kids playing mini game servers, building horrible oak plank houses, wearing neon hoodie skins and lowering the maturity of the words 'creeper' 'craft' 'mine' in public. I realise that's a generalisation, but it's generalisations that make mass opinions. I wish more people would put more thought into better building, and think more deeply of survival - it's more than just build up, go to the nether, get potions, stock up, kill the ender dragon, game over.

    I've seen other posts about the terrain generation, and even though I only joined in 1.4 (then a hiatus until I resumed in 1.7), I agree that the terrain could use an overhaul. Lots of veteran gamers become worried about the route their favourite game is going, but MC is one of those where the additions haven't taken anything away (terrain generation excepting).

    However I disagree with you that creative mode, commands, adventure mode and spectator mode ruined the game. They only added onto Minecraft's potential. Survival mode is still there, the others haven't taken anything away from it, and anyone can play it and not touch the others. You say 'Minecraft isn't about creating maps and redstone structures; instead it is about exploring the awesome (not anymore) world and building cool stuff yourself' that isn't true. MC is an open world platform game where everyone is entitled to do exactly as they wish. For some it's surviving, for others its constructing epic builds in creative, for others it making complex redstone machinery using their knowledge of coding and logic. Other people like playing mini games. Yet for others they can do all four, there is no one way each person must play the game.

    Now what is the problem with creative mode. How does it detract from survival? You say it removes the mystery of discovering blocks for yourself, and yes it does, but only if you let it. If you play creative before survival, then of course that mystery of discovering them will be ruined, but that is not a fault of game design. It is yours. Creative mode is incredibly useful. It lets people plan their builds, work out what block combinations work well together without wasting time and resources in survival, and build amazingly detailed, massive structures. Would you like to build these in survival?

    Put your spoiler here.

    The last one is a scale build of Manhattan. How long would that take without creative?

    It doesn't matter that they 'cheated' those block in, that's not the point of creative mode. It's using your creativity to build. You can challenge your mind, and challenge yourself. This mode is mentally very healthy and stimulating.

    It is very easy to not run out of things to do in survival mode. Etho, a well known youtuber keeps coming up with projects for his let's play world, even though he's defeated the enderdragon and (many) withers ages ago. From builds, to farms, aesthetic projects, challenges and renovations, there is plenty to keep you occupied in survival beyond the 'end'.

    Commands and command blocks have even added to survival! You can give each mob a potion buff so your world is more challenging. But oh no, you had to type in command blocks! Now you know how the game works! Sorry, but saying /effect @e 14, /tp @p ~ ~ ~ and /give @p 87 does not tell anyone how the internal code works. Command blocks are great coding practice too. Commands are vital to adventure and puzzle maps, without them, they wouldn't function.

    Many people also like adventure and puzzle maps. Not everyone has the time and skill to make quality builds, and besides, if everyone made their own story based adventure map, there would be no surprises. Adventure mode is a tool for those maps. I cannot understand at all how it's a bad thing. Don't use it if you don't like it.

    Kids cheating themselves item in is their problem and one with the community at large frown upon. That you say it's a problem of commands is like saying saying Age of Empires is a terrible, unbalance game because it has the big daddy cheat cars. Everyone is responsible for what they do, and if I give myself 100 diamond blocks and and boast of my 'find' do you suddenly think 'Minecraft sure has done downhill'. No, you should think 'Armorika sure has gone downhill.'

    Redstone, which command blocks require, is one of those things that alpha players seem to either love or hate. Automatic farms ruin survival, they say, but how?! Once again it is up to each person what they do. Some like running an authentic, realistic house and farms, and others like using redstone to make those easier so they can focus on goals that are more interesting. Think of it like this: You are getting ready to go on a long exploration to discover new blocks, mobs and biomes. You will need a lot of food. You could either a) manually kill hundreds of chickens all day, wasting time, sword durability and coal, or B) you could use a redstone powered automatic chicken cooker and stacks of roast chicken immediately with no wasting. I make auto farms because it saves time and it gives me the satisfaction of taming the wilderness, of having an isolated island of human influence in a wild world. Plus there are few things more satisfying than designing your own contraption and seeing it work. Doing so requires more intelligence than most things in the game.

    If none of this interests you, do I care? No, because like I said, everyone plays the game their own way. However I would like you to see how those additions have done nothing to ruin MC nor survival mode and have only added to the potential and possibilities of the game.

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    posted a message on any tips on survival
    What sort of tips? How advanced are you in survival? It's hard to give you tips if we don't know what level you're at, we may be giving ones that are basic or too complex otherwise. Here are some that you may find useful or if you don't already know them.

    • Carry a bucket of water in your hotbar - Douse yourself when on you're on fire and descend/ ascend cliffs
    • Invest in automatic redstone farms early - Having a constant supply of food lets you stay underground longer, collecting more ores and mob fighting will be easier with constant health regeneration thanks to full hunger
    • Use mob spawners - Don't destroy it as they can be used to farm XP or resources very easily. Using them is a controversial subject within the community, choose to use them only if you're personally comfortable with it
    • Lots of beacons - The idea that there are 3 bosses, one of which being the Wither, seems to give some people the assumption that they fight one with, and that's it. Fight lots of those handsome mutants, and put beacons everywhere. They make mining, fighting and movement much easier
    • Trade will villagers - With your redstone powered farm (above) you can trade a product for emeralds, and then those emeralds for expensive items like diamond tools, armour, redstone, gold, lapiz, nametags and enchanted books
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    posted a message on Lets face it - Ep.1: Mojang [Uncomfortable Topic!]
    Quote from Genzombie»
    GAWD! if you are so picky about all there flaws why are you even on minecraft forums??? mojang has come a long way! i mean do you know they sold minecraft for $2,000,000,000! and someone bought it so its obviously worth it! maybe thats YOUR opinion on minecraft, but not everyone plays survival! and if they do they obviously don't sit infront of a mob grinder the whole time! some people play creative! creative is like LEGO but with infinite pieces and more easily modified. there is also PVP which is a change from ACTUALLY getting slaughtered like in medieval times!
    the bottom line is:

    No no no. The forums are not for mindless 100% praise and worship of Minecraft and Mojang, they are also for open discussion, debate and critique. You know, critique that while it may sound harsh, can actually improve what it's about. People post negative topics about MC and Mojang not because they hate them, it's the opposite. They want them to succeed and make great games, and if they're doing something they feel is ruining the game or have ventured down a path they foresee as ruinous, they'll try to let them know.

    I'm on the fence with this discussion; many things the OP says I agree with, while others are merely his own opinion - I wish Mojang would get their act together and organise a much larger, more professional team, yet I completely disagree about endermen, the end, sunflower plains and pets being useless.
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    posted a message on Minecraft has ruined the old feel and core gameplay mechanics.
    Quote from Quincy27»
    Minecraft has always been a game I've always had much attachment to. But after iterations after iterations the entire core mechanics and even the feel turned me off so much. Here are my many reasons:
    Sprinting (1.8+) :Hunger Bar (1.8+) :

    Enchanting + Exp System :

    • Can be overpowered and break the game's difficulty, and thus the replay value - Replayability for me comes from building, projects and exploration. Mob fighting is a minor point of minecraft, just a necessity as I work on projects and build up my world. I agree that enchantments with diamond armour is very OP, but for me fighting is a small part of minecraft. Bulldozing through mobs is fine if I can get back to what I really want to be doing.

    • The exp system is completely co-essential or needed for the Enchanting system to work
    • Enchanting belong in something like a mod, more is usually never better for a game valued for it's simplicity - MC can't stay the same forever, like anything it has to evolve to stay fresh and introducing new content is how it's been doing that. You don't even have to enchant, the option is there for people who do.
    Ender Realm :

    • Only actual reason it is here is to give you more freedom in Enchanting by giving you a lot of exp or whatnot -
    • Expected to prolong the replayability but it is completely unrealistic and pointless - replay there, but people just assume one enderdragon per world. It's a sandbox, so anything goes. Why not spawn several dragons in to give yourself a challenge? Yet I agree with you about it being pointless. Why a dragon? What is it guarding? Why do you have to fight it? It's too stereotypical for me.

    Villages :

    • They don't interact with you much
    • Is this a joke? -
    • Trading circles around a RARE element but can be obtained for trading wheat... which is found in villages
    • They don't give you much of anything useful - That's because their initial trades are often quite useless. You have to unlock more to see better ones, and once you do, they're extremely useful. Wheat farm < Emeralds < Diamond armour and tools.
    Potions :

    • Just another thing to make a game famous for it simplicity MORE COMPLICATED - I can see where you're coming from, they are complicated at first, but the concept is simple. Also you don't have to use them. You aren't forced to brew potions in survival, so there's no obligation to use them. They make things easier, but not necessary.
    • Aren't useful for anything but breaking the game even more -
    • Potions are resource expensive - Yep, but that way they're not spammable, and so are relatively balanced.
    • Pointless
    Useless mobs and blocks :

    • Thanks Jeb
    Microsoft, you have a chance to fix this game. Maybe you can even port it to something besides java ( just kidding). Seriously people, why does anybody still play this game. Please show this to everybody before this becomes a sandbox Skyrim knockoff!

    Replies in bold (and hopefully the formatting works)
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    Quote from Meissmart»
    Let's hop right to it.

    Rain mechanics:

    1. When it's raining, cauldrons out in the open should fill up. (This was implemented but may have been removed, because I tested this by putting randomTickSpeed on 1000 and none of my 6 cauldrons filled.)I thought they did this, but perhaps they did remove it

    2. Sponge should turn into wet sponge when in rain.Nice

    3. When you hold out a bucket in the rain, it should fill with water.Useful, but carrying your water with you and carefully managing it (placing it and quickly picking it up again to scale cliffs) is a big part of MC. This ways seems too easy, unless it takes a few minutes to fill up, and you have to be holding it in the meantime (time quickly spent travelling)

    4. Small holes enclosed by hard stone-type blocks should fill up in rain. For instance:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :Water: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    Will fill up

    :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil:
    Will NOT fill upI assume that only 1 deep holes will fill? Support if so. However, man made blocks should be exempt from this, as somewhere on a build you may have this appear, such as in a pattern. You don't want water filling up your roof.

    5. There should be a command that allows it to snow in biomes where it normally wouldn't. For instance, /weather snow.Why not?

    Lightning mechanics (probably not going to be used but worth a try):
    6. When a skeleton gets struck by lightning, it should become a wither skeleton.
    7. When a slime gets struck by lightning, it should become a magma cube.
    8. When a guardian gets struck by lightning, it should become an Elder guardian. (Highly unlikely though...)I'll add my own: When a sapling (any type, inc. 4x4) gets struck by lightning, it should become a creeper.
    Suggested by DrWeegee123: If lightning strikes water, all mobs within a small radius (1-3 blocks in each direction) should get damaged and/or converted.
    Hope you guys like at least some of these small improvements! If you do, show your support!

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