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Hello everyone, my name is Armanbai, but people at skype call me Avius. Most of them just dont know how to pronounce "Armanbai". And if you're wondering Arman is my name, which means "Dream" and bai was my nickname at school (pronounced like bye) which means rich person (no im not really rich, its just long story).
I don't really like playing on multiplayer servers, I prefer singleplayer. But I still play on private servers hosted by friends.
My main language is Russian and Kazakh, but I also speak english as you can see and a bit of Turkish. If you want to contact me, go ahead, I won't bite you :3
If you're having troubles installing forge, coremods or mods to minecraft, feel free to contact me on forums or via skype.
I enjoy playing minecraft with mods and can recommend you a mod or two if you're looking for something specific. If chosing among RPG and Tech mods, I'll chose 2nd, much to learn here unlike RPG, but I love them both equally.

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